Bill Callahan - Bowery Lyrics

My grandfather died
A Bowery (bum?)
My grandfather died
Son of an Irishman
On the Bowery
Oh on the Bowery

My father tried
To find his bones
And to his trials I added my own
My grandfather left
My father twice
Second time was on his wife's advice
Straight back to the Bowery
Straight back to the Bowery

Well I'm new here. Where can a fella eat?
I'm new here. Where can a fella sleep?
I'm new here, and I've got a pit in my gut
On the Bowery
On the Bowery

And when he came up from the river of methadone
He took his last breath on the Bowery
He took his last breath on the Bowery

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Bill Callahan Bowery Comments
  1. PoshLifeforME

    perfect story

  2. SwitcherooU

    His vocals are way too forward in the mix. Great renditions of these songs, but it's a hard record to listen to at anything higher than low volume.

    Zach G

    if you're from shit land I guess.

    Johnny Guitar

    @Zach G no, hes right,,, wtf what they thiking?

  3. Jason Cole

    I hate live albums, with this one being the exception. This song is so fucking beautiful.

  4. Sarys

    This song reminds me of my grandpa. not just because he says grandfather several times but he mentions methadone and it is sad song. I miss ya pops. I miss getting fucked up with you and talking about what makes a man and that the fact that in an orgy you may run into a cock or two but it's no reason to let it ruin the moment.
    Pops I just want to say you never told me that Orgys are no fun when no one wants to do it with you... Love ya pops

  5. Karla McIntyre

    Bills words stand up on the page and take you by the hand. A true custodian, a journey and a threshold I'm happy to have traveled beyond. Sean

  6. wayfarer691

    wow--what a song......