Bill Callahan - When The Power Goes Out Lyrics

When the power goes out
In the grocery store
You just take, take, take
Just take, take, take

When the power goes out
In the grocery store
You just take, take, take
Just take, take, take

A mother with a cart full of pampers
Out the door and back for more
See the minor with his cases of beer
Only the finest of spenders spends here
When the power goes out in the grocery store
You just take, take, take
You just take, take, take

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Bill Callahan When The Power Goes Out Comments
  1. itworks92

    Love this interview. The topic is something that Scott Hutchison from Frightened Rabbit clearly struggled with before his passing (see the lyrics of 'Bird is Bored of Flying'). I also love the way Bill expresses himself: smooth talkers are the ones you should avoid and Bill isn't a smooth talker.

  2. john m

    Bill, your not missing the boat. You are the boat. Set sail...

  3. jakers818833

    please come to Nottingham!

  4. Kurt Moss

    Baby's place is at the house for a hard loving man like me.

  5. henrian ander

    Dont feel bad about beeing on tour bill! come to Svalbard!

  6. Sergio Cruz Flores

    Somebody should do a talk show featuring J Mascis and this guy.

  7. HeronOfHeaven

    autism intensifies

  8. fostered333

    hold the back of your neck

  9. billy gimp

    "When you're on tour you wish you were home, when you're home you wish you were on tour" - Bill Callahan, cameo appearance in apocalypse now :)

  10. Robby

    I like that this looks like VHS quality. I mean it; not being a dick here. He's beautiful in that hazy blue-gray. 

  11. Jamie W

    Seems to me he's struggling to explain here what he summed up so neatly in his wonderful song "Riding for the Feeling".

  12. sptfgpn

    Quite a raconteur.

  13. donovan manchester manchester

    his idea of a goal went way over your head. his goal is to keep moving, for reasons he has, and which he meets every day

  14. The One Reg

    Yeah Bill, like, whatever..

  15. adamada33

    yes, it was from somewhere in europe.
    it was removed by the uploader/interviewer.

    i wish i had downloaded it...
    keep hoping someone will upload it again.

  16. C. Depp

    awesome. love it.

  17. alieninsurgent

    I met him once, many years ago, after a show at a pub in Australia. He's friendly enough, but doesn't give much away. This is the most expressive I've ever seen him, off stage. It's incredibly ironic that he seems to have some difficulty expressing himself, conveying an idea, an emotion, when his songs speak so poignantly, intimately, and express so much.


    It doesnt surprise me that he is like that and most people probably get a very wrong impression of that...
    I dont think he has difficulties expressing himself.
    Im pretty sure he only thinks of the most precise way to convey his idea, reflecting and verbalizing the things he thought of the last few days.
    He is obviously an introvert, and most introverts ten to do that (me included). He just thinks before he speaks

  18. Igor Stravinsky

    i'm scared.

  19. photent

    there used to be a backstage interview with him on youtube but I can't find it anywhere on the web for some reason :(

  20. PTS74

    I agree, would love to see more BC interviews.

  21. sean levin

    dang. this is one of the only video interviews ive seen by bill. any one with some holding out should put them up.thanks