Billy Crawford - Steal Away Lyrics

C'mon and hold me
Just like you told me
Then show me
What I want to know

Why don't we steal away
Why don't we steal away
Into the night
I know it ain't right

Tease me
Why don't you please me
Then show me
What you came here for

Why don't we steal away
Why don't we steal away
Into the night
I know it ain't right

Into the night, babe
Baby tonight
Make it tonight

I caught you glancing my way
And I know what you're after

Why... don't we steal away
Why don't we steal away
Why don't we steal away
Why don't we steal away
Into the night
I know it ain't right
Into the night
I know it ain't right

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Billy Crawford Steal Away Comments
  1. Macfu Vlogs

    Came here bcoz of billys new song filipina girl...this is my fav tho and bright lights...oooh oooh!

  2. fear less

    the best...revival

  3. Carlos Herrera


  4. Carlos Herrera


  5. Barby Dal

    nice song....

  6. yellane chim

    love this song

  7. Dhong Abad

    I thought its Billy's latest song😉🙊

  8. Cynthia Sanchez

    Luv it! Great job Billy! Would like to sing w/him one day. Hey a girl can dream, can't she? ;o)

  9. it's Lanny

    what a nice instrumental....!

    JhonLi Seven

    Yes, better than the album version.

  10. cezar vieira oliveira oliveira

    muito bom isso numa festa e show, valeu

  11. Eugenel Taracatac

    love it!

  12. Holyhearts Wonderland

    super like!

  13. Reymark Hacosta

    hndi naman sayang na dito siya mag perform eh, the most important is billy show his talent not only in local but international also...

  14. Nellie K. Adaba

    @milesrocksgh93 Who is the original by? I think I never heard the original.

    Jacquelyn Kornegay

    Robbie Dupree

  15. cutemadz43

    ilove you hehehe

  16. 4sh4l33

    i heard this song in the background when Kid Rainen from jabbawockeez was talking about something...he was at a club or comething

  17. Cynthia Sanchez

    OMG....YOU ROCK!!!!!!

  18. Cathy Sison

    a eto pla un kntang un..lagi ko nririning sa ABS

  19. Chan Abadilla

    Billy should return in the international scene..Sayang kc pagd2 lng sya sa Pinas..Limited ang exposure nya..

  20. Anjelica C

    LoooooooooVeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuu

  21. John Rasca

    nice song...

  22. Jay El

    it makes me dance especially during midnight when i am about to sleep :)

  23. jhemski

    a great remake! ;)

  24. Martie Ariza

    why don't we steal away

  25. leagan

    You stole away my heart Billy! Love your style dude...More power!

  26. Martie Ariza

    love this song....(why dont we steal away)

  27. keeyyaa

    which recording company is this? =)

  28. cassyclim8

    woist, thanks for posting this. I just knew about this today! i'm gonna buy this album! wahahahaha sana ipatugtog din to in other asian countries!!

    I love Robbie Dupree's version ever since and this cover is not bad!!!! go billy!!!!

  29. zeraeign

    he's just a filipino singer who became more famous on uk first.

  30. silvio oliveira

    robbie dupree is better

    Pawn Hearts

    silvio oliveira

    Robbie was a complete ripoff of the doobie bros

    Billy actually puts an original spin

  31. Rin Odin

    Billy is sooooooo awesome just like this song

  32. ladyguitarist

    i love the song too! so catchy ang tune! true pinoy talent! =D

  33. werly tae


  34. ThisisShantylle

    incredible. awweessomme

  35. mayerelle

    I am going to buy his album :) but I'll create a playlist =p since wala pa akong album, I have to wait until someones flying to the phils to get it for me:)

  36. Travel Family Food

    I really like this song!j'aime bien vraiment cette chanson,c'est tres cool.Go Billy!you are one of the reasons why I'm watching ASAP :)

  37. Danica Subang

    ganda! :]

  38. jani manabat

    Pwedi dn ma download ang music na ito dito sa youtube using im too downloader.

  39. jr metila

    nice one billy. . .

  40. Danica Subang

    i love billy performs. ily billy!