Billy Bragg - No One Knows Nothing Anymore Lyrics

Deep down in the underground
Atoms spinning 'round and 'round
Scientists monitor readings

Searching for the Holy Grail
The particle or at least the tale
Of the one who gives the universe its meaning

But what if there's nothing
No big answer to find?
What if we're just passing through time?

No one knows nothing anymore
Nobody really knows the score
Nobody knows anything
Let's break it down and start again

What happens when the markets drop
If the numbers really don't add up?
Everyone seeks the safe haven

And as they contemplate their ruin
The self-proclaimed smartest people in the room
Are trying very hard not to sound cravin'

But what if there's nothing
No pot of gold to find?
Only the blind leading the blind

No one knows nothing anymore
Nobody really knows the score
Since nobody knows anything
Let's break it down and start again

Let's stop pretending we can manage our way out of here
Let's stop defending the indefensible
Let's stop relying on the lecturing of the experts
Whose spin just makes our plight incomprehensible

High up on a mountain top
Somebody with a skinned crop
Is thinking deep thoughts for us all

Serenity is all around
But if you listen you can hear the sound
Of one head being banged against the wall

But what if our ancestors had stayed up in the trees
Who'd be sleeping weighed down by these worries?

No one knows nothing anymore
Nobody really knows the score
Since nobody knows anything
Let's break it down and start again

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Billy Bragg No One Knows Nothing Anymore Comments
  1. Sam Baroglio

    So, no forcing anyone to stay and make it?

  2. A friend

    I used to love listening to Billy Bragg. Musicians should never listen to music companies, and should keep on keeping on.

  3. Dave Power

    I like to listen to Billy Bragg.......though I dont totally agree with all his politics...he is talented geezer

  4. John Tomlinson

    Got in to Billy Brag about 8 years ago and like his stuff

  5. Daniel Peterson

    Billy Bragg or Boring Bragg?... I cannot think of one Billy Bragg song... I can think of a ton of Morrissey songs

  6. swthirteen

    If only we could clone more.

  7. Tesla Tea Party

    I really like older Billy Braggs voice it's a lot softer these days with a slight country sound to it.

  8. :Robert-Francis : Sullivan.

    Billy, I had a cool roommate
    in college who introduced
    me to your music, in 1988 !
    30 years ago !! Why / How
    ... do you look young !?

  9. Karl Tilley

    Was fiddling around and wondered if I could make Billy "not walk in slow motion" by bumping up the playback speed to x1.75... yup it works. And I actually like the song better 😮 (maybe x1.5 too) sounds like classic 80's Bragg!

  10. Michael Helme

    Usually, the ramble on the fells involves jokey banter about music, sport and crap culture. Only when we get to the pub, and after a few pints, are the heavy themes of life talked about (well, slurred about).


    'No One Knows Nothing' - that's an interesting use of a double-negative.

  12. Tony Mack

    Mildy psychedelic outro. Nice.

  13. Robert Arisz

    What if our ancestors had stayed up in the trees, would we still be weighed down by these worries?
    The man has a way with words.

  14. speedo 1050

    The guy is a national treasure.

  15. Andy hawkes

    Genius and top bloke

  16. Anders Kristensen

    Love that man!!!

  17. Phillip Russell

    So therefore we all know something, that is even more worrying as a little bit of knowledge is dangerous.

  18. Tiziano D'Ambrosio

    I adore this song...

  19. Junaid Khalil

    Aslamo Alikum, peace and blessings of God be upon you. We are all brothers and sisters and children of one man Adam and one woman Eve. All people belong to God and God belongs to all of them. All people come from God and go back to God, so all are One. We are all in same boat and in same train which starts from God and ends at God. One of the God’s name is Ahsan-al-Khaliqeen which means whatever God created is extremely beautiful and excellent. So we are all beautiful and excellent. The beautiful girls and guys all around us in this world are nothing but our beloved sisters and brothers. Not only we humans are just one family but all the angels, all the devils, all the plants, all the animals, all the mountains, all the winds, all the oceans, all the insects, all the birds, earth, sun, moon, all the stars, all the planets, all the galaxies, all this universe and everything inside it is just one family created by God and there is nothing like God and none equals to God in anyway. He is All-Loving, All-Forgiving, All-Knowing, All-Merciful, All-Gracious, All-Wise and All-Powerful. So we have a very big family. May God forgive all of us and unite all of us in His love and mercy and in His obedience. If we will be thankful to God and obey Him, this world will become a paradise. And on Day of Judgment, God will give us even a bigger paradise so beautiful and lovely that we cannot imagine where all of us will live in joy and pleasure forever. Please never forget to say many thanks to God and praise Him all your days and nights and ask for His forgiveness all the time. God wants we love others like we love ourselves. Ameen. Jazak Allah. :)

  20. Stacey Friedrich

    What do we actually KnOW? Love this song and saw bb 6 times. not this tour! fuck he works hard!

    Anders Kristensen

    I miss you so much I´m dying

    Brian J

    6 times...I envy you.

  21. Stacey Friedrich

    i LOVE this so much...classic

  22. Danny Jennings

    Love this,could anyone give me a list of all his best love songs as I wanf to avoid the political stuff?

    Mike Scrimshaw


    The Warmest Room
    Greetings to the New Brunette
    Must I paint you a Picture
    A Lover Sings
    The Price I Pay
    Levi Stubbs' Tears
    Upfield (although it does have socialism in the title it's not overtly political)
    Little Time Bomb
    You Woke up my Neighbourhood

    Jeanene Davidson

    socialism is a love song

  23. Nora Gallagher

    Saw him open for the smiths when he was a kid , he's still top shelf ... as he was & will always be .

  24. orweller3

    I played guitar because Billy Bragg did. I tried to tell the truth because Billy Bragg did. I tried to write lyrics that would empower others because Billy Bragg did...I tried to like myself a little more because Billy Bragg did....I wanted to be a kind caring loving man who would not eat other people's shit BECAUSE BILLY BRAGG DID. What I owe this man is beyond what words can say. You are my NORTH star and I will continue to stir this ship in its phucked up course by your genuine compass. Thanks again Bill....always, The Sloppy Guitarist.

    Marty Procter

    +orweller3 yeah bro Billy B is the man, and so are you bruva!!

    Chris Morrison

    thanks so much for that...I needed it....God bless us all mate! and, sincerely, THANKS


    Billy Bragg wrote and still writes the soundtrack of MY life an d i am grateful for that.


    Respect that bro ...peace to u and yours .

  25. Karl Lehman

    a world generation feels this vibe. apathy. other stuff. all stuff. bang your head against the breeze. sucess if one remains sane. sucess in kindness to other people

  26. 40sSonggirl1

    Cool song and beautifully shot video! First time I'm hearing you sir....wonderful!

  27. al2194

    Anyone know where this was shot?

  28. Jon Newell

    This is such a darude sandstrom rip off :/

    Stephen Poulson

    +Jon Newell Sounds nothing like Darude dance music track ?

  29. Paul Flook

    Such a good song. The album is great too.

  30. Archanarchist

    im not matter passing through time im time passing through matter :P i dont know much but i do know, democracy needs a refresh ala the french revolution

    Lill David

    @ryan law So we need to go from an absolute state to absolute state?

  31. stephen scott

    Look at you, aged well mate ;-)

  32. Emily Julia

    I was looking for another song.. :p but... nah, this is good too!

  33. keyfeatures

    No one knows nothing is a double negative.  Therefore everyone knows something.

    Hank Fulloffun

    If no action is taken we might as well know nothing.

    Graham Robertson

    BB actually talked about this when I saw him at SXSW in 2013.. If I remember correctly, "The first rule of songwriting is: alliteration trumps grammar every time."


    haha, fair enough


    +Graham Robertson In that case it should be 'no one knows nothing no more' lol

  34. NickSheridanCuts

    I think the fixation on the Higgs was a bit of a mistake, evidenced in the way he quickly brushes off talking about it when interviewed. However Billy Bragg shines in line shows and relentless touring, and will often change or update his verses, so probably no biggy..

  35. Roberto Gonzalez

    no conozco ni una sola mala canción de Billy Bragg

  36. Mono No Aware

    He is definitely referring to Higgs Boson, the so-called God Particle. Don't get your panties in a bind. Obviously there is a deeper meaning, it's Bragg.

  37. hooskerdu1

    Good lord, is that really what you took from this song? That he was writing a song about the Higgs Boson? Perhaps a few more listens and you'll 'get' it.

  38. d trull

    I bet he is pleased that you think his lyrics are "fucking awesome."

  39. Kradiancy

    Is this song supposed to be ironic? It's a good tune but in terms of the song content it completely misses the point. The 'particle deep down in the ground' is not the answer to the universe, it's another stepping stone to understand why things exist the way they do, rather than any other number of combinations. This song seems to suggest we should ignore science because spiritualism is viscerally satisfying.

    If you're going to write a song about the higgs boson, you should research first.

    Mike Scrimshaw

    Kradiancy Lol

  40. bobbydylanio

    No one's ever touched Dylan, not even Morrissey or Leonard Cohen.

  41. Ben Edwards

    watched his set from Glastonbury sounded great

  42. pep2315

    Not bad. Not extraordinary either IMO. Not that I prefer his political songs, but I could have done without these pseudophilosofical lyrics; no need of this to show his maturity

    (but the beard does look good, his voice sounds good too, and this is the fourth time in a row I listen to the song)

  43. Susan Zammit

    Please sir: can I have some more?

  44. Alistair Candlin

    I'm saying it's a very well-written song.

  45. Drew Vreeland

    "First thing they teach you in songwriting school is that alliteration trumps grammer." ~ Bragg at SXSW

    Daniel Peterson

    Only a boring producer of no hits would go to songwriting school

  46. Drew Vreeland

    "is the this guy actually up that with Dylan?"

    What the hell are you trying to say?

  47. Alistair Candlin

    The structure of the lyrics here are fucking awesome. This is one that's gonna stay with me.

  48. Alistair Candlin

    That's fucking amazing, Mr. Bragg. As I was watching that I was thinking: is the this guy actually up that with Dylan? No kidding — fucking phenomenal, dude. Long may you keep writing.

  49. Andy Topham

    Great lyrics contemplating a different solution to the world we live in

  50. David Hill

    nobody knows nothing (double negative ) in that case they know something .

  51. iain mutch

    firstly i love Billy have done since oh 83 ish i guess.
    still im left wondering what the young bragg would think o this.personally (and this aint no nostalgia trip) i think he reached his high water mark with "workers playtime"
    .politics of the herat is his strongest card.
    at times this veers in to pastiche...give me "saturday boy" "the only one" and il be very very happy.

  52. Che jackson

    Billy doing his best Richard Ashcroft impression. Im not a fan of Dickie Ashcroft. :)

  53. prapicella

    wow, spectacular lyrics, Mr. Bragg! especially the "mountaintop" verse. Amazeballz

  54. Steely Grey

    If we do stop relying on the lecturing of experts, then what? Lectures from the inexpert? An end of collegiate knowledge sharing? I suppose it does explain Billy's keeness to give lectures alongside his honorary doctorates.


    Looking forward to getting the CD & Vinyl in the shop next week!!

  56. Isismusicnow

    I love the "american" sound on this song. Billy wrote back to me on Facebook. That made my day ;)

  57. Alan O'Kelly

    I'm a big BB fan but over the years he seems to have a developed a more American sound which I'm not so keen on. Lovely song and I'll no doubt buy the album. What happened to yer Sarf London accent, Bill?

  58. Zoe West

    Love the song, but a shave wouldn't go a miss.

  59. Lee

    Great song and video Billy. Just had to pre-order the album based on it and Handyman Blues.

  60. phil mcavity

    fantastic lyrics billy says how he sees it n we think it

  61. saturdayboy4454

    love billy, like the song, video is stupid

  62. Tim Sandle

    Brilliant track, promises to be an excellent album.

  63. HairySaddlebags

    Nice song, but why is Owen from Corrie starring in the video?

  64. Purfect Merder

    'Knowledge' is culturally agreed isn't it? We experience the sky as 'blue', and are certain others have the same experience, so the word 'blue' has a meaning ( true?).
    I hope the fakery of the metropolitan elite (many of whom with their Billy Bragg L.P.s) is recognised as the self-serving stuff it truly is. Like Bragg never has a nasty sexist, racist thought in his body.
    He writes a good song tho.

  65. flavio marangon

    good elegant song good job billy

  66. Peter Gravelle

    to add to our depression ....why doesn`t he go up a key ?

  67. C wangbenmad

    12,58 ----> 12,59 i like music

  68. mokaluka

    Deep song. My best along with Zombieland by RLC66

  69. dqdish

    How depressing, Billy is perplexed. There are answers but the wise men of this age don't hold them

  70. Headmasterritual92

    Awesome. I always have time for Billy Bragg and this song is beautiful. Sounds a bit like some of 'Dry the Rain' by The beta band, with added Bragg witticisms in the lyrics.

  71. Isismusicnow

    Billy gets closer and closer to americana. Good song

  72. Musos Guide

    Posted up on the Muso's Guide Facebook page.

  73. Brian Griffin

    Great song...Looking forward to hearing the whole album! Thank you Billy for being the voice that calls out through the years and keeps asking questions for us all! Peace!

  74. nevermindmybuttocks

    nice coat

  75. blueboywhitie

    Your voice is even better,ye beardy bastard!..more guitar though please,always loved your playing..

  76. Billitini

    Ah, well that's another of life's little mysteries solved !!

  77. BornOnBellStreet

    I'm glad I read the comments Nigel Leg, I was wondering why that one person disliked it :) No one knows nothing and no one ever did.

  78. Mark Hillary

    the only one at least

  79. Dave J Giles

    the band sound great

  80. Dave J Giles

    love the song though billy...

  81. Dave J Giles

    you can undo that!

  82. Dave J Giles

    billy bragg on vevo... interesting...

  83. Fordington Field

    Like it! CD+DVD on order and just can't wait for them to turn up now. By the way, how did you manage to that road cleared of snow? We can't even get that done in Dorchester! Take care....

  84. nigel leg

    Accidentally disliked this. *hang's head in shame*

  85. Kyri Papapetrou

    Long live Billy Bragg, more relevant and potent than ever!

  86. Cynically Tested

    "Let's stop pretending, we can manage our way out of here. Let's stop defending the indefensible..." Billy Bragg hitting the nail on the head once again.