Bikini Kill - Double Dare Ya Lyrics

We're Bikini Kill and we want revolution
Girl-style now!!!

Hey girlfriend
I got a proposition goes something like this:
Dare ya to do what you want
Dare ya to be who you will
Dare ya to cry right outloud
"You get so emotional baby"

Double dare ya, double dare ya, double dare ya
Girl fuckin friend yeah
Double dare ya
Double dare ya
Double dare ya

Don't you talk out of line
Don't go speaking out of your turn
Gotta listen to what the Man says
Time to make his stomach burn
Burn, burn, burn, burn

Double dare ya, double dare ya, double dare ya
Girl fuckin friend yeah
Double dare ya, double dare ya, double dare ya

You're a big girl now
You've got no reason not to fight
You've got to know what they are
Fore you can stand up for your rights
Rights, rights?
You DO have rights

Double dare ya, double dare ya
Double dare triple fuckin dare ya girlfriend
Double dare ya, double dare ya, double dare ya

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Bikini Kill Double Dare Ya Comments
  1. Orihara İzaya

    Wtf is that. That is not even music. Shut that crap off and play something hard and at least sounds like music. MANOWAR could be a good start.

  2. MTV's Sanctuary

    As much as I love Bikini Kill, I hate Kathleen's voice, though that isn't a huge deal...I feel ashamed to admit that

  3. Frank Rizzo

    Feminazi’s unite!!

  4. lööp


    Is that supposed to be doing that?
    Ok, sorry, ok we're starting now
    We're Bikini Kill and we want revolution
    Girl-style now!

    Hey girlfriend
    I got a proposition goes something like this:
    Dare ya to do what you want
    Dare ya to be who you will
    Dare ya to cry right out loud
    "You get so emotional baby"

    Double dare ya, double dare ya, double dare ya
    Girl fuckin' friend yeah
    Double dare ya
    Double dare ya
    Double dare ya

    Don't you talk out of line
    Don't go speaking out of your turn
    Gotta listen to what the Man says
    Time to make his stomach burn
    Burn, burn, burn, burn

    Double dare ya, double dare ya, double dare ya
    Girl fuckin' friend yeah
    Double dare ya, double dare ya, double dare ya

    You're a big girl now
    You've got no reason not to fight
    You've got to know what they are
    'Fore you can stand up for your rights
    Rights, rights?
    You do have rights

    Double dare ya, double dare ya
    Double dare triple fuckin' dare ya girlfriend
    Double dare ya, double dare ya, double dare ya

  5. michael Luther

    Perfect song in every way fuck the patriarchy.

  6. doorsofperception9 4

    You’re a big girl now
    You’ve got no reason not to fight
    You’ve got to learn what they are
    So you can stand up for your rights !!!!!!!!!

  7. The Minnie Green Show

    this rocks so hard

  8. channel removed

    Arr mateys

  9. Shane V

    We are a group of music lovers nerding out over our favorite songs that fall under a new theme each day. Come show us what you got! Today’s theme is “Double”.

  10. KayKay Berged

    The theme song of my youth

  11. Dolana Lipari

    brings me back to when I was 15...loved girl bands! still love them at 36

  12. John Bruce

    Wow. I'm a man who likes women. I also like Bikini Kill. I didn't realise how hard life was for sad little men who hate women. Sad little men, cheer up. Everything is in life is still slanted to help you. Cheer up.


    Orihara İzaya  just because a dude agree with feminist ideals doesn't mean he's looking for sex my guy it's called having an opinion.

    Orihara İzaya

    @lööp No, he is not different from a slave that tries to make his master happy. He is Stephen from Django.

    Sabina Sas

    @Orihara izaya lmao ok incel


    @Orihara İzaya nigga what????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿??????¿¿¿

    Adam Coburn

    John Bruce States he’s a man than continues to attack men... and dude I agree the dudes hating are ass hats but I think you’re starting to tail off into sexism against ur own sex lmao

  13. Sonia Anich

    That time when Miley Cyrus posted the picture of Kathleen Hanna with "slut" on her stomach and she actually reached out to her and said they should collaborate, that was the best moment on the internet. Slut solidarity and real feminism.

