Bill Callahan - You Moved In Lyrics

You moved in
To my hotel
You could have done better
But oh well

I tapped your phones
I read your mail
We split the rent
But you couldn't
Make the bail...
(Make the bail)

Now you never listened
To the fables
You just danced to the symphony
Of the musical sound of
Your ever expanding sea
(Ever expanding sea)

And now with your hair
Turning so white
You live in your car
And drive
Drive all night
And you think about J.D
And why he had to leave
Kneeling in some bunker
Wiping his nose
On his sleeve

And I hope you don't mind
If I grab your private life
Slap it on the table
And split it
With a knife

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Bill Callahan You Moved In Comments
  1. Deva Burks

    Dinner with Robert Redford

  2. sarah murray

    It’s got a little velvet underground to it

  3. sarah murray

    I think it’s the order in which the strings are plucked 645

  4. John McFadden

    Please, please promote this. Smog/BC deserves to be be shared with friends and opposition to hope in lightness too.

  5. kaiserjavicamo

    Buena música, no todas las piezas son de mi agrado, pero si! Con alguna, mi chica y yo nos asesinariamos a besos escuchando ésto.
    Libres siempre!

  6. reuireuiop0

    For some 20 odd years, Bill Callahan is the Leo Cohen of our age.
    A cover like  "Hallelujah" or "Hurt"  would be fully justified.

  7. duncan goddard

    I owe it all to my wife

  8. Rochelle Datinguinoo

    REM's guitarist Mike Mills really loves this tune, as do I.

  9. Melina Azabache

    Who dafack dislike this????

  10. to apoluto tipota

    putana zwi

  11. anthony slaughter

    this song is so achingly beautiful I nearly cry every time I hear it. It almost feels like a cathartic and healing experience.

  12. nataliaa23 A

    Banda sonora de la peli española After ;)

    Carlos Alberto López Sánchez

    nataliaa23 A hermosa película,,😊

    nataliaa23 A

    Cierto! A mi tb me lo parecio ;)

  13. A. Mc

    144p, wow.

  14. Martin Quarton

    He sounds a better singer than Nick Caves. Nice lyrics.

  15. David Sumtinelse

    By the way - as if you didn't know. This is both a brilliant song - and video.

  16. Conor Grogan

    I think everybody can relate to this song. For some it's about addiction, alcoholism, mental health or whatever demon you're battling.
    For me, my gold ring was my wife, who walked out after 3 kids and 13 years. My mother, my father and my sisters pulled me out of the murk. I owe it all to them.

    sonu das

    Wishing you and your kids wonderful days ahead 💕

  17. Conor Grogan

    I think everybody can relate to this song. For some it's about addiction, alcoholism, mental health or whatever demon you're battling.
    For me, my gold ring was my wife, who walked out after 3 kids and 13 years. My mother, my father and my sisters pulled me out of the murk. I owe it all to them.


    Hey Conor...I think we can relate to your pain... you should check out some of our tunes

  18. tubestick00

    I am iraq

  19. Music Universe

    Excellent Video

  20. Mark Graybill

    A few drinks and this song.....Man.

  21. lewie spearman

    Heard this for the first time last night at Eddie's Attic, and upon hearing it I had to rank his show as up there with Leonard Cohen at the Fox a few years back and seeing Sigur Ros earlier this year. Just Bill and his accompanying guitarist blowing the room away.

    Jake Metcalfe

    So you saw Bill perform this song live?

  22. m0000101010

    This song gives me more hope with every listen :')

  23. Lucy Sweetness

    some 🐖 gave birth

  24. Lucy Sweetness

    it's truly the longest Target commercial. we got ya

  25. James Mclean

    I found you, ive been looking for you for the last 12 years of my life and you are as beautiful and dark as i remember, i found you thanks to a friend......... i am a rock bottom riser, and i owe it all to you.

  26. john wints

    It's so easy to slip to the bottom, but so hard to rise again. Thanks for your insight and understanding Bill !

  27. Andrew Kornblatt

    How was this made?

  28. banfieldwg

    Opening reminds of another good soul, Nick Drake.

  29. westernwinchester70

    I can never get through this song with dry eyes.

  30. Josh B

    Holy fuck this song makes me cry.

  31. Lara Yule Singh

    Beautiful, sweet, humble. Love the instruments/arrangements and the video!

  32. basssaro

    That one part, when it gets warm, it just kills me.

  33. Aimé Olguin

    It breaks and heals my heart every time I listen to it.

  34. Stephen Casciola

    shit this brings me back. beautiful lamenting times.

  35. agentxyz

    did he drown himself?

  36. Dahye8935

    Black bird anyone?

  37. Giselle Fauquet

    this song just gets better and richer whenever i hear it


    I just shared this song on Facebook for the millionth time with the same basic message. It's a masterpiece of simplicity that conceals complexity. I could talk forever about every little element: the way he turns "I love my mother," etc. into "I left my mother"; the way he says "diving, diving, diving" in a manner that mimics his descent; the use of symbolism; the contrast between the ultimately uplifting message and the dark music; and so on.

    But more than all that, I want to stress that this song never fails to provide me some sort of solace and hope every time I listen to it.

    Bernie SanderZ

    Cause you need, God. Peace. It’s a got glimpses but still misses the mark

  38. Colin Carr

    Lasts longer when played at 0.5 speed

    Fredo R6

    wrecks the song

    Johnny Felcher

    He was just stating a fact...

