Billy Ocean - Calypso Crazy Lyrics

Sing out! Calypso Lady! Come on!
People dancing everywhere

Calypso music in the air.
You're driving me crazy all night

I need your loving
But all you do is tease me

And that ain't right.

People dancing everywhere
Calypso music in the air

You're driving me wild
Calypso Lady.
People dancing all around
Calypso Lady
Shake it down

When you're driving me wild
Calypso crazy.

Come on out to party
Make it right

I'd love to touch you
And feel you close beside me.
I wanna hold you tight!

People dancing everywhere
Calypso music in the air

People dancing everywhere
Calypso music in the air

You're driving me wild
Calypso Lady.

And if you should ask me now what I feel

I tell you that you're the one I love.
So if you wanna take a chance with me
One day
And you'll see.
Let it be
Let it be me!

People dancing everywhere
Calypso music in the air

I wanna dance with you. -
People doncing all around
Calypso Lady
Shake it down

I wanna dance with you!

People dancing everywhere
Calypso music in the air

People dancing everywhere
Calypso music in the air

People dancing everywhere
Calypso music in the air

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Billy Ocean Calypso Crazy Comments
  1. Vincent Reyna

    Great song

  2. TD Surf

    great singer and even a better human. It was wonderful working with Billy on this video

  3. Ronald Elston


  4. majsterV

    Speed 1.25. Thank me later

  5. André Philip

    Go get em Billy <3

  6. Douglas Newson

    Mutt Lange dopest producer ever

  7. chantelles magic fun

    Am st work on a night shift found song of ma favourite artist and fill like dancing

  8. Rosemoney Kenya

    Are those lyrics for this song?

  9. Dre Ford

    The could have picked a girl that could dance!! lol


    This Trinidad?

    TD Surf

    We shot it in Barbados, on Baxter road. Our local Rasta help was Eye Ball and Short Man

  11. JJ Eli

    Billy was handsome to me.


    JJ Eli It’s true he is

    chantelles magic fun

    Very true born in early 80s but have a crush on him

  12. Nwabugwu Ehumadu

    talent underated

  13. Goodnews

    Great song. Beautiful girl.

  14. Goodnews

    Beautiful girl. Beautiful song

    TJ Biging

    Adediji Goodnews I cam 4 open bob and vagene


    TJ Biging what?

  15. fressange bertrand

    do you know the name of the girl?!! awesome!!

    TD Surf

    I cant remember but she was 16 at the time and a model from Paris France. We shot this and Color of Love over a wonderful week in Barbadous.

  16. Sorana Sima

    ABJECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Samantha Cupidon

    billy ocean all the way

  18. Scott Jenkins

    This video only aired in Europe when it came out.
    How do I know this?
    I bought a program book at his concert in Seattle in 1988
    and it says that this single was only released in Europe.

    KoolCat !

    No wonder I never heard it before. I grew up back in the 80's & thought I had heard all his best songs. Guess I was wrong though cuz this is a really good song. I just don't understand why record companies think a song like this would only appeal to Europeans & not American's. Crazy!

  19. Pacifica Northwest

    This sounds more like an album track than a single. The fact it was released as the second one from the album makes me apprehensive for the rest of the tracks on the LP...

  20. oskey o

    take the ocean and the crazy out and what do you have

  21. David Tinx Lall

    Fantastic 🌟✌🌟

  22. Sandrea Butler

    Love the beat.

    Ndlovu Bathabile

    I love Billy's beat song remind me never never ,Oh my Goshhhhhh Billy Oceon your a super star

    Ndlovu Bathabile

    If you want a groove time, you can lesson Billy Oceon's songs Yesssssss that's my men

  23. Chrono

    Great song.

  24. J Shaw

    One of the most underrated songs of all time by one of the most underrated singers of all time. If you haven't heard/seen his unplugged version of "Suddenly," check it out here on YouTube.


    Gosh delirium everywhere and ooh that girl damn!

  26. pretty jiyane


  27. maria adele

    never mind  about that ; its an good song to dance to without a guy there
    who knows its a sexy song  who u will get with. haha; I know who the ass hole I would get hold of. with this.

  28. Romano Romaker

    Good dancer ! Who know name of the leader dance girl ?

    TD Surf

    French model named Sara. she was 16 at the time of the video.

  29. Romano Romaker

    ruleeez !

  30. Julio Cesar Thomo

    Great one...

  31. Coly Moreno

    What an AMAZING voice of a man!

  32. NandoXre190 _

    so assistindo TODO MUNDO ODEIA O CRIS pra saber quem era esse cara ki tanto falavam

  33. Paul Oosterlinck

    Billy filled the dance floor in the 80s with his Carribean Queen & this Calypso Crazy... Great moments with bunch of friends...

  34. Zana Andreia

    billy ocean sem duvida e grande cantor isso e musica nao as de hoje em dia canta com a alma herivelto

  35. ideas man

    bugger came second again!