Billy Crawford - Oh Dear Lyrics

Haha, you know what, we got to make hot up in here
Let the beat band, aha, aha, yeah come on

Hey! You shorty can you come on over here
Girl I'm gonna tell you things you'd wanna hear (yeah)
So let me tell you I can take you there
Trust me baby there's no regrets I swear

Started in the club she was touching
On to my car she was kissing, yeah
Then to my crib she was begging me
Take your clothes off ooh! and that's it

Oh dear hold up hold up
Wait a min wait a min
Then she drop and put her back in it, yeah! (oh dear)
Now she got me bout to blow and she actin' like she don't know (everybody say)
Now she got me bout to blow and she actin' like she don't know (everybody say)
(Oh dear)

Now that I got you pump baby let's bump
Ride me till this beat is banging in your trunk
I know you can't resist this nasty punk
Come give me sugar, mama, lover ddddd-o-n-k

Shake what what your mama what she gave ya
What you got got
I got what you want want what you need need let me
Show ya - switch!
Lets turn this mother out and tell your it will be all right, girl
Lets turn this mother out and get the party started right yeah oh

Again hot up in here baby work girl oh (oh dear)
Come on in come on in yeah yeah! (oh dear)
Oh B.C. uh uh see you crawl uh uh
Put face in the mouth sing it to me now

Um Billy, yes

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Billy Crawford Oh Dear Comments
  1. Reaper In training

    The old version of bts

  2. Bernard Ruiz

    that dance makes me Thrill..

  3. kalispell

    @RedRoses1995 sorry for the "bad quality"