Billie Eilish - Call Me Back Lyrics

Wait time is the worst
I can hardly sit
No one has the time
Someone's always late
I look for you
And you look for me
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

I don't know why
I came down
I hold your phone
Don't wake up
I hear a voice
In the ground

Tell me, don't tell me
The hard part is damning
There's something that you would not like me to tell you
Tell me, don't tell me
The hard part is damning
There's something that you would not like me to tell you

Wait time is to blame
Mat top frame's a trip
We all have the time
Someone's always fed
I look for you, and you look away
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh

I don't know why
I came down
I hold your phone
Don't wake up
I hear a voice
In the ground

Waking up is so much fun to do
(Tell me, don't tell me, there's something that you would not like me to tell you)
'80 movie make out party, yeah
(Tell me, don't tell me, there's something that you would not like me to tell you)

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Billie Eilish Call Me Back Comments
  1. NoorTheProLike

    All of my friends thought this was Everything I Wanted before it was released.

    You can hear me screaming in the distance

  2. kim taehyung


  3. Susana Hughes

    To yall saying this is by the strokes , it's in the description my dudesss calm downnn😂

  4. sarah

    Her voice is so angelic ❤❤❤

  5. jiashaina

    where's that guy who puts the lyrics in the comments ?!!?

  6. Lewis Fink IV

    yeah she could never make anything this good

  7. __adelyaa__

    Fav song

  8. Hazel Cassidy

    2:58 billie’s cute little curl ✊❤️

  9. John L

    I don't like this cover.

  10. Random Person

    I look for Billie she looks pass me

  11. Kris Norabuena

    How can i ignore her?, i really love her and also her songs

  12. 식은고기

    Billieeilish + The Strokz

  13. Jason V.

    Strokes made a cover on this song!

  14. J.BBunny

    *But I look for you, and you look away*

    That hit me harder than puberty

  15. 9blue93 aj

    this was uploaded the day my sister was born

  16. Fox Raze

    Julian need billie

  17. Hevelin Sousa

    I lovedd

  18. Jose H.

    I love her cover, I hate to admit it but it’s better than the original

  19. sally er

    Someone did post thsi and said it was her New song so mean!

  20. Nvthi _xx11

    The people be like "billie eilish - everthing i wanted" (official song)

  21. Cierra Tan

    Literally people are saying this is her new song that is leaked like noooo its a cover

  22. Cheyanne Panda

    smh people, you posted a billie cover and titled it as, “billie eilish, everything i wanted unrealeased”

    (not this one a different post look it up)

    Burgers Fries

    bro that's her actual song what you talking about?

  23. wee Christine eew

    Its "Everything I wanted"

    please have a poo poo ➊

    no it isn’t. this cover has been out longer than that video. “everything i wanted” hasn’t been leaked.


    Some one caption their video of this billies new song called everything i wanyed official audio and im mad coz people there think its actually her real song i feel bad for them for believingggg

    please have a poo poo ➊

    ik same i literally commented about 10 times saying it’s fake

  25. Hana.Y Rashad

    my whole heart

  26. gone

    bruh talent right here

  27. hehehe

    Ooof their voices are just angelic 🥰

  28. salma dolan

    keep all the locals out please

  29. Owen Foss

    This is alright. Strokes is better tho.

  30. Emma McBeath

    Me: *calls best friend*
    best friend: *waits thirty seconds until she calls me back*
    Me: *plays this entire song into her voicemail*

  31. Andrew Jordan

    Wow this is a really lovely. (Big strokes fan)

  32. charlie hayes

    No where near as good as the original, THE STROKES FOR LIFE

  33. Frozen Hearts

    1:18 kinda reminded me of bohemian rhapsody...

