Bikini Kill - For Tammy Rae Lyrics

Past the billboards and the magazines
I dream about being with you
We can't hear a word they say
Let's pretend we own the world today

I know it's cold outside
But when we're together I got nothing to hide
Hold on tight I will never let you down
It can't rain on our side of town

Wipe the sweat from my hair
Tell me we're not better off
Wipe the tears from my face
The sunnyside of the street where we are

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Bikini Kill For Tammy Rae Comments
  1. Jamille de Paula

    Past the billboards and the magazines
    I dream about being with you
    We can't hear a word they say
    Let's pretend we own the world today

    I know it's cold outside
    But when we're together I got nothing to hide
    Hold on tight I will never let you down
    It can't rain on our side of town

    Wipe the sweat from my hair
    Tell me we're not better off
    Wipe the tears from my face
    The sunny side of the street where we are

  2. Jonny Twerking Hero

    I loves this song child! Omg yo

  3. boop zoop

    This song makes me cry, in a happy and sad way

  4. Oliver Kajan

    2019 ❤️🖤

  5. Jamie

    Anyone else feel really emotional when they hear this song?

    Jordan Settlemyre

    Only all the people.

  6. Tamara Villavicencio Brito

    Oh, I really miss my darling :(

  7. Elaina

    I want this album but it goes for like $200 😣 is it no longer being pressed? Amazing song...Let's pretend we own the world today 💜

    Wout Vl

    It's on Discogs for 16.30 Euro's (I'm quessing that would be around 20 dollars?) and you can buy it on Amazon UK for £19.

  8. brad abbey

    I feel so comfortable with this song. smile!

  9. Naila Amin

    Love love love this.


    wipe the sweat from myyy heaaaaaadddd

  11. Francis1989ers

    it feels like im dying everytime i listen to this ...

    Arthon Timan


  12. Kaerry

    Tammy Rae was one of the founders of Mr. Lady Records (along with her girlfriend, Kaia Wilson of Team Dresch). She was also highly involved in feminism movement during the 90's.

    Seb Blass

    Kaia's a phenomenal songwriter and Team Dresch are sensational! For Tammy Rae has always been one of my favorite Bikini Kill songs, you can really hear that they are kind of going for almost a Kaia Wilson/Dresch sound on this. Kinda reminds me a bit of Heaven To Betsy's more melodic songs as well.

  13. selburg68

    god i miss good music its dead forever we all know its true enjoy this cause its all we got fuck i miss it 


    @epichalocat sorry bud anything from the early 2000s that was good was just overflow from the 90s once 911 hit and trl got popular music died 


    Yeah, obviously both bands I mentioned were big in the 90s too, but they still had a huge roll in rock music dominating the scene in the early 00's.


    There will always be people who feel passionate about making music, leading them to create. Unfortunately, there are so many people stuck in their youth, clinging for dear life, that they don't leave themselves open to discover new beauty, especially in music. Bikini Kill wasn't exactly mainstream music, so maybe dig a little deeper for new music before writing it all off. Life is nothing without music <3


    @selburg68 You seem too hysterical to be reasoned with, but art and ideas aren't dead until they're no longer remembered. With the internet and, gasp, social media, it's much easier to discover new old music and ensure it lives on. Who gives a shit if there's no good new music, anyway? (There is, but that's beside the point.) Think about how much credibility some kids think they earn by namedropping old bands. Do you want to rob them of that, as if that music now is "dead" or invalid? How dare you.

    Also, 9/11? wtf?

    Jules Dupont

    +selburg68 /r/lewronggeneration

  14. slimedog

    Beautiful song- this was running through my head the other day- I felt blessed.

  15. Peter Dwyur

    big up all the dudes on here after their girlfriends showed them bikini kill


    lmao nah i heard rebel girl then found out which album it was on, listened to it and fell in love


    I actually showed my girlfriend this band. I've been listening to them since I was a little kid. They got a surprising amount of rotation around here. I thought they were a pretty ubiquitous band until I was like 20 lol.


