Bill Callahan - Connections Lyrics

I hate men with connections
I hate your connections
I said, I don't like your connections

I don't like your connections
I hate men with connections
I said, I don't like your connections
I hate men with connections
(I whoo-bop)
I don't like your connections
(I can't stop)

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Bill Callahan Connections Comments
  1. Jeffrey Palmer

    Dead Mans Shoes Part 2 soundtrack... I wish!

  2. John Bradley

    Howe Gelb

  3. matt p

    I like that camels song it sounds like some old Neil Young

  4. Mats Looman

    Incredible beautiful session by an incredible strong songwriter, and the album is the best from him yet. Just love it!

  5. Casey Tinsley

    Still the best living songwriter for me.

  6. Stefi Solari

    il suo sorriso a 3:58, mi fa bene come la sua voce

  7. Dogma Soup

    What album is on the drummers shirt?

  8. Maria Henriquez

    I love his charming awkwardness..wonderful really.

  9. Dominic Shaw

    The panic room is now a nursery. What a line.

  10. Ich Heisse Max

    What a lovely man

  11. Daniele Milazzo


  12. Jac Ob

    Don't go, don't go, don't go, don't go

  13. heideggerdowson

    pure genius the same way Lou Reed was

  14. Joshua Bloodsworth

    i really like how touched & invested Cheryl is with the dialogue between her & Bill during this session. its not something you see very often of her & KEXP, theres something very genuine & mature about the whole exchange.

    Jordan Sainte Marie

    Joshua Bloodsworth I see it with her every time

  15. Espen Daniel Hagen Olsen

    Such tender humanity and poignant songwriting! Maybe better than ever.

  16. Leonala Ling

    real stuff!

    that is enough!

    what an interesting mf you are!!!

    and I can't tell you how pleased I am for have found you!
    thank U!
    stay well!

    best wishes for you🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹

  17. Jose Maria Plaza

    So beautiful! Thanks KEXP, thanks Bill!

  18. Julianna Zdunich

    so excited that we are going to see him here in 2 days!

  19. DesignerFromMars

    No disrespect towards Mr. Callahan but I recommend you adjust the playback speed to 1.5 whenever he speaks... it gives it a better flow.

  20. dontzenyourselfout

    as art

  21. Cassidy Harper

    beautiful man

  22. UtterAndComplete

    LOVE THIS GUY!!! Thanks to Iohan Gueorguiev on youtube. but sadly they took down his video with Bills Music. i bet if bill saw his videos he support his music on there. plus it's free advertising. i bought 2 albums because of it. <3

  23. Dylan Riesenbeck


  24. Jonathan Nelson

    All the young dumb bands that come on this show should be forced to watch this performance.

  25. Çağıl Harmandar

    i feel like bill callahan songs should always come with subtitles.. such strong lyrics

  26. Daryl Dwayne

    Voz dolorosa... :(

  27. leehazlewoodism

    Typically awkward BC interview

  28. Jessica Clark

    What a treat. It's like Christmas. Thank you Bill & KEXP.


    All of his lyrics make me laugh on some level.

  30. Tom Hoying

    thank you bill

  31. Jordi Esteve

    Nylon string spanish guitar. Amazing sound.

  32. Philip Doherty

    Beautiful stuff.

  33. daniele ventura

    Cheryl: "that was sooo great, oh what a good way to start the morning"
    Bill: "for you, maybe"



  34. Neon Hombré

    Is that Bill’s brother on drums ?
    The resemblance is uncanny

    Colin Gordon

    would make more sense to be his son, but yea they look definitely related

    Jordan Sainte Marie

    Colin Gordon his son is like 4?

  35. Erik Dahl

    You guys should totally bring in Wintergatan! Coolest music out there.

    Fabian Salomonsson

    Erik Dahl Yes please

  36. Ashton Makowsky

    Is this guy learning to piece words together for the first time in this interview ? Painful

    Ashton Makowsky

    @George Cairnie learn to spell before you try to name call bud. No wonder you're a fan of this guy , you cant piece words together either lol

    Leon Morgan

    A pretty awkward speaker but one of the greatest lyricists ever in my opinion.

    George Cairnie

    @Ashton Makowsky ypu just confirmed it twatt

    Ashton Makowsky

    @George Cairnie lmao there you go struggling with that spelling again. Poor little guy.

  37. Marcus Backman

    BILL + CHERYL + KEXP = the holy trinity!

  38. Eanna Butler

    Genuine guy, genuine musical genius, and that voice...

    Ashton Makowsky

    Musical genius 😂 good one 👍

  39. mindbodylightsound10

    nice of John c Reilly to play guitar for him

  40. Tommy Tessier


  41. Joshua

    bill seems like such a genuinely nice dude

    idranktodie 78

    Joshua He wasn’t so nice to me at a show in the late 90’s when he asked for requests and I called out an old song that he didn’t remember how to play. He went off on me and that sucked. I didn’t listen to him for years after that and that instance made me form my opinion of not wanting to meet musicians that I like ever. I obviously started listening to him again after some time ,but he hasn’t always been such a nice guy. I guess that could be said about most anyone at certain points in their life though. Most ppl aren’t always nice.


    @idranktodie 78 Most musicians aren't in the right mindset when on tour, imagine playing dozens of shows and all of the hectic travelling. Probably just caught him on a bad night haha

    idranktodie 78

    Conson Yeah Maybe ,but I’m familiar with touring. I did it a few times with my band back in the day and never acted like that to the people at my shows ,but that’s just me. 🤷‍♂️

  42. A. E-Mann

    Saw Bill live in Cologne in 2012 and he hasn't changed a bit.

  43. Mayara Guitar

    What kind of monster gives a thumbs down to this man?

    justinien berthon-moine

    they're 4 now

    daniele ventura

    probably they're some of the Hulk enemies


    Just someone who doesn't it that's all. It's ok for people not to like everything.


    Jhonny Cash hahaha

  45. Rodrigo Omar Leyva

    Woow🎶 Mr Callahan respect!! 👏🏼

  46. logdizza

    Was hoping will woulda been picking along, too, but no one does it like smog,
    No one

    yournotrealyoursoreal ///

    That Smog song Dirty Pants rules !

  47. Not Ren Banney

    The tone on that acoustic is amazing

    Carlos Pizzi

    uhm I disagree, direct in acoustics always sound kinda plastic

    Joshua Bloodsworth

    @Carlos Pizzi its a nylon, thats legitimately what they sound like.

    Carlos Pizzi

    @Joshua Bloodsworth yeah but I mean, it's plugged in. A nylon sounds much better when recorded with a mic in front

    Joshua Bloodsworth

    im an recording engineer & i agree with you, but the pickup is much more practical. last time he came through town he ended up using my buds twin reverb & the guitar sounded perty dang good actually.

    Carlos Pizzi

    @Joshua Bloodsworth yeah they sound better when plugged to a tube amp, but in this session it's going directly into the mixer, and that's why it sounds a bit plastic. Nevertheless, if they had mic'ed the guitar they would've had a lot of bleeding from the other instruments, so it's actually the best thing to do in this scenario.

  48. Pedrinho Viana


  49. Al gummy

    Yeah yeah yeah! ! !

  50. paleo747

    Never clicked so fast, and with Cheryl as a host!