Big Tymers - Stun'n Lyrics

Nigga, now since my career be on shine
These haters be packin' they nine
But look nigga, I'm down for mine
Tryin' to catch me at the red light gettin' my shine
But I use my niner to protect me at all time
I just bought that new Lexus
1998 the bubble eye nigga with them 19 inches
See I'ma talk about my Hummer at the end of my rhyme
I just bought that new Range Rover with them 6 new ties
And every hoe I know, I done fucked at least one time
Now playboy, tell me, how you luv that?

[Verse 2]
Last night I got a call on my phone
Ike Turner wanna make a "gangsta-slap-a-bitch-pimp" song
He said, "I called you man, cause you the realest
Bitches runnin' round town sayin' how they love Willis"
Have hoes to suck toes and wash clothes
Niggas tryin' to fit ya like a pair of Girbauds
Bitches in the morn' to brush my teeth
Lil' girls with curls love to wipe my feet
BLING! Diamonds glistenin' everywhere
It's alright for that girl to look at me, y'all let her stare
Baby, I know I'm gorgeous, cause I'm the largest
Jet skis and M3's in my garag-es

I bought a Hummer that's sittin' on 32's
Fuck stun'n, we givin' these hoes the blues
Fresh got a Bourbon that's sittin' on 20's, fool
Wood grain, T.V.'s and it's all cool [5x]

[Verse 3]
Now nigga, tell me how you can beat this
A million dollar worth of cars all on chrome, can you defeat this?
With all new homes, 8 of them
The Hot Boy$ new album, Get It How You Live!!, done jumped off strong
I spent 2 million buildin' my own home
With a million dollar worth of furniture all on wood grain, homey
See nigga, I ain't gotta stunt cause I can bag'em up, Believe this
Ask the police at Eastover, "Has he seen this?"
Nigga with diamonds and gold, all across the T-O-P
And every hoe in my path done seen that I done fucked for free
The pussy, I like to fuck it until it bleed
Cause I aim to succeed to be a top rank in this industry
And my Humvee
Playboy, I got so much wood in that motherfucker it need ot be a coffin seat
For 4 brand new T.V.'s with VCR
The Big Tymer, it come on tomorrow
Ridin' on 32's and you cain't miss these G's
All on chrome from the motherfuckin' U-P-T
When I get my big baller party
Player, I'ma let all my dicksuckers get in free
You can believe that


[Verse 4]
Do you remember that day on the lake?
Hummer came throught like a motherfuckin' earthquake
niggas tellin' bitches, "What the fuck is that?"
Bitches tellin' niggas, "I told ya they be back."
In '98, I bought the Viper white,red, and stripe-ah
20 inch rims with the chrome dual piper
15 on my wrist, the lord can kiss
Where the diamonds don't shine, niggas make hips
Wildlife gator fits, now that's the shit
Bourbon and Suburban with the wood grain kits
See ya bitch, I'ma stick her, Mike couldn't dick her
The way I'ma do her, screw her, then I'm gon' flip her

[Chorus then talk til the end]

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Big Tymers Stun'n Comments
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  2. Kelvin Hodges

    This funny cause mannie dance how birdman rap and vice versa

  3. 2KGrind09

    Papa Reu #HTOWN reppn'

  4. Lawrence Blue

    After pac died we world wide.

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    Wayne was young ash in this LOL

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    Birdman legend u already kno

  7. oliverrando

    Yo I thought bg wasent in this video

  8. oliverrando

    The video of this song was kinda dope

  9. Organization Matters

    This go up!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Dion Harris

    @ 1:27 Mannie Fresh says " bling". He the originator of the word not Wayne as they claim.

  11. Marvin McLean

    DAAMMMNNNN I did not know it was a video for this 😱😁😁😁😁😁😁

    Leonard Jackson

    Yea where u been

  12. Billy Klaklas

    Before the record industry CEO’s required the rappers to scribble stupid stuff all over their bodies and faces

  13. Jason Duncan

    Shoo ni noo ni nani noo
    Shoo ni noo ni noo ni nan I noo
    Come down lol
    Big up papa ru

  14. Ron Bryant

    Lil Wayne was 15

  15. amaru ametl

    Comparing Birdman to silk the shocker, would be a insult to shock. Birdman sound like he reading from a damn owners manual, might just be the worst rapper in the game EVER.

