Billy Crawford - Human Nature Lyrics

Looking out
Across the night-time
The city winks a sleepless eye
Hear her voice
Shake my window
Sweet seducing sighs

Get me out
Into the night-time
Four walls won't hold me tonight
If this town
Is just an apple
Then let me take a bite

If they say
Why, why, tell 'em that is human nature
Why, why, does he do me that way
If they say
Why, why, tell 'em that is human nature
Why, why, does he do me that way

Reaching out
To touch a stranger
Electric eyes are everywhere
See that girl
She knows I'm watching
She likes the way I stare

If they say
Why, why, tell 'em that is human nature
Why, why, does he do me that way
If they say
Why, why, tell 'em that is human nature
Why, why, does he do me that way
I like living this way
I like loving this way

Looking out
Across the morning
The city's heart begins to beat
Reaching out
I touch her shoulder
I'm dreaming of the street

If they say
Why, why, tell 'em that is human nature
Why, why, does he do me that way
If they say
Why, why, tell 'em that is human nature
Why, why, does he do me that way
Why, why, tell 'em that is human nature
Why, why, does he do me that way
Why... why... does he do me that way
I like living this way...

(Tell them that is human nature)
(Tell them that is human nature)

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Billy Crawford Human Nature Comments
  1. katie Cyril


  2. Michael MD

    super merci :)

  3. Saleem khan Khan

    very nice

  4. Emilio Emilio Emilio


  5. Jae Jimenez

    2018 anyone?

  6. Boltagon Blackagar

    kailangan ko ng tulong, kilala nyo ba yung pinoy na r&b singer na laging naka bandana at sumbrero na sikat noon?? nakalimutan ko ang pangalan nya

    Jenick Caranguian

    Kris lawrence

  7. Maria Flaig

    OHHH Billy covered Human nature…..only too fast mode! but ist ok...….love it!

  8. 1 word 1k likes Challenge.

    Its 2018 Still miss The King of POP


    2018 here..

  10. redel realse

    Tang ina sinayang lang ng abs ang talent nhi belly kung sa labas pa sana cxa malamang ito yung katapat nhi cris brown putang ina nyo abs

  11. Rheanna Tuazon

    He should go back to the international scene tbh

  12. Belaloui Mira

    The original version reminds me of sweet memories MJ was genius and Billy did a great job too ☺

  13. Mary Cris Ledama

    2017 here

  14. E J

    He's underrated :((
    He deserves so much attention🎶

  15. Remmy Duchene

    omg!! I remember him!! the Urgently In Love singer - aww good memories...and holy crap I feel old lol

  16. Josiah Cabigas

    2017 anyone here! :)

  17. Cristy Listanco

    2017 :)

  18. Mang Cek Kian

    I'm from indonesia.. I love his voice.. proud ph

  19. Daniella Rosal

    might as well give Michael Jackson credits lol nice cover tho

  20. shymultimedia

    Sounds awesome, very smooth, didn't know he made this over.  Loving Billy Crawford, always been a big American fan of his :)

  21. Reza Lalang

    He's cool. I heard this song when I was a kid and I thought that he's an American. Wtf. But then, he's a filipino host now. Woaah.

    Mask Man

    he's half american

    Danielle Calsder

    dad is american...

  22. pabloty

    Billy i like this
    song,sound like MJ

  23. chris prior

    this is very gay

    Ana Andrea Luspo

    chris prior how'd u got here then?

  24. John Ray Aniag


  25. John Ray Aniag

    ayos smooth bass!

  26. Christine Joy Clave

    bakit ka ba kasi umuwi ng pilipinas nung kasikatan mo?! hay~ saying...

  27. ma.cecile Hidalgo

    Yes his filipino. His half-filipino. His dad is from Texas and his mom from the philippines. And yes he speaks tagalog (Filipino Language) well. His conversational with Tagalog, English and french :)

  28. ron 1989

    my sister is super in-love with billy mas mahal pa nga nya si billy kaysa sa akin .."

  29. Dimitri Carlier

    Il a grossi quand meme x)

  30. Dindot Fabros Elentores

    ikaw na talaga billy!

  31. Alemrac Billy

    I feel he's more grounded now..coming home to the Philippines perhaps changed a lot in his life---but he should continue being the star that he is..I must admit..ABS needs to give him more exposure being a BIG star coz that's what he is!

  32. Paul Alvarado

    Hah, this is the same guy that sang the Pokemon theme!

    Jan Dave Ambrad

    yeah! :D

  33. Gryffindor87


  34. BabblingBeauty

    mas binibigyan ng exposure ung mga hindi marunong sumayaw

    Ana Andrea Luspo

    BabblingBeauty bitter naman neto. 😂

  35. Joy Victoria

    Never mind ASAP, I think ABSCBN's not giving him enough exposure lol

  36. Selina Davis

    ohhh man :(

  37. Marlaine

    OMG!!i just saw him like 4 hours ago!!his reallllyyy HOTTT!

  38. XxElectronicPuppetxX

    ... I feel terrible cause he's actually reaaaaally good but Pokemon brought me here XD he is a really good artist wish I knew it was him before

  39. bareign rima

    i agree :) tsk, mukang di nila masyadong naaappreciate ang talent nia. :(

  40. Andre Stanislas

    dude you have an Enrique look at time in this video...

  41. Jorge Ramos

    The acoustic version of this is also great to hear

  42. tony sc

    super bonne reprise de m-j . bravo

  43. Khia Binion

    3:20 is my favorite part!