    Stephen Handley

    0.75 duh goldblum

  39. moehammondmedia

    Bill is too good. His music is amazing.

  40. F. Hawk

    His voice is just addictive. I love his lyrics too.

    If you like music a little different try an album called Medicate the Howls.

  41. Giovanni Riva


  42. Lucid Bright

    Beautiful song... It is simply amazing..

  43. ChicChicken

    :::: Love it.

  44. Robert Reichle

    Where can I find an HD version of this video? So good and such a good song.

    Eva G

    +Robert Reichle

  45. Adam Verhoeks

    Good times.

  46. David Contreras

    I never once said I had a favorite song. But this definitely means more to me than anyone could begin to comprehend.

    Stephen Handley

    i dont know why i want to downvote this but i want to downvote this

    Todd Ferguson

    Pretenciousness followed by I dont even know what. It was perhaps the most annoying comment in the history of youtube.

  47. sunriseRISE

     cool song =very 'dear prudence y

  48. Matthaios Spanoulis

    Callahan is amazing

  49. rebe cca

    This is a *pretty beautiful* (redundant I know) song.

  50. Sue DeSimone

    I sent this to my AA sponsor. I owe my sobriety to him (and God).

    Sue DeSimone

    +alex tongue well, then you need to find another way to stop drinking! Good luck! xx

    Bernie SanderZ

    AA is man made false idols. God will heal not some Marxist agendas.

    Pedro Beauchemin

    @Bernie SanderZ Actually, god created alcohol and alcoholism...

    james names

    @Bernie SanderZ AA teaches you to build a spiritual connection to a higher power (aka god) and requires actual action in doing this. Funny how so called religous* people look at a spiritual program as in AA the way they do .

  51. Николай Непокрытый

    Такая гармония мне и не снилась.

  52. Stuart Coleman

    amazing song, love it :)

  53. Tim Spencer

    such a beautiful and beguiling song... Astonishing.

  54. kingdomsbythesea

    I still and will always love this song. 


    so he died?

    Ben Rough

    Bill is very much alive.

  56. Simon Cantan


  57. billdsafdsad

    Came here from Blackbird. Awesome movie

    Eric Eschler

    Amazing movie

  58. Brooklyns Finest

    Thanks for making this channel. Great stuff.

  59. TheMurrayhead


  60. Venusinfurs

    I am a rock bottom riser
    And I owe it all to you
    I am a rock bottom riser
    And I owe it all to you

  61. iamtexas

    Heavy shit for real, gets me every time.

  62. Joseph Ride

    maybe you guys could check out the cover i did of "Chosen One" by Smog on my channel. Any feedback much appreciated. Cheers

  63. Thom Preston

    This song goes out to all the people who got me here.

  64. paisleyfergie

    what a night in glasgow bill my first time hearing you it was my womans idea you are her favourite dude with a gtar on yer self big man you have grow on me like a wort cheers dude

  65. Kyrano

    you're too easily depressed.

  66. Ami Ennigood

    my favourite song of all time... it always pulls me in

  67. Jake Hill


  68. gert de bie

    sad song that makes me happy!
    Ingenious by its simplicity

  69. dannyofthededd

    ggaankng..chokes me up!

  70. genYsuperstar

    The hobbit

  71. Enter a name here

    holy shit

  72. 2tz4bz

    You just werent high when you watched it

  73. Keith Murnane

    Heard this song on the radio. Totaly reminds me of one of my fave bands called Neurosis. Very beautiful music.

  74. Laxan

    @sunriseRISE What I don't even

  75. aerok91

    longest target commercial ever

  76. sunriseRISE

    @fuck192ass ?crabs

  77. sunriseRISE

    this is Bill doing his'=' John lennons 68 sound style ''= i owe it all to ''((((' y o u ')))).. & the desending picking is ****** Dear Prudence- Im so tired- happness is a warm gun -God -Remember--- Mother-**** .. i left my mother ,i left my father .Even WHEn the snare comes in at 1.47 is very white lp lennon--right up to the end vocal of 'i bought this guitar to pledge my ((((((l o v e ))) to (((y o u))))'

  78. rafito cadillo

    y hasta ahorita no se que caracho hacer....... ante este temon

  79. Robb Benson

    Bill is a terrific songwriter! Just fantastic!

  80. Tom Webb

    36 idiots drowned.

  81. billiesrus

    @Adamdanielshaw Really? I don't see that.

  82. 13bleep


  83. Clue Vios

    Koρυφαίο :D

  84. spectrum99122

    I saw a Lord of the gold Rings at the bottom of the river.... ooops, wrong fantasy song.

  85. sevenfour

    This is probably the best thing I've ever seen and listened to in my whole life. Audio and video, both together. It is relaxing but intense, and it makes me feel like I'm out of this world for almost 6 minutes.

  86. Jordan Fetherolf

    @omgilykatie8 A painful memory most likely. Or we're supposed to rearrange the title because Bottom(6) Rock(4) Riser(5). Just a guess. :P

  87. Katie D

    what is 645?

  88. HeronOfHeaven

    @rottenvikingshark i think adam green is not that slowcore

  89. Steven Witter

    @HeronOfHeaven i'd say some of adam green's stuff sounds similar, maybe less downbeat

  90. HeronOfHeaven

    Any similar artist compare with him?