Billy Crawford - You Didn't Expect That Lyrics

You didn't expect that I would find out
You didn't expect that I would find out

I was your man, you were my girl
Would have given anything to you in this world
So why is it lately you've been acting cold to me
You don't want to talk to me
You don't like my touch

So tell me why would you do this
Could have told me so
I'da let you go
Look how it ends
We can't even be friends

When you cheat when you lie when you kiss me goodnight
You didn't expect that I would find out
When it's late when you say you were at your friend's house
You didn't expect that I would find out

Ooh yeah

So many little things keep on adding up
Girl I've had enough pretending that I'm blind
Two way blowing up way past 12 o'clock
Let me tell you what
It's about that time

And yesterday I followed you baby
I know where you've been
I saw you with him
Look how it ends
We can't even be friends (baby)

When you cheat when you lie when you kiss me goodnight
You didn't expect that I would find out
When it's late when you say you were at your friend's house
You didn't expect that I would find out...

I never thought I found love until love found I
The car, the house, it's all be mine
Face your tears love
Those ay your eyes, your kisses, your hugs
They've all been lies
I tried to show you love, but it wasn't enough
Caught you in the club, wid him hugged up
Gave you everything, you broke my trust
I thought we could stay together but not us

When you cheat when you lie when you kiss me goodnight
You didn't expect that I would find out
When it's late when you say you were at your friend's house
You didn't expect that I would find out

When you cheat, and you lie
And you kiss, me goodbye, but I know, where you been
'Cause I saw you with him ('cause I saw you with him, babe)
When you cheat, and you lie, but you kiss me goodbye
I know where you been
'Cause I saw you with him

When you cheat when you lie when you kiss me goodnight
You didn't expect that I would find out
When its late when you say your at your friends house
You didn't expect that I would find out
You didn't expect that I would find out

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Billy Crawford You Didn't Expect That Comments
  1. Sara sarori


  2. Lauren De almeida

    We miss you Billy =(

  3. Mymy Esguerra

    He was born a Michael Jackson fan

  4. 塔瑞可

    Ang gwapo at charming ni billy pa noon ngyun d ko maintindhan pumangit talga xa hagard na natuyuan nakakpangit tlga ang mga bisyo sa katwan tulad ng yosi at alak

  5. Angel Gee

    Sayang s Billy

  6. Hanakin XXI

    Lui et sa tete de joueur d'echec

  7. little black star avrigne

    billy gives me a 90's boyband vibe

  8. Hayat Boujarfaoui

    Magnifique Billy crowford sublime très beau merci

  9. Madeleine Lourme

    Qui a la ref du jouer mcdo 😂

  10. Black Puma

    2:02 Michael Jackson arc legs move 😎😎😎

  11. FreshKing 6000

    One of The Most Underrated Artists Ever.

  12. sheryl Herrera

    Billy's songs beats almost similar of Justin Timberlake

  13. Réseautage Mailbox

    La belle époque putain , ça mérite plus de vue

  14. shimzs Mcknew

    justine t ng pilipinas

  15. Dayanne de Souza

    Any Brazilian here?

  16. MarkTianz TV

    Billy love's so much the philippines..thats why he didnt turn his international career

  17. Renier Dejito


  18. Aurélie Bcd

    Le bo gosse 😘💋😘💋😘💋😘❤❤❤

  19. Jm Aubrey Dayao


  20. Ser Bugarin

    Nsync clothing hahahah thats very popular sando during those times

  21. Miriam Ait

    2019 ! Je kiff toujours autant ce son ❤️

  22. Marhana Alimin

    Kahawig niya c james ditu ang gwap0 niya

  23. Trush Tucker

    Mini Backstreet boys

  24. Trush Tucker

    Gnito si billy kpag mgka age sila ni coleen

  25. carlo jones amante

    2019? who miss billy crawford like me? just like my comment

    Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life

    Check out his new album WIP! It's fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. rodurval

    This guy is only cute for phillipines for the world is ugly

  27. NezroX

    2019???? :)

  28. Julien

    McDonald's 😭😭😭

  29. WassKrim STL

    Qui es venue après le dans la gova

    kan hee

    Les baqueux ptdrrrr

    Mélanie Dallas


  30. zιαd love

    c'est fou comme quelqu'un d'incroyable comme lui a l'epoque peut virer dans l'oublie en 12 ans .. .......a l'epoque toutes les nanas etait dingue de lui et apres elles ce sont accroche a justin bieber..:(

