Billy Currington - Don't Lyrics

Don't ya hate hearin' that clock on the wall chiming,
Sayin' it's time
And don't you just wish we could just stay right here together
All day long
You know it wouldn't be a crime
If we crawl back into bed
Got as close as we could get
Tryin' to figure out where this thing is goin'

Baby, Baby don't
Don't just say you're leavin
Why don't you just stay a little bit longer
Got it goin on
And I just can't believe it
This feelin' it just keeps gettin' stronger

If ya gotta go
You gotta know
I might go crazy
Here without you baby
We're livin' every kiss
You ain't leavin me like this
It just ain't right
Wait until tonight
To lite another flame
You know it wouldn't be the same as the fire we got burnin' this mornin


Love, no one else can love me like you do.
You know, I ain't even close to through- lovin you.


Baby, Baby don't
No baby don't

(Baby, baby, ohhhh, baby, baby don't)

Ohhhhh no, no, baby don't

(Baby, baby, ohhhh, baby, baby don't)

Ya, Don't.
Baby, Baby, Don't.

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Billy Currington Don't Comments
  1. Jose Deloya

    I love you

  2. mesothelioma bae

    The only thing I like about this white noise is the bass

  3. Diane Samp


  4. Farrah Michel

    My favorite song, EVER!!!!

  5. Manuel-_-Angel Cuevas

    I heard this song back in 2012 in idaho brings back so many memories

  6. barbara estes

    dont make me wait so long babe Clay Walker

  7. Bri Castro


  8. Ritchie Valens

    I wish I woke up that beautiful
    Im a middle-aged overweight man :-)

    mesothelioma bae

    Ritchie Valens that’s nice

  9. Josue2018

    One of the sexiest men in country music. I wish he could have hooked up with Shania. They would have made a beautiful couple

  10. Master Ninja

    Hey dddooonnnttt drink and drive

  11. maria rios

    adoro.. amooooooooooooooo.. o homem mais lindo desse planeta.

  12. Mister Sandman

    Imagine driving like a maniac to give your girl some coffee

    Bristol Mae

    Mister Sandman 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  13. Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY

    Love this song 🎶❤

  14. Amber Flesher

    Pretty cool 😎

  15. Daaner436

    Hello there

  16. Fisher 2019

    What old car is that?

  17. Michelle mzblacs

    Love, Passion, Mind ,Body N Soul. He needed her. Special One.

  18. Michelle mzblacs

    The HEART Don't Lie..

  19. Michelle mzblacs

    No One Else Can Love You Like I Do. So True

  20. Pratim Sengupta

    Better u Drive for coffee

  21. Momo Ansari

    Love you Billy , Amazing lyrics

  22. Jon Meray

    I came here only for that sexy ass 72 Monte Carlo

  23. Randy Nyberg

    Its a black dress huckabee

  24. Randy Nyberg

    Randy what car is that in this video..

  25. Courtney Sanders

    2019 & I’m still singing baby baby don’t!

  26. michael Blocker

    And i never wana wake up

  27. Jacob Sutton

    He looks like a more older lil dicky

  28. Rick Talley

    Beautiful women

  29. Andrew Vela

    Dam that'll be the day!

  30. Di Bn

    Love blinds us at times.....

  31. Matthew Perris

    How is this 10 years old?!

  32. joey torres

    👌🏽great song

  33. Reвecca K. Burke

    I love тнιѕ мan 💖
    нe reмιndѕ мe ιn ѕo мany wayѕ oғ an eх тнaт waѕ love oғ мy lιғe.

  34. 89morgans

    2019 and I still love this song just as much as I did when it first came out!! 💕💕

  35. Martin Valle

    My friend turned me on to this song while we we were driving to my house ive been playing it ever since bad ass song

  36. Scott Adkins

    The model in this video is incredible...whew!!!

  37. Erica Yogmas

    Favorite county song of all time. Still listening 2019 💛

    Justin Oiler

    Justin and Goosie
    Melissa with Mike
    Danielle and Luis
    Misty and Scott
    Megan and Michael
    Michelle and Kevin

    monique newman

    Erica Yogmas mines tooo ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Rickey Milam

    First time I heard it couldn't get enough of it. Sing for us again Billy...please.