  34. Noe Ñuwi

    The strokes cover please guys support the strokes i fucking love them

  35. Joe Buchan

    Julian Casablancas is a true genius

  36. S A

    all the songs she covers are amazingggggggggg

  37. Ashley Cabrera

    this, the end of the world and bad, are the best covers billie has done imo

  38. jules

    Billie Casablancas... sounds good

  39. fwchasee !!

    we can hide from all the new fans here

  40. Claudia C.

    yo the amount of people that don’t know this is a cover is honestly so sad. i’m not trying to be a strokes snob but DAMN. they’re so good too 😭

  41. Vic Toria

    Billie's and Finneas's voices just sound so good together wow

  42. Aure Lie

    i can't find the original video of this cover. she played it on a show, but can't remember which one

  43. Katsuki Bakugo

    Me and my best friend at a party or anything social :
    “I look for you and you look for me”

  44. taylor beth

    oh i’d definitely call back if Billie and Finneas called me

    TG P

    omg same! ;)

  45. Julia W.

    at first second my dumb ass though its an original billie's song lmao

  46. Mr. Grean Bean


    klazo maniac

    its a cover dumbass

  47. Power Of Fandoms

    This song is by The Strokes,not Billie

  48. billie baby

    "Call me back" my mind went straight to wtpo

    klazo maniac

    its by the strokes dumbass

    billie baby

    @klazo maniac I know that. bro i don't dumb. I just thought of that lyric in a different way. so your now the dumbass u prick

  49. Sasha Samsonovich

    What happened to the original video?

  50. Veganval 0521

    She’s really talented, but I feel like she does the same thing in every song with the harmonies, it’s pretty repetitive

  51. beatriz

    I'm so sorry for these kids who doesn't know The Strokes lol, treat yourselves little bitches

  52. beatriz


  53. Wiktoria dyczewska

    mam pytanie czy ktoś mógł by mi wypisać wszystkie piosenki billie (oprocz tych z albumów po prostu napisz album) bo mam wrażenie ze nie wszytsko znam a ja bardzo bardzo kocham ❤ z góry dziękuje 😅❤

  54. David Gonzalez

    I love the strokes and this is a great cover, wondering where the video went can’t find it anymore


    same here

  55. Jerber _07

    dA uKeleLE iS bACk

  56. saucy kitten

    where’s the video of this cover? I can’t find it 🥺

    Eric Garcia

    saucy kitten for some reason it's private now 🤷🏻‍♂️

  57. Lars Saint Morning Glory

    The strokes are so awesome. Julian Casablancas is a badass

  58. Amanda Zlotkin

    Make the like button blue if you love this song

    klazo maniac

    she sucks strokes are better, they actually made ythis song

  59. Joe

    Ok but there was a whole video of her performing this what happened to it!!
    that's the only reason I'm here lol

  60. Jayla Sniper


  61. Heart Chains

    OMG THE OFFICIAL BIDEO WAS FELETED 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 who has the video saved

    klazo maniac

    using incorrect letters doesnt make you quirky or funny and it was originally by the strokes, theyre better

    Heart Chains

    klazo maniac looool wth it was literally a typo I type fast tf hahah I cant

    Heart Chains

    klazo maniac and I respect that you like the strokes I really like their song but you can’t say “they’re better” just say it’s your preference..

  62. Sexty9 M

    sevenonefoursix3onetwentyeight thirtysix.......dnb

  63. Susana Mogil

    Finneas’s voice has me in tears

  64. samantha jones

    i stg i search for all the hidden billie songs everyday and atleast find 3 new songs

  65. Fred Turner

    in love with her. they are amazing af

  66. Laura Laatz

    All her songs are awesome !! Every single one!! Take that!!

    Rafa Ber

    lol it's not even her song

    Laura Laatz

    Rafa Ber I know Rafa but she did this one good tho 🥰🥰✌🏽✌🏽

  67. lizzy


  68. Ana Karent

    One of my favorite covers mannnn, love my little baby🧡

  69. •ALY SSA•

    2:39 omg I love it

  70. Daisy Sanchez

    This song mite be from the scrocks but Billie sings it better and if your a fan u should know that by now 👌

  71. Miniah Mendoza

    I love thisss 😱😍❤️

  72. Sarah Michelle

    i need this on spotify :(

  73. lucascaliu01

    Someone haves the guitar tab like him realy play?

  74. Ellie D

    Finneas in the back...🔥

  75. jjmar Domingo

    im in love this song

  76. jasmine

    who cares if it's a cover? billie's singing it isn't she?