  14. Claudia Sheesley

    Never understood why this band is so popular. I guess it's not my kind of music.

  15. The 2nd Best

    This an ok song, but I hope it promotes feminism as 'girls = boys' instead of 'girls > boys.' Grrrl Power yall!

    Letizia Panarese

    that's what feminism is! women = men :)

  16. Jocsan Horstmeier

    2:02 sounds like invader zim voice

    Ashton MacLeod

    Jocsan Horstmeier lmfao you're so right I can't believe I never noticed that

    James Funicello

    Invader Zim...awesome.

  17. FluffyTheHairless Cat

    double dare ya. double dare ya. double dare ya GIRL FUCKING FRIEND YEA!

  18. BarroomBoyz1percent

    Hey play gone home if you want a girl love story nd 90s flashback. Or should I say grrrl power right now! :)

  19. BarroomBoyz1percent

    D': I'm cowed :'D

  20. JonnyUnderrated

    It stays true to old school punk. Not much talent but balls and a message. Cool cool.

    Mara Collins

    Labes and a message

    FluffyTheHairless Cat

    tons of talent in my opinion XD Have you heard kathleen hanna sing in her other bands? Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin. Shes fucking amazing.

    Rolo Kinz

    Yaz Future more like HERSTORIC

    Expectedlime _

    JonnyUnderrated if you ask me all that talent is is knowing how to play an instrument or knowing how to sing, and being able to play well with other musicians.

    Joy L

    I think balls is the wrong term here. Maybe... Some tough girl fists?

  21. Medusa Sings

    Yass & Sista Grrrl power too!!!

  22. ely


  23. JerichoAlan

    This is generic rubbish.

    shrikechan nahcekirhs

    *You're* generic rubbish, loser.

    Keelan Watlington

    @shrikechan nahcekirhs What a comeback.


    +Keelan Watlington What a comeback.

    FluffyTheHairless Cat

    Why do you hate it so much? She is very inspiring.. she and her band got a ton of hate from angry guys because they didn't like that they were an angry feminist punk band, and they were making a change. The world would be a bit different and not for the good if they werent there.

  24. tomcat13claws

    Fucking great song. \m/ \m/

  25. TheGatesovBabylon

    I mean I get the message but it doesn't seem punk to me. Maybe in the context of the time. But now women are better off in western society than men are. Every major news outlet and law maker that isn't a evangelical prick thinks like this. If you really want to be punk start an mra band. That's revolutionary that's going to piss people off. But I totally dig this band anyway

    Joey Koller

    +TheGatesovBabylon haha is this real

    FluffyTheHairless Cat

    "It doesn't seem punk to me." I agree with Lauren on this one. This is really punk, they were a pissed off feminist punk band in the 90s. They plays in very small punk clubs, my parents used to be punks and they saw them play at a small punk club in Oakland where they would go and sit in the rafters and just watch. Kathleen is fucking amazing. Lots and lots of men got really mad at them because they were a feminist punk band that were actually making a difference, having the girls come to the front instead of the guys, kicking people out if they got on their stage. They were actually making a difference and kathleen continued to do that from her other bands after bikini kill, Le tigre, The julie ruin. She is truly inspirational.

    Jamie Peterson

    TheGatesovBabylon bullshit


    I'm sad that riot grrrl died because we do still need an anti-rape musical movement.

    However, I'd totally listen to a band that talks about fathers being forcibly separated from their children, or men being unable to find resources when they get abused. Idk man, I feel like being a woman and being a man are hard for two separate sets of reasons but each side is so dismissive of the other because they think to admit the legitimacy of the issues would somehow undermine their own movement which, like, it totally wouldn't.

    cherie bomb

    TheGatesovBabylon Didn’t know that you could get internet connection from under a rock :)

  26. Leah Regal

    kathleen is a hero <3

    FluffyTheHairless Cat

    Shes my hero XD

  27. bretton

    feminist punk rock is my life

    Still Ill

    misfitcentral riot grrrrrrrll

  28. Lithium4babydolls

    Do I hear a Sex Pistols influence? 