  38. Baby Ninna

    First heard this song 2018 & I loved it ever since can’t stop playing it 😩

  39. Valerie Trujillo

    love this song!!!💜

  40. Shirley Gates

    Billy's driving like I used to drive my brother's car He never did find out either Ha Ha good old days.

  41. Quelesa Douglas

    -one of my favorite!💜😍🥰

  42. Scott Adkins

    That's gotta be some good ass to hustle like that for a cup of coffee....that, or he's totally PW'd....

  43. emmanuel hall

    November 2018 still listening

  44. Brad Butler


  45. kblopp

    WTF Billy the car is in park.   2:32

  46. carson0711

    This song is a classic

  47. Lyndon Manford

    Gotta love a first gen monte Carlo

  48. WindWipper

    These days music videos are all like full length movies...

  49. Jameela Powell

    I love you

  50. Hank Sevor

    Excellent and Amazing Billie.

  51. Jeannine Rouillon

    OMG the CAR😲❤👍🏼👍🏼🤣 Gorgeous song and artist❤👍🏼

  52. starr briight

    Love his style of music

  53. SHANDRA!

    Oh, Billy! Those legs! I have always! love this song and video! Is out of sight!! Cool.

  54. Teo Louis


  55. Hakan Dursun

    Fantastic !

  56. speterbilt

    Dam this is one badass song.

  57. Freda Apinko

    Love the song and he looks a like real man if you know what i mean😆

  58. Alex Taylor

    Kinda... unrealistic... eh.

  59. Barbara Grantham

    always love Billy and his old pick up truck no matter what he is singing!

  60. Barbara Grantham

    Din't is a goid sexy sing sang by the sexiest man on earth! I might be 68 yrs. old but love Billy!

  61. Barbara Whitby-Amanchuku

    Fantastic Song! Great Voice, Great Music and Lyrics. Billy is a Really Great Entertainer!

  62. holly gillard

    Good dancing song

  63. Pat Mckennon

    Great artist
    Enjoy music

  64. Victoria Brooks


  65. Rob Carrillo

    434 thumbs down what is wrong with them pendejos

  66. brenda L golden

    Got to love this ❤

  67. Acres4 Homes4

    ACRESHOMES is this nigga home any day or time Houston fucks wit u Billy the longway

  68. Jeff Patten

    The sense of high speed driving would be a lot more believable if the car wasn't still in 'Park'!! at 2:33

  69. Donna Marie Pszoniak


  70. Maria Mclean

    Wow I didn't know about this song until 2 months ago...

  71. Brenda Alexander

    LOVE THIS song

  72. Full Time Street People

    Baby dont ... i need you ..

  73. Doug Jenkins

    tell me..this isn't romantic...

  74. Alexxis Martinez

    love this song😍😍

  75. Darth Vapor


  76. Jesse Martinez

    Billly Curringhton is awesome

  77. William Ogilsbie

    this hit song goes to my girlfriend

  78. Lorie Mazer

    He sounds just as good live!!

  79. Beverly Spencer

    just love this video and the song. .wow..

  80. Dovely Godess

    That...was quite a trek for coffee. He didn't even wear his seat belt...

  81. Stormy Whether

    he is everyone women's dream🌠

  82. Rich Lo

    I love your music and i'm going to your Concert

  83. brandon roberts

    Did no one notice that the shifter is in park when he's driving?

  84. cryinonthedancefloor

    This has a 90's country feel to it that I love!

  85. Jordan K

    his best song

    countrygirl countrymusiclover


  86. hardy boyz

    when he hijacks the car

  87. CamoRose91

    😱 one my fav hits

  88. SHELLY Ordonez

    love this song

  89. Edie Cortez

    love this song

  90. Kiyoncé Kartier

    i love this song. timeless

    so many country hits came out around this time.

  91. Terrie Forneri

    yes...the reason why i listen again ❤ 🎸 🎶

  92. 9095alison

    awww the feeling of being all loved up again. can't beat it ! each time you see them or even a msg from them makes the butterflies dance inside you .

  93. Dewi Fortuna

    l love song Thanks

  94. Linda W Singletary

    Love this song bc.