  44. minelopee faith

    i Love u biLLy ! mua mua mua .. :*

  45. anunaki

    @absgail143 He is as much American(Caucasian) as he is Asian(Filipino in particular). He's father is a white Caucasian and his mom is Asian(Flipina). Haven't you noticed he's last name is Crawford?

  46. Oskars R

    It's just perfet... I like this song.... calm, relaxing, makes me think of one girl i like.... Thanx for the song!!!


    vraiment jolie!!

  48. robertb robie

    yo bochog if you insist pokemon was enough for him for him to be know :))) billy is the shit... and you can start from the top to bottom, its from bottom to up :)

  49. Mark Gil

    great video..galing mo Billy Crawford!

  50. Fred B

    Mmmm a la base c'est un titre de michael jackson hein mais bon sa va sa aurais pu être pire même si l'original est meilleur.

  51. shiva fox

    bakit ano bng nangyari sa kanya at bumalik siya ng pinas? naalala ko yung mga days ng bright lights at trackin..

  52. Jay Reynon

    Sayang tlga.. Hollywood singer kna sna ngayon.

  53. Jay Reynon

    Crush kita billy!!

  54. Ultra V-Fox Productions

    @MASTERNINjA73 in the first movie yes but in the series at the time was Jason Paige.

  55. missjaney

    @boyeks indeed.

  56. missjaney

    wow love it!!

  57. MrDLBG

    Not bad but i prefer the version of Chris brown ''she aint you'' (human nature).

  58. amurllahi mergjan

    yeah god ;)

  59. jacksparrow14

    i love this version too! GREAT MJ cover! makes me cry!

  60. Mark Bellen

    Talent like this? I think ASAP's not giving him enough exposure. :((

  61. bensoflyyy

    the video is lame, but he's great!

  62. Anna Yan

    good voices and movie, mabuhay ang mga Filipino.

  63. Fernando Ponce

    Now that MJ The King of Pop sadly R.I.P. This guy should pay tribute to him and sing all his songs as he sounds just like him. Idk if any of you know but Billy sings the original pokemon theme song and if you listen carefully it totally sounds just like MJ.

  64. ethan joshua Goldberg

    He has nothing in his voice.... good but not as good the king of pop

  65. dinah

    Human Nature is one of my MJ's favorite songs. And I like Billy too. Nice one BIlly Crawford!

  66. serenity0324

    It's off of his CD "Groove".

  67. serenity0324

    @uhuznlyme hi! his name is Billy Crawford. He's a Filipino-American singer, dancer.

  68. serenity0324

    @seeker7019 yup, he is and such a gentleman!

  69. tiujay

    Two words: "IT SUCKS!!!"

  70. Reymark Hacosta

    @ DODUST: indeed buddy...........filipinos are very talented without confusion right, thats why i am proud to be a filipino and to have a talented like billy crawford so on and so forth...

  71. mindfreak0525

    i used to have a huge crush on him back in the day. Is he still around & how old is he?

  72. jacksparrow14


    it;;s the james brown dance, MJ does it too cause James brown was MJ;s idol

  73. jacksparrow14

    @ligii55 it;s a tribute song to MJ.

  74. jacksparrow14


    yes but billy is an MJ fan since a kid, he even was MJ;s back up dancer in 1995 MTV dangerous performance. this is a tribute to MJ

  75. jacksparrow14

    he was once MJ;s back up dancer when he was 14 years old at the MTV 1995 dangerous performance

  76. nota bot

    yow listen this is when billy has six pack now he got fat and his on ASAP where he sings celebrity song and he look gay !

  77. jacksparrow14

    GREAT cover!!!

  78. TheSaguitaruis

    you are a crap

  79. Nellie K. Adaba

    @Rockagurl106 That's true. And I love his version of the theme song.

  80. Nellie K. Adaba

    @kryssy72801 No but I have the song on my Itunes

  81. blitzd12

    leave it to this unoriginal FOB to take a perfectly good song, rape it in the butt hole and completely ruin it

    everything's so generic, tries to dance like Justin Timberlake, tries to sing like Michael Jackson, tries to dress like Kanye, uses autotune..... can't believe people like this crap.

    this guy's trash, he even stole OneVoice's "Do you think about me"

    What a douche

  82. Ann Teruya

    The girl looks like his fiancee Nikki Gil.....Billy started his music career in 1999 with his first single Urgently in Love. Billy is an awesome dancer, greatest singer. He has come a long way from when he first started out at the age of 15 to his age now is 28 he has learned alot & he puts on concerts all over the world. Someday I'll catch him in person.

  83. robertb robie

    i like how the beat was remade you can listen to this all day.

  84. Bellarachaelina

    Extraordianry!!!!!! I saw him ages ago ...It was at either an xfactor or pop idol concert and he shoneabove the rest!!!!! Its all luck in this world....He should be mega massive!!!!!

  85. Keithz Pecayo

    who is the girl in this video?

  86. Keithz Pecayo

    @frostbytz21 wat the name?

  87. Deb

    he looks so crisp :'D

  88. AMS06141

    one of the best songs i've ever listened to

  89. Karla M

    Billy soo AWESOME!!!!!

  90. Boomboom boom

    @moonwalkn1 Hey don't compare Billy Crawford with Michael Jackson, I mean he's Billy and He's Michael, different worlds dude.

  91. lerry joy Tayag

    galing tlga ni BC..
    i luv it..

  92. Jorgz Gorio


  93. bangwi a

    Nice kicks! Anyone know what sneakers billy is wearing??

  94. Giovanna

    Well done, well done..!

  95. Carole Labenne

    bonne reprise j'aime bien