    Same and I thought so too until I figured out not many people knew them lol. They're kick ass though.

    o Formiga

    or the other way around... :)

    Cristian Mendoza

    My GF at the time showed me bikini kill.. Tho all the songs were dedicated to me lol bikini taught me respect womyn

  16. LPS Newmoon Productions

    i just want to say that most of the music u hav on ur channel i luv so fucking much. stay awesome!

  17. GallifreyanOcPLayer

    Tammy Rae Carland and her (at the time) Girlfriend Kaia Wilson co founded mr lady records.

  18. laura valentina

    Love this song it was on the movie soundtrack of the film itty bitty titty committee thanks 4 posting there's something beautifully erotic of this song

  19. Nad Foley

    Geneveve was a kind, caring, creative, amazing, beautiful, unique, wonderful young girl, who unfortunately took her own life when she was only 15. I'm not sure where BombJapan is coming up with this description of her. They must have her confused with someone else, because she was certainly not ugly, nor was she any of the rude terms they used to describe her. And she most definitely did not deserve to die. Perhaps BombJapan should try to show a little respect.

  20. Icrushboulders

    makes me almost cry every time...very emotional

  21. AvaAdore

    this song makes me very sad

  22. Icrushboulders

    One of the best songs of all time

  23. Rachel Kay

    Thanks for uploading this song!

  24. thetaomegapi

    who is geneveve

  25. thetaomegapi

    who is she?

    Wout Vl

    Photographer Tammy Rae Carland, who ran an independent music label and who was involved in the Riot Grrrl movement. She was also in a band with Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna, called Amy Carter. She did a couple of zines as well.

  26. Brianna McBride

    How you said was a bit uncalled for (no deserves to die unless they have murdered/raped someone but that's a whole other topic of discussion). You are right though and whoever said that either needs to do some research on Bikini Kill (because they obviously don't know shit about them (what makes it worse is that the year is in the description)).

  27. Xandria622

    past the billboards and the magazines
    I dream about being with you
    we can't hear a word they say
    let's pretend we own the world today
    I know its cold outside
    but when we're together i got nothing to hide
    hold on tight i will never let you down
    it can't rain on our side of town
    wipe the sweat from my hair
    tell me we're not better off
    wipe the tears from my face
    the sunnyside of the street where we are

    very nice song!

  28. Lauty Bend

    this is really good.................FOR A GIRL BAND! ooooooooooooooooooooooooohh damn no he didnt no he didnt, hahaha (jk, i just found out about this band and i really like it)

    Alicia Nietzschmann

    GTFOH 😂😝

  29. David Carpenter

    This is one of the loveliest of love songs.

  30. garod79

    Born in '79. Caught the tail end of the punkrock scene in the early '90's. I was a bit of a beachboy/nirvana freak. Met a girl, introduced me to the whole non-masculine indie scene. My heart still flutters when I hear the opening discord...Bye bye miss American fuckpie...

  31. UnderTheMatress130

    When I hear this song, I feel like I'm in my suburban (ick) Michigan town in January or February just wandering around with a good friend at sunset, kicking ice blocks in the street.

  32. Icrushboulders

    Love it. Sooo good

  33. Icrushboulders

    Love it. Bikini Kill at its most melodic - heaven.

  34. mwindle1973

    Why would anyone think that Tammy Rae is a reference to Dave Grohl? That's a leap in reasoning. Yes, I agree it's the far more likely choice of close friend Tammy Rae Carland.

  35. bigjulie82

    tammy rae is Tammy Rae Carland

  36. Carolina Lancelloti

    Tammy rae is David grohl, I think.

  37. mackenzie nall

    my second favorite song by bikini kill. they're so talented <3

  38. The Paradox King

    Very heartfelt song. It's really good.

  39. Anarchofolkpunk9

    I love this song. A band I know did a cover of this and then I wanted to find out what the original sounded like. =] Thanks for posting this!