Big Tymers - Tear It Up Lyrics

Baby gangsta got an A.K.
With 50 shots for that ass
We play it raw on V.L.
If you lame you can't last
No hesitation in my ??? is to blast
Any false move will leave a nigga on their back
Wodie I'm young but strictly bout my cash
Fuck petty check I want it in thousand dollar stash
I'm a nigga that's on the grind for six figures
I'm a chilla but bring me out my back I'm always splita
You kill me it really don't matter to lil B.Geezy
It's cool whoa I'm waitin' to see my nigga L.Teezy
No bullshittin' I fuck bitches by the pack
Hoes be wishin' to watch t.v's in the Expedition
Me and Lil Wayne keep it real like we supposed to
It's a few niggas carros (???) that i get close to
Any other I put a slug above their shoulder
It ain't no secret I represent uptown soldiers

[Lil Wayne]

Now I be gettin' down and dirty from the U.P.T.
Nigga try to test bless his soul he rest in peace
You mess with me and you will see how messy it be
Lil Wayne hat tipped Dickies fall to my feet
I done went a lot of places
The same nigga that be jumpin' out some cases
Yes I pull up in my Compresser (Mmm-hmm)
You seen me earlier in the Lexus
That's how we do it
What, got something against me and my cash money brothers
Yeah I thought but nigga know that I'm a young head buster
I come to tear this mother...Don't say that
I keep it real like a mamasita don't play that
What's happenin' Shipa (???)
Hot Boy gangsta rap writer
I write your crew when you spit but my beats tighter
My nigga Fresh come with tracks that'll move you
He hit you with the *erre-check-erre-check* One-Two
(Ha Ha)
Now wait what where my guns at
Where all my niggas who ready to bust back
Now check this look:
I don't think you niggas ripped ever what I can bring
20 or 30 bullets close range to your frame
This h-o-t-b-o-y-u-p-t be where I'm found
*inhales* Smoke on a pound and come to tear your
neighborhood down
Look here neggey you think you really ready?
No, I hit make 'em sick like a *choghs* bad cold
Lil Doogey and I ride the 4 by 4 shh
Nigga I'm too fast you can't slow my roll What

[Mannie Fresh]

Whoa Kemosabe, Big ballin is my hobby
2 bitches in the room 2 bitches in the lobby
Baby what!? Tear this motherfucker up
You don't want it in your mouth put it in your butt
Breathe it up like town
I represent down
7 ward nigga with a mean-mug frown
Knock a bitch out, then wake a bitch up
Then knock a bitch out again
Y'all pick the bitch up
I ask a bitch like Mia
How the fuck you gonna see a
Bad ass mad ass captain bitch beater (MMMM)
What's the difference between me and your pipes
Please, 20 G's you dick suckin' morphodites
I got the brand new car the Downtown Superstar
Saint Bernard to DeVille nigga you know who i are
Project pecker, scatter site wrecker
Comin' out your 'Bauds hoes y'all wait a second
How the fuck you gonna kill this
These bitches love the willist (realist)
Ask your pa who the man (Mannie in old man's voice)
I ain't gonna lie, he the realist

[Lil Wayne]

Y'all niggas ain't ready for us
Get your guns up
We come and tear it up (what)
Y'all niggas ain't ready for us
Get your guns up
We come and tear it up (what)
These niggas ain't ready for us (huh)
Y'all niggas ain't ready for us (what)
These niggas ain't ready for us
6 figures hot boys cash money brothers (uh-uh)
These niggas ain't ready for us (what)
These niggas ain't ready for us
We come to (what)
Put your guns up
We come to (what)
Tear this mother up (huh)

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Big Tymers Tear It Up Comments
  1. Montez Mccarter

    Does anyone but me notice how fresh got the crickets in the background?

  2. Lu zam

    Damn Mannie got some flow too

  3. jerry stewart

    Mannie Fresh is the best with beats!!!

  4. Duane Green

    Ladies and Gentlemen... Wayne and BG killed this track. With Manny Fresh this is a CLASSIC!

  5. Deric Romero


  6. Ryan Outlaw

    B.G murdered the 1st verse

  7. Jay Marshall

    Damn I remember getting this CD for Christmas I was like 11

  8. Damien Dunning

    Wayne snapped on this bitch... Mannie fresh always had a way of getting his shit across and still be funny.

