Billy Crawford - Rock With You Lyrics

Girl, close your eyes
Let that rhythm get into you
Don't try to fight it
There ain't nothing that you can do
Relax your mind
Lay back and groove with mine
You got to feel that heat
And we can ride the boogie
Share that beat of love

I wanna rock with you
(All night)
Dance you into day
I wanna rock with you
(All night)
We're gonna dance the night away

Out on the floor
There ain't nobody else but us
Girl, when you dance
There's a magic
That must be love
Just take it slow
We've got so far to go
When ya feel that heat
Then you can ride the boogie
Share that beat of love

I wanna rock with you
(All night)
Dance you into day
I wanna rock with you
(All night)
We're gonna rock the night away

And when the groove is dead and gone, yeah
You know that love survives
And we can rock forever on

(I wanna rock with you)
(I wanna groove with you)

(I wanna rock with you)
(I wanna groove with you)

I wanna rock
(All night)
Ooh, dance the night away
I wanna rock with you
(All night)
We gonna dance the night away, yeah

(All night)
Come on and rock with me
Come on and groove with me, yeah
(All night)
We're gonna rock the night away

(All night)
All night long, baby
'Til the sun comes up, baby
(All night)
I wanna rock you
I wanna rock you, baby girl

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Billy Crawford Rock With You Comments
  1. Stephy Gnawilac

    galing talga''!
    hoooooo'''''!!! idol

  2. chris hutton

    I remember all those years ago listening to him sing the Pokémon theme version that there ever will be, hes legend in my book..

  3. brent salamangkero

    the coolest playlist..

  4. robertb robie

    chris brown cant sing mj's music thats why he picked SWV version for real cause he sounds like a girl which he does for real but chris is still the shit but billy is stil the main man :))))

  5. robertb robie

    billy is versitial yes siiiiir

  6. robertb robie

    yes sir boyeks.... i like chris brown and justin beiber...beiber has a little more talent then chris brown at singing for real but chris has the dancing skill which equalizez beiber but my nigga billy can be put in that category for reall i vote billy :))))) yea sire

  7. Franco Panares

    d best billy crowford.......

  8. Shawn Sagun

    galing tlga ni idol.. idol nya si MJ.. idol ko din un !!! pareho tlga kami... eh idol ko xa.. idol nya rin kya ako.. haha !!! joke.. basta your the best.. international singer and dancer..the best ka. 1!

  9. Pan Lion

    @Hitufa Ecoute Moi aussi je suis une énorme fan de Michael Jackson !!!

    Mais c'est une reprise que Billy a fait et plein d'autre chanteurs ont repris plein de tubes de Michael. C'est normal qu'une chanson se fasse interpreter par quelqu'un d'autre. Evidemment Michael Jackson a donné son accord pour que Billy Craword l'enregistre et mette cette chanson dans un album puisque quand l'album est sorti, Michael était encore vivant.

    RIP Michael <3 On t'aime !

  10. Hitufa

    Je n'aime pas les remix de michael , il est parti et tout le monde le copi je ne trouve pas ça normal desolé , tu aimerais que quelqu'un copi ton style ? Je pense pas bref vous pouvez aimer je ne dis pas el contraire mais moi qui est une fan eternelle du king of pop je n'aime pas ! a suivre ;)

  11. Reymark Hacosta

    yeah rock billy rock....lift up filipino talents...

  12. Jovie Reyes

    nce b.c

  13. Kimberly Ashley

    Why do People hate the cover?
    Billy looks tight!


    nice intro..

  15. Cynthia Sanchez

    It's a tribute...only if it's done right.....I would be flattered if I was MJ...oyeah!

  16. William Robinson

    someone tell me where i can find this album cause i want it bad.

  17. Jed Ziel


  18. Laurd Reyes

    search for his "ASAP"(Filipino TV show) Performances.

    his really a great Performer.