Bill Callahan - Our Anniversary Lyrics

It's our anniversary
I leave it ajar
And go outside
To look at the driveway stars

The crickets are chirping
They stop at my step
I stop my step
And they start up again

It's our anniversary and the bullfrogs
And everything that can sing is singing
Its mating song

The soil is steaming
Grass is swooning
Guns or fireworks are popping
Down in the town
A woman is running
A man jumps up and down

Its our anniversary and you've hidden my keys
This is one anniversary you're spending with me

I slide in the front seat
The driver's side
To hotwire and hightail crosses my mind
But still in the driveway
Fixed like the stars

I flip on the headlights
And go back inside
The climates controlled
While the battery dies

Clipping the wings of your morning flight

The night will end
In some form of excess
Pants around ankles
Too weak to fully undress

Its our anniversary
A celebration of
And here's to next year
Maybe you'll join me in my car
We'll drive together
But not too far

We are far from flowers
Cut and dried
So let us thrive let us thrive
Let us thrive let us thrive
Just like the weeds
We curse sometimes

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Bill Callahan Our Anniversary Comments
  1. Cupanuudle

    Wow, this version is pretty amazing

  2. tyler kellar

    i have found your music on the radio so i looked you up, i really like this song.

  3. Collin Cook

    This guy has so many amazing songs.

  4. Jack Chiefton

    4:21 mark I can’t help but cry.