Billy Currington - People Are Crazy Lyrics

This old man and me
Were at the bar and we
Were having us some beers
And swapping I-don't-cares
Talking politics
Blonde and red-haired chicks
Old dogs and new tricks
And habits we ain't kicked

We talked about God's grace
And all the hell we raised
Then I heard the ol' man say
"God is great, beer is good
And people are crazy"

He said, "I fought two wars
Been married and divorced"
What brings you to Ohio?
He said, "Damned if I know"
We talked an hour or two
About every girl we knew
What all we put 'em through
Like two old boys'll do

We pondered life and death
He lit a cigarette
He said, "These damn things'll kill me yet"

"But God is great, beer is good
And people are crazy"

Last call is 2 AM
I said goodbye to him
I never talk to him again

Then one sunny day
I saw the old man's face
Front page obituary
He was a millionaire
He left his fortune to
Some guy he barely knew
His kids were mad as hell
But me, I'm doing well

And I dropped by today
To just say thanks and pray
And I left a six-pack right there on his grave
And I said
"God is great, beer is good
And people are crazy"

God is great, beer is good
And people are crazy
God is great, beer is good
And people are crazy

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Billy Currington People Are Crazy Comments
  1. Pico Rodriguez

    Is this real story

  2. Men 1 cool

    Billy people's Crazy beer

  3. Men 1 cool

    Bill people crazy

    Men 1 cool

    Billy people's Crazy beer good

  4. Stephanie Chrisman

    Kane brown

  5. nita sparacina

    People are crazy!

  6. Dean Maker

    My landlord Matthew is going to give the at 291 high street woonsocket Rhode Island and he's wife getting nothing.

  7. Luclys

    LOVE this song bcos GOD is great, beer is good and people are crazy

  8. Preston Burton

    love this snog

  9. Two Prong

    Vance Lee Sprowls loved this song... hes my big cousin... his 27th birthday was supposed to be February 3rd, 2020. He passed away april 27th, 2019. It would mean more than the world to me if you sang some of his favorite songs by you to my family in person. My name is Justin, im 18, and i live in Oklahoma. Im not really expecting this to happen but if it were to happen then please notify me by youtube somehow. Either way, thank you for making something more than just a song, it may be different to everyone else but to me its a memory... sipping on a cold bud light while laughing and talking across the campfire after a good day of fishing, then hearing him sing this song as it played in the background... He was by far the greatest man ive ever met... Everytime i hear that line "last call was 2 am, i said goodbye to him... and never talked to him again," it just hits me with this burst of pure emotion because the very last time i spoke to him was april 20th, 2019. The last thing i remember him saying was "Love you bub!". He passed exactly a week later on my mom's wedding day... My mom's wedding anniversary will never be like any other anniversary.

  10. Dom DelaWeeds

    ❤🌎 ✌️

  11. Jeffrey JeffreyBurlas

    ADP6-22PHILIPPINES learn how GOD is Good...

  12. Debra Holbrook

    I love this song and this video! Billy Currington is one of my favorites!!

  13. Peyton Hamilton

    you are the bast mucic  by peyton hamilton

  14. Kelvin Sullivan

    what a voice... Respects from London, England..

  15. Shannon Rena newman

    i am listening to him now

  16. e d g y ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    i was on a cruise and a really drunk man named went up to karaoke and sung this very song. we never saw him on the ship after that. i will always remember that night.

  17. J W

    Damned if I knew.

  18. Pork Chop

    The beard makes him look cool.. cause those curls.. no homo

  19. Marc Junior- en Strong Guitar

    *I like play the Guitar* amazing great!!!!!

  20. bab 119

    God is ok, beer is overrated, women are crazyyyyy

  21. The Byzantine Empire

    I was not expecting to cry going into this video.

  22. Julie Morton

    God is great beer is good and people are crazy

  23. Aubrey Bastin

    add me on sc aubrey_bastin

  24. SunandChrome

    I think the old man just liked being treated like a regular guy.  With no expectations other than being good company while having a beer with him.

