Billie Eilish - The Hill Lyrics

Walking up the hill tonight
When you have closed your eyes
I wish I didn't have to make all those mistakes and be wise
Please try to be patient and know that I'm still learning
I'm sorry that you have to see the strength inside me burning

But where are you, my angel, now?
Don't you see me crying?
I know that you can do it all
But you can't say I'm not trying

Walking up the hill tonight
When you have closed your eyes
I wish I didn't have to make all those mistakes and be wise
Please try to be patient and know that I'm still learning
I'm sorry that you have to see the strength inside me burning

But where are you, my angel, now?
Don't you see me crying?
I know that you can do it all
But you can't say I'm not trying

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Billie Eilish The Hill Comments
  1. Spinach Sheik


  2. Joshua is Rushing

    This is where we can hide from the locals

  3. LODE

    Here from Once



  5. Alexis Cuisinier

    yes december 2019

  6. Catz

    We’re safe from the 9 year olds who love bad guy here ❤️

  7. 1k subs no vids

    It's 2019.

    Incase u didn't know

  8. Navaeh Eilish

    I thought this was someone else’s but it’s billies!

  9. Sol Albuquerque

    We’re safe from the fake fans and locals here 😩🥺 also her voice just brings so much peace in me. This song sound really sad and her voice does too buts it’s beautiful 🥺❤️

  10. elenh_strt__

    such an amazing songggg

  11. Mei

    I need this on spotify

  12. Heijira Andayukristi

    This gives me romeo and juliet vibes smh

  13. Lucifer r

    Piano +Billies voice =perfect

  14. William Eyelash

    I got an eargasm

    Rojin Ehsan


  15. Grace Howe

    our bby🥺

  16. eilish is my wife

    safe from locals

  17. person


  18. i found her avocados

    2016: i wanna end me

    - im here for you
    i wanna die

  19. Scubba Steve

    Please put on Spotify!

  20. Liz Siereveld

    0,75 speed makes it even more beautiful

  21. Random Person

    Sometimes nice and easy going music is the best music

  22. chicken nugget

    Everyone in my class disliked billie and now the popular girls are ,,big fans,,. Am I the only one who see this?

    chicken nugget

    I am billies fan since she hat 200k follower on ig idk the year

  23. nobody

    we can hide this too ;)

  24. Сесил Войкова

    This is a real song, no auto tune, real gentle voice

  25. 1 lusy

    thanks Billie now I'm crying

  26. Lilyka Visser

    Why isn’t there a music video for this songgggg

  27. MusicLyrics 06

    I garentee you if I showed this to someone who knew who she was but didn't know a lot they would have no clue it was her

  28. Elisabeth COVENTON

    1.75. Try it (Or .75)

  29. ༺Billie ༻

    I miss when Billie was our little secret. 😢 I love that she’s famous but you’s just that- 😭

  30. Elisabeth COVENTON

    the piano with her voice.... i just.....

  31. Tasha Jones

    i need to stop listening or my hearts gonna break

  32. peachybee

    Who else is mad because she got so famous like I wish she would be our secret again 💔

  33. Trolls Lover 123

    Her voice, I can't XD

  34. ginger maraile

    the locals: wait who’s that singer? shEs rEallY gOod

  35. bring back wherearetheavocados Jacildo

    aahh fuck i miss old bil

  36. Lola Haas

    Idk but her voice makes me feel like everything will be fine

  37. Ea Hansen

    Hide this from the locals!

  38. CutieCookie

    The 54 people who pushed the thumbs down button know that dislike means dis-i -like 👍

  39. eri

    _She has amazing talents_

  40. Prison Mike

    I come back to this all the time because it still feels like a little secret to me, I love this cover so much wow

  41. Itsme yesitis

    this is one of the most underrated songs billie wrote.


    It's a cover by Marketa Irglova actually but thanks LMAO

  42. Mili Raghavan

    They really should release this song, it's so beautiful!!!