    K-Prisun Music

    Jme rappel jetais en couche culotte quand je l'ecoutais

    Réseautage Mailbox

    Une bonne époque sépare le succès de Billy et Justin Bieber , Billy le soucis c'est qu'il a pas enchaîné les succès et c'est vite retombé , les Justin Bieber et compagnie sont arrivés avec l'arrivée des réseaux sociaux et ça les à fait buzzer un max , au temps de Billy le buzz était pure ça venait que d'eux et non pas du net

    cansu göcmen

    Maintenan c bts :D

    Pechoue Kyllie

    Il fait carrière dans un pays asiatique et a un gros succès.
    Lors d ub reportage à reconnu s'être laissé prendre par le succès...
    Mais il va bien aux dernières nouvelles

  31. Angélique Hamon

    Billy ❤❤❤

  32. Alonzo Lapuenta

    c'est mon enfance

  33. Zebra Cobra

    Mukha pang masarap noon si billy 😂😂😂

  34. sheri moon

    Je l'aimais trop ptin le coup de vieux lol

  35. jolynekuhoe

    Wallah il est trop fort

  36. pauljohn0001

    Now we know why he don't sing anymore haha para gago

  37. Gumball Mortdecaille

    Iam too old now . Nostalgie 😦

  38. Rhea Imperial

    My ultimate crush of all time...

  39. Nash The Great


  40. Justine Sj

    Ah nag paayos pla sya ng tenga

  41. *Starless

    I have no idea who this is, but he has some cute ears...

  42. PJ Ofiana



    Any filipino here

  44. cainoy junior

    matangus pa ilong ni billy dito

  45. Alicia Vikander

    Radios Macdo ?

  46. Lulu G.Dingcol

    wow,,ngaun kulang to nakita,Singer ka pla Billy

    Change Is Coming Philippines

    Kaya nga ang Sabi sa kanta YOU DIDN'T SPECT DAT.

    Jannmr 31

    Sikat si billy sa Europe, France kasi dun sya dati nakatira, later sa US.. pero Europe tlg sya sikat.. pag uwi nys ng Ph nawala.. syang tlg!!!!

    Jay Vee

    Gago tanda mona dmo kilala c billy. D lng sya singer dancer din.

  47. Sylvester Staline

    Le fameux jouet mcdo

    Guillaume Lbn

    @Aylen _ tout pareil mdr, j'avais aussi l'enceinte bleue haha

    Ag de Mada

    Je l'avais aussi

    Freja FURTADO

    😂😂😂😂😂 Oh putain c est exactement ce à quoi je pensais

    Bru Musique

    Je viens de retrouver ma mini radio au bout de 7 ans 😭😭😭

    Loubna Garango

    Ptdrrr OMG !!!

  48. evany satera

    Oh i didn't expected the silence of his talent nowadays

  49. Josh Doctolero

    He look like james reid here

  50. Its Me Drew Videos

    Di ko expected magaling pala na singer si billy

  51. Shami Nato

    I thought he was my dad when I was younger because he looked exactly like him. At the time I used to live with my mother as my parents were separated so I rarely saw my dad

  52. Samsung Galaxy

    Who is he?

    Gwen Knab

    Samsung Galaxy Billy Crawford!

  53. DsrTrey Hab

    This guy is a crap

  54. Father and Son

    Billy Mamaril Crawford


    hahahaha billy mams

  55. Ireland cliff

    singer pala si billy ngayon ko lang nalaman haha

  56. Odin Dee

    Yes, I didn't expect that Billy was that thin before hmmm...

    Jannmr 31

    Madami pa sya song.. may MV sya na long hair sya dun.. miss mary lopez ata yun.. at may isa pa .. pero dko na maremmber abg title

  57. coco nut

    Kaano ano niya Kaya Di Terrence Crawford 😂😂😂

  58. hirap maging masaya

    Daming tatto ni billy jan

  59. Romel Santiago

    Hindi ko namukhaan akala ko video aha..

  60. CDCJR Presents


    Myra Sibal

    Charlie Caaya 2018



  62. buhokli naruTIE

    I wonder what year was this...

    Don Jon

    buhokli naruTIE 2001

  63. acxx 24

    if only the Philippine industry will give chance for billy to sing again rather than hosting,

    Alex Ralph

    acxx 24 siya lang yung ayaw. He said once na mas gusto niyang i pursue ang Hosting. Kaya nga kahit sa ASAP dati, bihira lang siyang kumanta.

  64. Amélie Chairon

    Je viens de retrouver cette chanson 10 après grâce à un jouet mcdo cimerr youtube cimer mcdo lol mdr

    Noctem Vitae

    MON DIEU !! LA BOITE MACDO !! TU CONNAIS AUSSI !!!! MOI AUSSI IL Y A 11 ANS !!!!! trop de souvenir !!!