  77. anonymouschip :o

    OMG GUYS I WAS JUST AT A BILLIE EILISH CONCERT! It was better than anyone would expect, right when she came on stage I started crying! It took her two hours to get on stage, and there are many die hard fans. some fans would scream and curse and say stuff like Billie is a god and that she is f***ing hot... And there were many beautiful songs!

    Oh also it is really loud, so if you go you might wanna bring earmuffs or something to protect your ears. It was very emotional for me and I’m not usually that emotional 😂. It was beautiful lol

  78. anonymouschip :o

    Underrated song for Billie lol

    Devil 000

    Is from strokes! not billie

  79. Monique cork

    Imagine a Billie eilish and Lana del Rey collaboration. I’d be reborn.

  80. wherearetheavocados s

    Locals be like oMg I lOvE tHiS nEw biLliE sOnG

  81. FaizRafi

    Ok thats gud👌

  82. Miranda Dove

    Oh my gosh, all of the profile pictures of Billie in this comment section :')

  83. blinkblang

    I thought fame was a trip*

  84. Adyson Curley

    how do you find these?

  85. ella d

    who else is listening to all of billie unreleased songs

  86. Jess Harnett

    prehistoric fans: we need somewhere to hide from the new fans that only like bad guy...
    bil and fin: we got u

    Marina Parra

    @Greta Scruggs And what about that?? Thats better for Billie, the most, the better! I've been a fan for a while, but whats wring with new fans?💀 Y'all want some exclusivity you won't have

    isobel lehane

    Jess Harnett tbhhhh

    isobel lehane

    seerighthrough 8 *cough* lOcAl *cough*

    isobel lehane

    rae of sunshine who hasn’t heard every cover and unreleased song lol

    kellogs cornflakes

    i love bad guy very much tho its kind of over rated... this might be my favorite one of her currently haha (i love her music no matter tho)

  87. Joseline Olivos

    Does anyone know how to play this in acoustic guitar???

    Ozanna Ogburn

    Her brother Finneas

  88. Alex DIY

    who’s this song by

    Laney Smith

    Billie Eilish

    babi pan

    The Strokes!

  89. Alberto Ruiz

    Hasn’t anyone noticed that “Call Me Back” actually appears in “When the Party’s Over”.

    “Don’t you know too much already
    I’ll only hurt you if you let me
    Call me friend but keep me closer
    Call me back *deep voice*
    And I’ll call you when the party’s over


    Alberto Ruiz huh

    Lean Mean Green Bean Machine

    Well Call Me Back is by The Strokes

    GalaxyLikesPizza - Gaming & More

    that's a different song though

  90. Abby GR

    But I look for you,
    And you look away

  91. Audrey L

    This song gives off some "bad guy" vibes doesn't it?

    Audrey L

    Especially the intro


    really ? hm

  92. hellpajdbeei hsusjan

    Can you please make a playlist with billie and fineas' songs?

    Some CrazyAvocado

    hsjd hdjfnf i did a playlist with most of billies songs but later i will add the songs from finneas

  93. Samantha Ewton


    not billie


    Samantha Ewton LOOK AT THE DESC

    Kokaai Nowwak


    little stranger

    CHILL lol

    Marta Kričković

    Samantha Ewton yes but it’s a better version

    Dazed · Dqnxelle

    Samantha Ewton it’s a cover.

  94. Christina Ku

    I listened to this like twice and I already have it memorized tf

  95. ツnaanibread

    melanie martinez unreleased album vibes

  96. QIng C

    Her music is so good and different it’s indescribable it’s not like anything else ever song is different and sounds different but it sung by the same person. It’s not like anything I have ever heard which is why I think I’m drawn to it and another reason is that her songs can be very relatable like for me wish you were gay kinda gave me some confidence to come out and I don’t know why

    Some CrazyAvocado

    QIng C you know that this song is a cover right

    QIng C

    Sadly yes

    Some CrazyAvocado

    QIng C okay

  97. imk

    im finally here before 200,000 LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO