Billy Bragg - Mother Of The Bride Lyrics

The Reverend Mother went and got me a drink
She came back and said to me "Well what do you think?"
I said "I've made myself a fool
For the prettiest girl in school"

How can I deal with this hurt I feel inside?
I tell it to the mother of the bride

I put on my suit and smile for the big day
But I couldn't watch as her dad gave her away
And as they solemnly said "You'll do"
Her mother said "That should have been you"

At the mercy of the moon
The boy who spoke too soon

She married him and destroyed all my hopes
Of a two-up, two-down, two point five
And a dish on the roof
For the soaps
I saw them at the hardware store
He looked boring she looked bored

It's nice to know that someone was on my side
Best wishes to the mother of the bride

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Billy Bragg Mother Of The Bride Comments
  1. MsMiguel70

    Love this track. And the fact previous comments said it best makes me even happier! Go go Billy!

  2. KnoxTN Yankee

    Think of old girlfriends I heard got married 😕

  3. andy d

    Love Billy's songs.They're all so well written and well played.Sexuality has to be my favourite.Top bloke!

  4. Telstar

    as they solemnly said "you'll do"
    her mother said "that should've been you"

  5. Sean Eric Anderson

    So lovely, with just the right ratio of melancholy. Bliss.

  6. Margaret Welsby

    totally brilliant track... could play it all day...nice to hear a happy song in gloom times xxx

  7. John Barry

    One of those Albums that you just play all the way through!!!!!

  8. beatlemaniacforever

    Thanks for this! Always loved Billy myself. Such a great guy!