  9. Ja Grack

    Man we was lucky

  10. Dooby Cooks

    🔥 🔥 my shit 1998 stunting year

    JK number5

    1998 was the best year in Hip Hop😎

  11. MossyLA

    Hoes be wishing to watch tvs in the expedition

  12. Shane-O

    LeBron James brought me here

    JK number5

    What you mean?

    Ronald Baker

    😂😂 Me too

  13. Chef Tony

    “Y’all pick the bitch up!” - Mannie Fresh

  14. Robinrvg Anderson

    Mannie Fresh talked the most shit 😂

  15. Jase Humble985

    Wayne and B.Geezy ripped it,Juvie would've ripped too.

    Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    Or Lil Derrick Aka Bulletproof

  16. Zay Thomp

    Bg smash that bih

  17. justin E318

    Wayne kill it hands down. I miss the old Wayne

    Travares Jones

    Justin Ellis me & you both.

    Jay Marshall

    He still Killin it

  18. TheMma8055

    3:30- 4:01 ride the beat😎

  19. Black Rodney

    Manny shined this time but B-gizzle fuck it up str8 beasttmode

  20. Donald Jackson

    B.G. and Lil Wayne killed this shit damn 💯 #FreeBG

  21. Oliver Hernandez

    Song dope bg went hard on this

  22. Garion Bush

    Mannie always brought humor to the tracks and he still went hard

    Robert Smith

    Garion Bush Mannie Killed all his verses, I gotta give it to him!

  23. Play On Playa

    Wayne and B.G slaughtered this.Spittin hot🔥like Dylan.

  24. Jeff Pitts

    real music

  25. Baron Samedi

    Shot out to Algiers!!

  26. Shelia Evans

    this my song. love you b guzzle.

  27. Bankhighstoner 5

    B A N K H I G H S T O N E R #bigbluntcartel #philly #philly

  28. Pete Williams

    Ths shitt brg bck so many memories RIP DIZZ BLOOD!!!👌💯👌🔫

  29. Degeorgio Cosby

    Free BG!! This slaps.

    shelia Evans

    love me some N Gizzle

  30. ol305stunna


  31. throwedmusik

    Fresh a fool 4 that beat

  32. electriksupersperm

    so cold the illest cash money album!

    Billy Wraggs

    electriksupersperm this track dope af but Guerilla Warfare was the hardest cash money album. This not even the best big tymers album I Got That Work was.

    Mt Zion

    I agree


    Billy Wraggs Nah, this go way harder than I got that work. Vol 1 and 2 had bangers

    Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    @Billy Wraggs Or Smoked Outt Records Bussen Heads Gettin Paid

  33. mario tarvin

    This my shit this around the time when we use to smoke swisher blunts and didn't know shit about no cigarillo lol The good ole dayz

  34. itdontstop25

    dallas nigga 85 regal wit 2 twelves

  35. knightrider3834 sutton

    This my shit

  36. 1lifestyle

    bg murdered it

  37. HahaItzzAc3

    Anybody notice bg's chopper in the city album cover in the background?

    Oliver Hernandez

    HahaItzzAc3 yea is like they already know like how they wanted it to look or something cause this album came out before that album

    Jase Humble985

    HahaItzzAc3 Hell yeah.

  38. Jaret Wood

    You dont want it in your mouth? Put it in youre OOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW

  39. CirculateWealth

    98 teen parties in Waco cash money no limit and h-town music

  40. rexikanoe

    @TheMunchMaster Im not sure if they had beef with no limit, but I think they did have beef with mystikal in the early 90's and B.G. dissed mystikal on his first album-The true story-1995

  41. KushMan420

    brings back some good days in high school. me n my niggaz wores blue jeans tshirts and reebocks evryday all day, lol. Damn I miss the Hot Boyz!

  42. CSUbKlushirt

    This was ma shit

  43. ZoneVisionCEO

    Hell naw!! this was the shit!! my guys used to have thre 2 door tahoe bangin this ...candy paint 20inches all day ..and my guy had the yellow kompressor..real Talk ..ballin fo' real ...All Day!!!