Billy Currington - No One Has Eyes Like You Lyrics

Sometimes they look brown
Sometimes they look blue
Always they offer a beautiful view
Into the soul I'm connected to
No one has eyes like you

They dance in the light
They sing in the dark
They pull me together
They tear me apart
I'm jealous of paper when you read the news
Oh no one has eyes like you

They hold me, they know me
Like no one will ever know me
They fly me
They land me
Most of all they understand me

They shout hallelujah when you whisper my name
Patiently listen to whatever I say
They're playful and funny
And passionate too
No one has eyes like you

They hold me, and they know me
Like no one will ever know me
And They fly me
And They land me
Most of all they understand me

They smile when I'm happy
They cry when I'm sad
They make me out to be more than I am
Oh no one loves me more than you do
And no one has eyes like you
Oh no one has eyes baby like you

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Billy Currington No One Has Eyes Like You Comments

    Billy, your voice, is sooo, beautiful! Your music, your songs, and your style! They're one of a kind! And that! Makes you! Who you really are! Sooo fantastic! So don't you! Ever change! I have always, loved this song! & I always will.

  2. immortal beauty

    Lovely song

  3. Marshall Lancaster

    Great track...should have. been released as a single.

  4. pappy wild

    noone has eyes like my most bodacious wife ..... i lucky ...

  5. Linda W Singletary

    Love this song.

  6. Lori Young


  7. Sarah O'Brien-Wood

    Billy, is my favorite country singer. He even trumps Earl Thomas Conley and George Straight. In my Book.

  8. Biffert Green Jr.

    she had the prettiest eyes of anyone I'd ever met .

    immortal beauty

    ....i hv brown eyes 🤣🤣


    no one has green eyes like you haha

  10. david chapman

    My childhood SweetHeart Norita Grace Bartie... We connected again after 23.5 years after her family kept us apart... The Love was & is still there but to much water under the bridge. Always Love you Booranbah... Hahaha

  11. Play4u67

    Since my husband actually did sing this song to me one night why playing his guitar, I'd say your lady friend there is going to love it, it will touch her heart to her very soul,specially if you serenade her with it :-). GL to you both and take care. (Hope this helps you out and answers your question).

  12. Aaliyah Krause

    I <3 BILLY!!!!!!!!

  13. Tina B

    @kicknitoldschool85 I always thought he looks like a cross between Dane Cook and Bradley Cooper lol...of course, Billy is much better looking than either of them :).

  14. juan gomez

    @trevcars of course! is billy

  15. Deborah Perkins

    thanks for posting it this is Awesome
    uk debs xxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. trevcars

    This may sound stupid, but Is Billy singing the chorus too? I have a hard time telling if it's his voice or someone else signing.

  17. petula holl

    my hubbies eyes change with his mood,, but lets just say when his eyes are blue i know what he is feeling :)

  18. kodibrox12

    @natrapss11746665 why are you questioning?? He just is!!! lol

  19. ilovemymilitary

    I love this song, especially the line about the paper! Perfect! I am going to find a way to incorperate this into my wedding, maybe even my first dance song. It is just perfect in so many ways. Way to go, Billy!

  20. taylor sipling

    best song in the world

  21. TheHaHaStar

    Only just found this, and haven't even heard it all, as yet.
    But I love it. Love it. Thank you for posting!

  22. IloveJoeJonas54321

    :) This song is the best!

  23. TheFantasyWorl93

    A boy i like send this to me.. ehehehe- blushes - i love this song

  24. Madison Young

    i LOVE it (:

  25. AlecFootball75

    I sung this to a girl I like. she said it was the sweetest thing she has ever heard. Thank you Billy Currington

  26. Mercedes Manresa

    Ohhhh that song is beautiful!!! Qué buen gusto tienes, y muchas gracias por subirlaaaa!!! cómo la descubriste? ;D Tendrían que nombrarte manager Youtubilly jajaja.

  27. Zita Tóth

    Really love this song, thanks for posting it.

  28. berry557

    aww i'm in love with this song