  25. Jeffrey JeffreyBurlas

    ADP6-22PHILIPPINES salute girl is good

  26. avery crenshaw

    Wow, your so underrated

  27. Reupena Tagaloa

    2020 here

  28. Black beast

    This just goes to show you to be respectful to others which you don’t see any more

  29. Nannette Houston

    Love this song ,awesome voice love all your music ,you are one of my favorites singers ,unrated ,

  30. Timmy Trenary

    Thats me to the t

  31. Aaron Danforth

    A man Arther thought I was with the Government trying to control his mind. He set his room on fire above my room hoping it would fall onto me. When I went to bathroom saw Smoke under door, this saved My life. People are Crazy... at least beer is good after you loose everything you once owned into flames. The Newspaper Bangor daily news never placed My Name even though I was the target of a suicide attack.

  32. Dan Dixon

    Moral to the song always be nice, never know?, great song, country not c-rap,GOD BLESS

    Black beast

    Dan Dixon people now days are so Disrespectful because parents let them don’t show them to respect others I remember when I was a kid I would get my ass bet if I was being a little ass hole

  33. Aiden Miller

    Imagine you thinking you're just buying beer for an old man to find out he was a millionaire

    Black beast

    Aiden Miller you just have to be respectful to people . Now days people are just raised with no values I remember as a kid if I was being a little ass hole I had it coming when I got home but now days kids are so disrespectful but there parents are the same way

  34. Joe Mama

    death is enable suck it up

  35. J Harrison

    God is fake, beer is food, and bitches be crazy

  36. Fang Beast Wolf

    Who still here listening to this

  37. Ashley Finney

    Um mama's little devilish trial

  38. baseballguy89

    God is great
    beer is good
    and people are crazy
    so true lol

  39. doctaugly d

    The end is coming I hope all of you die awful deaths

  40. David Watson

    He has the easiest job in the world. Sings almost monotone and gets away with it. Very luck tone.

  41. Forrest Shields

    Would be ok but the lunatic religious aspect is a bit too much lol

  42. avery bob

    2020 still here

  43. Ryan Bishop

    111 million views goodluck everyone!

  44. Dana Clements

    Reminds me of my dad

  45. Garrett Allen

    Black dragon holding globes with ingrid my love my Stella Ella 7

  46. Kim Blackwell

    Every day is blessing and cant take nothing with you when you go so drink up my friends this Buds for you !!!

  47. MrPainkiller616

    Remember kids, respect your elders.

  48. tcbck

    Great song but...but that foxy brunette tho ..ummm!!!

  49. George Molina

    2020 Still Drinking To This Song Cheers With Me Who Ever Still Listen To This Favorite Song...🍻🍻🍻

  50. Art Rey

    Why would anybody thumbs down this great track. It rings true for every conversation I had with an old timer except for where I ended talking to a millionaire. There is a wealth of knowledge you can recover from the older generation

  51. hoosierarcher

    This has always been one of my favorite songs.

  52. JOSE 74

    Miss my coworker R.I.P PAUL COOKE he was a good guy to work with but he hated country lol miss that guy!!🍻

  53. يوميات علاوي كيمري

    هيه هاي اغنيه


    Thank you for Healing my heart


    Ernst, Swanson, Koone, Hernandez, Huantes, Koone
    I Love You

  56. ShotgunRider

    Love from Israel ❤️

  57. Don Meyers

    Good song nice that young guys will talk to old guy oh gosh have a lot of knowledge

  58. Kelly Nikole

    Those type of moments I think are priceless. And would rather hear about stories like this compared to other crap.

  59. Kelly Nikole

    That's what I love most about this world is others that talk about their journey and you being able to talk about yours or thinking about what you'll be talking about at 70.

  60. Kelly Nikole

    You meet people for a reason. I strongly believe that.

  61. jaime monte

    A good song from Mexico hola amigo

  62. MR. FUSON

    God is great, people are crazy for thinking beer is good. It's destroyed many marriages .