  43. Its Nina bitch

    My mind is blown. The original is from Slovak artist Markéta Ilrgrová. Im from Slovakia and im so proud. But i like this version more! 😍👏😍👏😍

  44. nxsonic Ms

    Is a cover?

  45. Olivia Hemingway

    Youtube is stupid, why did I only get this video recommended to me just now?

  46. aino noroaho

    It sounds like a loop

  47. Catz

    I love this song so SO much. When someone says “what’s your favorite Billie song, mine’s bad guy!!!! 🤠🤠🤠” I always say her cover of the hill and they get so confused 😂

  48. Kapria Grant

    I wish there was a 10 hour version of this, I'd fall asleep to this

    Change your playback speed bruh😍

  49. Actually Lollypop

    I'm so glad I found this. Her voice is...legitimately beautiful.

  50. Amelia Panepinto

    Come give me a hug

  51. Sara Ann

    I regret not knowing her when she was first starting out, but seriously, I barely listened to music before her. She changed music for me 100%.

    If anyone has recommendations for other amazing artists (underground or not, but not toooo alternative) I’m all ears

  52. Sakura Keiser


    Walking up the hill tonight
    And you have closed your eyes,
    I wish I didn't have to make all those mistakes and be wise.
    Please try to be patient and know that I'm still learning.
    I'm sorry that you have to see the strength inside me burning.
    Where are you my angel now?
    Don't you see me crying?
    I know that you can do it all
    But you can't say I'm not trying.
    I'm on my knees in front of him
    But he doesn't seem to see me
    But all his troubles on this night
    Is looking right through me
    And I'm letting myself down
    By satisfying you
    And I wish that you could see
    I have my troubles, too.
    Looking at you sleeping,
    Another man I love.
    I'm sitting here weeping
    While the hours pass so slow.
    I know that in the morning
    I have to let you go
    And you'll be just a man
    Once I used to know.
    Before these past days
    Someone I don't recognize
    This isn't all my fault.
    When will you realize?
    Looking at you leaving,
    I'm looking for a sign.

  53. Zrob

    There is beauty in sadness. There is comfort in pain.

    But the comfort should help you move on, not stay in the same place you were. Life should be a balance of happiness and sadness.

    One can not exist without the other

    If you only live you life in fear and sadness, you can't be completely alive

    So don't stop here, move on to where you should be.

  54. Marshall

    I miss the time when she was our little secret

  55. Maggie S.

    This song is actually for real stans ily guys♡

  56. Zoie Dalisay

    this song always makes me cry like a lil bitch :(

  57. Holly Brettschneider

    Billie is the angel she is looking for

  58. Bangtan Sonyeondan

    *she loves blue?*

  59. Jessica Cerbella

    Mamma ❤

  60. Lil Termo

    Don’t even know what to say, i don’t know how i didnt discover this before

  61. Lyra Eilish

    2030 anyone?

  62. Brian Underwood

    Nice like the new bench on my favorite nob Hill 🐎

  63. tia tonna

    I really don’t want her to release an official version of this I love that I have part of her as my secret still


    tia tonna well considering it’s not her song xD

  64. amanda

    I'm so much in love with her, that I don't even realize how much I fell for her. Fuck.

  65. Maddy Beber

    i love this cover 💜

  66. Carolyn

    Billie's voice is gorgeous and perfect <3

  67. Sarah Wright

    Is anybody watching this in 2019 she’s changed

  68. Jasmine Rothnie

    where do you find all her covers? They are amazing

  69. chloe arabella

    Bro revisiting billies old songs/vids is sooooo nostalgic😭I’ve been listening to her music since ocean eyes.She’s grown from a small indie artist to a huge alternative star😩 #proudavocado

  70. No Name

    Safe from the new billie stans.. I've been a fan since ocean eyes.. idk if thats long

  71. Emily Hardesty

    Hiding from the fake fans here

  72. Joce B

    This makes me happy and sad, happy thoughts of a young couple having a night to remember, sad because it makes me feel lonely and know that the person I love doesn't love me back.