    :) @Jennifer Cooper 

    Jennifer Cooper

    :-) @TheBUBDUB her voice kinda reminds me of Poly Styrene. And maybe a little Dinah Cancer.


    +Jennifer Cooper Just bouncing around between Bikini Kill songs and a couple songs ago, Hannah hit a note that could have easily been dubbed into Genetic Engineering by X-ray Spex.

    FluffyTheHairless Cat

    I think thats just how she sings. She really is fucking amazing and inspiring though.

  29. kristel t

    luv luv, I want to cover this with my band <3

  30. Hi I'm Kara Rae Ophelia

    Go secular humanism!

  31. LonnyJoe1

    Way to act just like the person you're criticizing, the hypocrisy and ignorance is so yum.

  32. Caylee Murray

    Possibly my fav from them! Love it :)

  33. poppy alice

    this is important thanks for posting that

  34. Iliekchoocolatye

    Whoah hey leave metallica out of this

  35. Punkndestroy69

    Equal rights equal fights?

  36. alaskaonthemoon

    Feminism is the radical notion that everyone is equal. Women, and men alike. Transwomen,and transmen. Everyone in the big umbrella of gender. It is the fight for equality. For everyone.

    Expectedlime _

    alaskaonthemoon you said it

    homo sapien

    alaskaonthemoon ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

  37. Miss Cthulhu

    Thats a funny joke.

  38. William , McCarthy

    This song... HA GAAAYYYY

  39. RancidShadow

    Feminism isn't even JUST for women, but for men too. Kurt Cobain was a feminist.

    fullskapunk alchemist

    Yep, it's just about equality/equity.

    Orihara İzaya

    And he blew his head off. Fuck him and fuck the other little sluts like him.

  40. robin bugs

    doubldareya GUUUURL. heck fuckin' yeah

  41. Astraea Invade

    Far Beyond Bad Ass!

  42. Danielle O'Ghoul

    Fighting on youtube comments about feminism and the riot grrrl movement is fucking stupidddddddddd. like hellooo

  43. Brian MacLeod

    So, you plan to fight back against that kind of misogyny by... opposing less extreme misogyny on the other side of the planet. Youtube is a den of villainy, so you're going to have to defend everything on here, and you implied it was all men by saying that all women were being attacked. I'm agreeing with you, by the way. I just think your approach is doing more harm then good.

  44. Cleo Saenz

    When it comes to the list of people I know whose been harmed by these ideas: almost everyone. Not even just the women, a lot of the men too. Here're some articles that can help, because I am horrible at explaining things :P Really try to look at it from our perspective, and understand the we are not simply writing off 50% of the planet as being horrible people.

  45. Cleo Saenz

    we are going to spread literature and we are going to proudly hold our own. THAT is not extreme anger, that is not causing violence or dehumanizing anyone in any way. And we are not attacking many personal people in our movement, there is a whole system which has made people think less of women. We are fighting that system and challenging other peoples beliefs. And we have every right to do so.

  46. Cleo Saenz

    Don't compare every women who says she's a feminist to the Westboro Church; we're not here to make you feel any less of yourself. But, when a misogynist person (because lots of women are sexist towards other women too) comes our way and tells us off for not following traditional sexist standards (such as not shaving, having short hair, or not just taking it when we are abused), we are going to stand up and yell, we are going to write songs,

  47. Cleo Saenz

    , it's our fault for wanting to be seen as equal, it's our fault for liking a feminist band. We're told people don't treat us equally because we're too extreme (I'm not even an extremist feminist). We are not asking for a lot, we don't want to be treated any differently than you would treat another man. We are not shaming you for being a sexual being, because we are also sexual beings. We don't fault you for having emotions, or for not being perfect, because we are also not perfect.