  63. cebertful

    That is probably the best way to say Ohio

  64. Rafael Pavan

    Can anyone tell me the name of the beer he left in his grave??

  65. Lilikamel Lee

    God is great ...and u are awesome love ure voice... songs love u for ever

  66. Waldemar Sochacki

    Whisky, country and end of working day. What do you need more. I nothing. Simple live.

  67. Tara Heinz

    My son was born to this somg

  68. marta nika

    One of my favorite songs even though I don’t drink that much but love the story behind this song .
    If people just gave a person a stranger a few moments of a conversation that would make someone’s day for sure .
    God is great beer sucks and it is ok to be crazy lol..,

  69. Ashly Williams

    I love this song, it hits in such a place I can't explain and I practically cry every time I hear it. On a lighter note though it's Billy cute af.

  70. John Bailey

    That guy looks like a dirty bum with the guitar. Is it a new fashion?
    He should go to San Francisco and play with his guitar case open on
    Market Street instead of doing music videos. His case should fill up
    with money rather quickly.

  71. J breezzy

    A great friend of my dads and life long friend to me committed suicide yesterday. A great man gone but never forgotten. I love you Jason Nivens. R.I.P

    denny lee

    My dad shot himself 2 days after Christmas back in that was hard to grow past. I'm sorry about your friend. That ain't never a good situation for anybody that even remotely knew him. I spent a few years asking why....but there aren't answers for that question. I hope you and your dad can look past the wondering why...remember the good times.. and keep chugging away at this ol life. Prayers to you and your dad, brother.

  72. Alvez Talks

    I get it now. So basically what the song is saying is this.

    The old man became a millionaire. He left his money to someone he barely knew and his kids were mad as hell. But he said he's doing great which means the singer got the money.

  73. Lacy Nichols

    Great song

  74. PigRandle McNary

    Sweet song...

  75. neunike morre

    Look, where I was in December!

  76. neunike morre

    Yes, yes, I would too. I'd leave mine to guy I barely knew. Just get me a beer in my hand!


    Still going on strong 2020? 🖐️

  78. FBI

    My grandfather died from cancer and this was our song we would sit all day a listen to country :/ I miss him so much :(

  79. harold gann

    My daddy's favorite song last song he listened to before he passed away

    Combine Tractor

    Gabriel Atkinson Your for your losses

    Gabriel Atkinson

    I sad that you can’t feel sorry for your great grandmother if you didn’t know her

    Combine Tractor

    Gabriel Atkinson My grandpa died in 2012. How 😢 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Combine Tractor

    harold gann morning

    Gabriel Atkinson

    Combine Tractor sorry for your loss it’s a part of life but it’s a sad one

  80. andrew

    God is great, black tar heroin is good, and people are crazy.

    Benny Ortiz

    Please seek some help my friend im praying for you good bless you, my brother,

  81. mike d

    I will great song

  82. That Random Guy Who Uploads Videos

    Keep your friends close and your 6 pack of beer closer


    TRUTH !

  83. Annie Nalls

    A great song

  84. manofstar7NETINyahoo

    2020 hit here 👇👍

  85. WinterPath

    Only guy who can pull off a perfect curly hairstyle.

  86. Betsy Ross

    One "fat", as I cringed, frog... No reservations needed, ever! ❤

  87. Julian Diaz


  88. Buttkid32 Fitsrh

    Nostalgia country

  89. arturo gonzalez

    R.i.p.... my dude

  90. kadyn abell

    dis song is as 9ld as me but like if ur watching in 2019

  91. Francis Nunez

    God country not in carthage right. There is no God in carthage or friend's

  92. Pork Chop

    This song will have a gay song I bet.

  93. Matthew Wilkins

    I grew up listening to this and that’s why I’ll never stop.

  94. Daniel Aleman

    this is the ONLY country song I can listen to

  95. Benjy Childers

    Thanks. Α¯\_(ツ)_/¯Ω

  96. Gary Coughlan

    Weed is great, Beer is good and people are definitely fooking CRAZY ;-) … END Of … Inniiiiit !!!!!!