    Ag de Mada

    @Noctem Vitae je l'avais aussi

    Noctem Vitae

    @Ag de Mada trop bien !! On est d'accord ?! Ue de souvenir !!! 😍😍🙏🙏🙏

    Ag de Mada

    @Noctem Vitae oui 😀
    J'avais aussi celle de Barbie girl

    Noctem Vitae

    @Ag de Mada exact !! J'en avais une jaune aussi ! Une bonne musique, mais je ne le souviens plus laquelle

  65. Lloydsenpai Daisuki

    International artist those day becomes a host tsk

  66. Zouzou l'ancien

    Pdt qu'aux states yavais les vrais sons, ici ca ecoutait cette daube!

  67. Mariposa

    myyyyyyyy favorite!

  68. Rocky Girl

    I think he would be famous if he never left Hollywood and came back here in the Philippines w/c he lost his Popularity...

    Nelzki Mej Arc

    The Rocky Girl he's still famous until now . Darling!

    Mister You Know

    Yeah he's still famous but not worldwide famous

    John Paul Zosa

    one speculations back then was the reason he returned to the Philippines was he lost his career abroad haha but doesnt matter though he is still quite popular in the Philippines


    The Rocky Girl Hmm he was never in hollywood honey. He was famous in Uk not Us hollywood.

  69. Im Yoon A

    Pogi hihi

  70. boy george

    Claris dancing 💃

  71. nickrackhead

    This is soooo underrated

  72. Damian Araneta

    Payat at vata pa siya dito

  73. The Jibooty

    When I was like 12yo I was such a big fan of Billy Crawford. He got everything, Not only he was handsome but so talented, nice voice and great dancer. I didn’t know he was a Filipino
    I am sad he’s not singing anymore

    The Jibooty

    KISSNIEL CEBU CHAPTER KISSNIEL wow!’ Sounds good!!! 😊

    Styron Rhanz

    The Jibooty he’s always performing in asap

    John Paul Zosa

    He's mixed race. Half Filipino and Half American. I dont think he drop his American citizenship though

    Prince CherubTV

    Billy crawford has a new single titled "FILIPINA GIRL" together with james reid and marcus davis.

    Ako Si Tommy

    His singing again try to search pilipina girl

  74. Corentin Bichard

    on l’a tous vu avec le jouet macdo

  75. Jan Tiana

    If i had the chance to dance and sing this in PGT, I would only if billy is on stage. =D

  76. Meiling Huo

    Payatot pa sya dito

  77. tweety carmona

    he reminds me of Bailey May..

  78. Kayleigh Frost

    God, teen crush lol feel old now

  79. mai sakurajimi

    On dirait hamza le mec

    Ibtissem Malavita

    Ios Garer Un tweet de l"open space ?

  80. Henedine Belir

    World class talent but proud pinoy...

  81. Janeth Dofitas

    Billy we miss you from Singapore

    Paolo Anacleto Wong

    he looks like james reid when he has as young as millenials.

    Chinese Guy Without Corona virus

    @Paolo Anacleto Wong james reid na nakadrugs haha

    Cesar Magalona

    @Chinese Guy Without Corona virus grabe grabe

  82. Aida Az

    Le bon vieux temps j'adore :)

    Ninàa Ben

    irène az oui le beau vieux temps

  83. Mhelissa Ciron


  84. dinadream18

    and one day you remember Billy Crawford ! and you feel freaking old but it feels so good to listen to those songs on 2017. Feeling young again


    dinadream18 I KNOW RIGHT?! I've literally JUST randomly thought of him and felt like.going back to that song and YES we're getting old but this song's still POPPIN hahah i love it!

    Paolo Anacleto Wong

    ako si tiagong bayawak tuing pu-punta ako sa lola ko mauna muna sakin ang mga nag hahabol jan.mukha ni nikki jill abot kaya sa mga pubre pero pag mayaman di hamak pati mukha ni colleen garcia natikman na.

  85. niisha stéphanoise42

    I love Billy Crawford 💙💙💙❤❤❤❤💞💞💞💞👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😘😘

  86. la plus belle fille fu monde

    I Love You Billy Crawford

    Paolo Anacleto Wong

    spanish guys he's enrique iglesias james is you just change it into deen instead of reid.


    T'es pas du tout narcisique toi

  87. Boybands ,

    Imagine if this was a boyband.

    Paolo Anacleto Wong

    ganyan ka galing si idol walang sianasabi si james reid dito.isakay ang dating billy sa time machine para mag hasik sa panahong ito.


    Imagine if this is Nsync. Omg dreams

  88. Jordan Connolly

    My god I remember this song when I was 3 & I don't remember this now

  89. William James Sidis

    Co za gówno

  90. Steevenlight75

    Perfect. Image et qualité son parfaite. Thank you