  48. Cleo Saenz

    We DO NOT owe anything to anyone, just like how a man doesn't owe anything either. We DO have the right to 'shove our beliefs down your throat' because you are choosing not to see us as people. You are taking some extreme idea of what a feminist is and using it as some kind of personal attack, rather than listening to us. Your beliefs are dehumanizing us. We are the victims of a rape culture that teaches us it's out fault for being raped, it's our fault for having emotions,

  49. Cleo Saenz

    but the fact that slut shaming exist, and ideas such as the friendzone exist, is in fact very harmful to women. We are seen as commodities; either praised as "perfect" beings until we show emotion, or as objects, prizes to be won. We are treated as though our sexuality is something we hang over others heads, that it is out entire being and we choose to use it as a weapon. NOT TRUE, and we have every right to use our own PERSONAL sexuality and our OWN bodies how we choose.

    Joy L

    Cleo Saenz So true. And when they say women have it better than men, this is what we should say.

  50. Cleo Saenz

    Gender specific crimes: look up acid burning in the middle east, that's an extreme example. Or how about the fact the fact that I had to write that feminism is the notion that women are people, then defend it, is in itself a crime towards women. You are the one playing victim here, I never said all men are evil. I love men, just as much as I love women, because we are all human beings. I am not angry at people who are not involved, I know a lot of great guys and gals who are not misogynistic

  51. Brian MacLeod

    All you're really doing is perpetuating the same kind of hatred that caused this problem in the first place. You're just redirecting its source.

  52. Brian MacLeod

    Give me specifics. Who do you know that has been killed or deformed in what is specifically a gender-crime? You're dehumanizing men by stating that we're all the same, that our anger is causing physical harm, that we all dehumanize, and that we all turn away. You have every right to get angry, what you don't have the right to do is get angry at people who are neither responsible or involved, nor do you have the right to shove your anger down OUR throats.

  53. Cleo Saenz

    If you need someone holding your hand in order for you to stand up for basic human rights, than you're the one with the issue, not us. You lack empathy and compassion.

  54. Cleo Saenz

    There is nothing wrong with being angry if you're oppressed. You don't see many women out there killing or deforming men for their rights, even though women are being killed and deformed. We are allowed to scream and be angry, because our anger isn't physically hurting anyone. We are not the ones causing harm, we are not the ones dehumanizing people, we are not the ones choosing to turn away. We don't have a choice but to endure oppression, and we have every right to fight back.

  55. Brian MacLeod

    This is riot grrrl, not straight-up feminism. It was markedly anti-male.

    Casey Jones

    Cool. This guy can't help but start shit like he's programmed to. Good call going with the smug knowitall approach. Let these ladies know your experience as a woman was totally right call. Keep the banter going you're retarded argument was perfect example of feminism recruitment. I don't even understand why you're involved. Don't like rights or what? Cant mind your own buisness.

  56. Brian MacLeod

    Let's see if I can express this sentiment without getting ripped to shreds: There is such a thing as too much anger, no matter how justified. It turns people off of supporting you.

  57. Gapeh0rn

    Nice this chick can rawk

  58. Cleo Saenz

    Feminism is the radical notion that women are people

  59. Chris Dizon

    That makes absolutely no sense. The band wouldn't have put the song on the game if they didn't want new audiences to hear the song.

    And no, that's not where I learned the song, but get off your high horse.

  60. SkippyGirlrillaz

    err, wtf Is this kiddiechannel or what ? gtfo

  61. SkippyGirlrillaz

    Oh, isN't (I nearly ripped you a new one ha ha ha !)

  62. SkippyGirlrillaz

    ha ha

    With your SHIT channel you shouldn't be talking .....

  63. SkippyGirlrillaz

    Are people generally becoming dumber (looks at you) ?

    Oh, a post-pubescent listening to death metal decades later .... typical response lol

  64. shit311

    I'm not girl but "Revolution girl style now" is my fav quote

  65. pnh92

    I found out about Bikini Kill because I heard a story that Courtney Love punched Kathleen in the face at lollapaloser, and wanted to check them out and I did, and they rule!