  73. W e i r d P o t a t o

    Shes getting to be all grown up...she isnt just our little secret anymore😩but at least when she blows up even more we can take pride in saying that we were here before her fame...💖

  74. Bella Butera

    how old was she in this

  75. A slut .

    I hate myself because im so late wtf this is so beautiful !

  76. Anča Zamrazilová


  77. Zdenčaa

    This is cover, guys..

  78. emma julia

    she literally can make you cry with one note! she’s so good!

  79. 90sthinqs

    When nobody knew her it was like she was ours now she isn’t .it was like our wonderful secret 😩

  80. Lil Angela

    Great cover 😭

  81. Catalina Jvz

    This is a good song to cry to


    u okay? don’t cry you’ll be alright <3

  82. m i a . f r a n c i s

    don't worry
    we are safe from the locals here


    I am a new fan of Billie but I listened to most of the songs that's why I'm here

    Rylie Eilish

    Tiffany Geary can you shut up I am a new fan and Billie has really helped me and yeah I know her because of bad guy but guess what I have listened to both her full albums and her other songs i love her but each time I go to to a video about her there is at least one comment that hurts my feelings I want it to stop I am not just saying this to you I am saying to every fan that does this I want both new fans and old fans to just be able to listen to her music in PEACE

    Joysty Ng

    twilight ik, i used to ask did people know billie eilish and they had no clue 😭

    Someone Person

    Guys everyone just calm down. She said shes happy now and she said its easier for her to perform with everyone than just a small crowd. You don't need to feel like she's being pressured for it ok? Now everyone stop fighting. And if you like her being a small artist, thats fine- its your opinion. Same with if you like her famous. Just 𝑝𝑙𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑒 stop fighting

    Sol Albuquerque

    Rylie Eilish hey hey hey it’s ok if you’re a new fan! New fans are always completely welcome into the fandom. It hasn’t been very positive around that topic lately in the fandom but it’s getting a little better. All the old fans like me and so many other people will be glad to teach you more things about bil.

  83. Grayson TNT

    She sounds so beautiful yet sad😔

  84. Yee Yee Losee

    She could sing a math lesson and I would still be so happy... my point is she sings so pretty and she can make anything a beautiful price of art that I could cry to

  85. Lil Bean

    the people who disliked have the mega gay.

  86. Daniel Rosberg

    bleu beb

  87. justeliza

    Is this the same song as "use me"?

  88. Yiğit Coşkun

    This is incredibly great

  89. otterly

    this is so beautiful like..

    i want to cry

  90. Maddie White

    To the 44 people who disliked this I say go trip over a knife.

  91. Blohsh

    nostalgia 😭😭😭

  92. And Blah Blah Blah

    The more she has blown up it seems like she gets sadder. She was always sad though. I remember about a year ago hearing I wish you where gay, when the party’s over then she released them...kinda made me sad, and 8 now...see through was my song. I miss when she was a little smaller but she deserves the popularity as long as she has the mentality capacity to...but I don’t think anyone does.


    And Blah Blah Blah she’s publicly stated that she’s actually happier now than she’s been. So this comment it inaccurate. It’s just how you perceive her. When she herself is in a better place then before.

  93. Jaden Emmert

    By the way this isn’t her song for everyone who was looking for it it’s from the movie Once I actually saw a musical but yea. I love you Billie lol

  94. minnie mouse

    Where do you find these

  95. Hilda Sjöblom


  96. Lil Bean

    She sounds like an actual angel. When I'm sad, I will listen to her songs and lay down on the floor and cry

  97. sydneyyy yy

    2019? I wish this was is her album :)

  98. alessia diazoni

    goosebumps from here to tokyo

  99. Maya Ngarmnimittham

    her voice is so calming wth