  16. The Freegame Show 2020

    I miss girbaud jeans & 4x Ts the corner store fit

  17. Kris Wit it

    Birdman was clean as hell

  18. HUMBLE


  19. Colie Cole

    Us older cats call it back in the day. And back in the day was the days.

  20. Frederick Davis

    Remember dis like yesterday waiting for it to play on da box louisiana shit


    Birdman the original offbeat rapper

  22. Siryvonne Bell

    Luv it Mayne!!!!!

  23. Lakisha Traylor

    Birdam made it happen slim what up

  24. Antonio B.

    Young Weezy!!

  25. Ogkush74 Ogkush74

    😂😂😂😂😂Damn what were we thinking wearing them big ass T shirts back then

    leggosmodro okdo

    To hide weaponry dumb dumb

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  27. Dee Dukes

    Birdman called that shit salute Louisiana we get it out the mud

    Monta Collier

    Respect all across the board.

  28. Ultralightaman

    What's up playboi

  29. lamar chapman

    That was was a good look him giving homeboy that money if we was really like that nothing we could do! We need to help each other when we blow!

    Monta Collier


    Luis _

    That's right for Mexicans and Blacks

  30. MoneyC225

    The 1st Cash Money video to go nationwide.

  31. Andre Oliver


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    That hook is baller..

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    bacc when clear cd players was the shit bumpin °400

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    Wayne saved the day as usual 😂

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    This is trash😂

    Leonard Jackson

    Naw the first part of yo name trash

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    Mannie Fresh will always be my favorites out this camp. He was a cool ass cat. Bring back Mannie

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    Baby's rapping sucked worse than silk the shocker with all of that offbeat campy shit!! Lol!!

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    Leonard Jackson

    Facts 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Birdman the original Blueface

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    😂😭😂😭😂this shit WAS absolutely................TERRIBLE!!!!.....but they made it🤷

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    Cause they just made this last month

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    Wayne must've got cheesed they was giving his money away to people at the beginning of the video 😂😂

  57. SuperSkopr

    Hummers are the sheeit but mpg is awful.

  58. Seph Sakem


  59. Netty Rock

    Niggas always taking about money cars and bitches nothing more . That the reason the industry look us like clown

  60. Tony Snow

    Around the time right before 400 degrees album dropped,the original cmr brothers ,this is what made the labeled relevant now

  61. Gabriel Soto

    Shout out to my h-town dog papa rue dope hook

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    Stunna let me by of the old Rolex u use to wear

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    3:52 lil moma in da background doing da James Brown😄😄!!

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    When university 1st cut the check

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    Damn what ever happened to Paparue? He was there since the beginning

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    I swear baby was not rapping that nigga be talking threw the whole song

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    New Orleans back then was the shit cash money made this city off top hot boys 4ever hold this bitch down 98 til never end

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    What a solid video

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    Wtf is this?? The real song wayy better.

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    bad dreams

    Where u see no limit at

    Terrell Bullock

    @bad dreams
    This is No Limit.

    bad dreams

    @Terrell Bullock This Cash Money

    Terrell Bullock

    @bad dreams
    Oh, well they are No Limit immitators.

    Leonard Jackson

    @Terrell Bullock Well actually No Limit (Master P) was stealing they shit Bout it UNLV HOT BOYS the Hot Boy$ Ice on my wrist bootleg Bling Bling Wobble Wobble fake ass Back that azz up and he stole they lingo too they was sayin whoadie then P came out wit a song called Whoadie

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    Og shit i love living thru da times from manny fresh to zaytoven from baby to birdman from cash money to rich gang from hummers to escalades love it og 4life

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    I was a cash money head back in the day I loved these cats sooo much I had literally every single album they dropped between 1998-2004. Sadly after the first carter came out I stopped listening to cash money. But man I miss these days

    Leonard Jackson

    You should go back and listen to the shit from 93 to 97 playboi

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    Idk why but I feel like these niggas got a fake Jamaican lmaooooo

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