  66. PatrickBateman215

    Aww, you didn't like my opinion so you went onto my youtube page to look for something to use against me because you couldn't come up with anything witty to say? Good for you.

  67. matclarke

    good for you. oooh you like wrestling? that must make you feel so macho

  68. PatrickBateman215

    fucking terrible.

  69. Adelaide Potter

    that's radscum

  70. Lorena Garcia

    burn! burn! burn!

  71. kids in the hall

    @nirvanawishiwas96 lol feminism isn't man hating sorry you've been a victim of the media propaganda

  72. dynamo


  73. FunkKlock

    for some reason the beginning reminds me of the mc5

  74. melfaery

    @SchimmyDeanie29 kathleen.

  75. Metric Shinto

    Is Tobi singing or is Kathleen singing here?

  76. Emily Miller

    Because every girl is a riot grrrl.

  77. woahxitsxbilly

    @viktorhat You wouldnt want a homosexual representing you? lol Get the stick out of your ass and open your eyes. Her message is a self empowering one, for every girl, regardless of sexual orientation.

  78. TipTheScales27

    Nirvana kinda sounds like this:]

  79. Hermunkle

    Didnt she strip for women rights or some such I am one confused man with a hard on

  80. @vetMaureen

    fuck yeah baby

  81. errdie

    Did anybody else think "I want you" by Joan Jett and the Black Hearts?

  82. selinakyle

    What on earth are you talking about??
    So wanting human rights makes men not treat us like "ladies" and we should all get upset over that. If men have to call women bitches and treat women like objects (which happened before feminism too) for just wanting basic fundamental rights then the problem certainly doesn't lie with feminism.

  83. ilovestellaartois

    giiirrrrlstyle now!

  84. JeremyxFisher

    @miscelaineouss Yeah, Go femenism! Before femenism men treated women like ladies, but they couldn't vote. So their primal feeling of inferiority kicked in.
    Now things are a whole lot different. Women are referred to as a "bitch", They're mostly looked at as a sexual objects. Great job on being equal. In reality things have gotten worse, not better for women. Men look down on you more than ever. you may get a few women in places of power, but is it really worth it?

  85. mandrilijanka

    Truth or dare? ;)

  86. maricela nodar

    @vtacarter: it's called having a sense of humor. i'm sure the beastie boys didn't mean for this song to be too serious.

  87. JackPhelpswho

    lol i knonw! i thought the same thing!!!!
    although i thought those lyrics were just funny when i heard them

  88. Melanie Rose

    You make a kinda good point. I think it isn't so much influencing your opinon, to me that's then propaganda. Not music. Like to me this is just saying what they think, a lot of other people felt the same. But this gave voice to the politically mute in some ways. I don't actually know though.

  89. Parkeycat

    She's sounds nothing like Pat Benatar.

  90. carrie

    Just because it's catchy and emotional doesn't mean people are going to automatically believe what she says.

    If that was true.. any song I thought was catchy and powerful would brainwash me into believing what they were saying.
    and I hate the lyrics to lots of songs that are catchy.

    I was a feminist before listening to the song.. therefore I really enjoy the song due to what she says.

  91. Samantha Russell

    she well sounds like pat benatar

  92. Cassandra Alaniz

    no no, it's not that, i mean, more power to you guys with the whole feminist movement, but try not to be a feminazi; saying shit like "girls are better than guys" etc. both girls and boys are equal. even the people who are born without genitalia are just as equal to people with genitalia. but of course, some people didn't see that, which is why the feminist movement started.

  93. Kayla Smith

    I love Bikini Kill, and everything Kill Rock Stars is about.

  94. Kayla Smith

    i'm pretty sure kathleen's voice and the bass are not the reasons I am a feminist. you may not feel the words, but I do. this may sound lame, but being an attractive girl in this world has made it difficult to be myself. people expect me to be this stupid bimbo who only cares about boys, make up and whatever the hell else a typical girl cares about. reading these lyrics gives me encouragement to explore my creativity, rather than get married and make babies. nice try tho.