Big Tymers - Cutlass, Monte Carlo's, & Regals Lyrics

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Cutlass, Monte Carlo's, & Regals, man
To Surburbans, Expeditions, with the T.V.'s playin'
Cutlass, Monte Carlo's, & Regals, man
To Surburbans, Expeditions, with the T.V.'s playin'

[Manny Fresh]
In 1988, when my grandfather passed
He left me a Monte Carlo and a large amount of cash
It was, bubble gum blue with the leather plush seats
And I just can't thank you enough for all the stuff that you done, G
See my grandmother told me take care of the ride
And always do your best to keep it clean inside
So I just past the go and get the candy paint
Leather white, outta sight, that made the girls faint
See my partner, Eric, he got stereos
And my partner, Steve got true and bolds
And my dog, Black got european fronts
And this nigga named Duke hook up all the humps
I had a illegal Regal and it was so tight
And if ya touch it then a whole civil war was gon' rise
So I just count my blessings and I thank the lord
For ghetto cars and these broads when times was so hard
My grandfather lookin' and I'm ridin' straight
Man, I got the Suburban swervin' with the 4 T.V.'s playin'


[Lil' Wayne]
Hail baby, Cardion and the Kompressor
20 inch cyl-inders on the Lexus
Hummer got sound that'll blow your eardrums
Lotus with 4 pipes humph nigga, listen
I ride Q5 on factory
It don't matter, your ol' lady still after me
My name gon' rang all over, dawg
Cause I got 6 ties on the Range Rover, dawg
Buy a nickel, baby, wha? Live on chrome
Buy a nickel, baby, he get his shine on
But, hold up, when I pass in the stretch
They [huffs 3x] gotta catch they breath
Fresh law, girl, weed hotter than a kitchen
In a big Bourbon, VCR's, television
El Camino's, twistin' on bees
'87 Regals, Impala's, Cherokee's
Expeditions, Benzes, Navigator, Humvee's
What dawg? Cut dawg, on 17's
Woood grain, 15 double o
Me and Rabid on momos, lord, bless his soul
Now we ridin' up the block, the Caravan
Expeditions and Surburbans with the T.V.'s playin'


Fuckin' right, I used to play in MCT's
Nowadays, Playboys ridin' Benzes
Back in '87, Maniac mixed tapes
Soniac Park, everyday, Super Sunday
My homeboy Fresh, done changed the rims
He gotta satellite on top to talk to out of state friends
'88 was my year, 14 with 12 G's
Monte Carlo's ridin' on 18's
It's '98 and I done flipped the script
Thangs that changed, Baby gotta lotta shit

I ain't gotta lie, nigga like me was ridin' the bus
I been to the guy with CMR-ah
A nigga was catchin' the cut
Them bitches, they won't holla
Them niggas, they mo' holla
Got all the empower from people I get showered
The woman on the porch sayin', Ain't that go Wayne, boy?
That boy be on T.V. too, ain't that the same boy?"


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Big Tymers Cutlass, Monte Carlo's, & Regals Comments
  1. Jeff Parson

    1996- early 2000 man couldn't stop the street's

  2. Anthony Massey

    Who still listening to this in 2020??🔥

  3. Son Lito

    2020 this still here 💪🏽💪🏽

  4. Deena Love


  5. techtee murphy

    2020 and beyond

  6. Jonathan Hughes

    2020 still riding

  7. Sheldon LeRoy

    Mannie used to tell them stories I tell ya

  8. candice ensley

    still🔥🔥🔥 its 2020!!💯💯

  9. Trenton Styles

    Its 2020 I'm still here after all these years..💯💪


    Donn Jones Brought me here. Chucktown

  11. TeamPRSTG

    Classic. Still Going In 2020.

  12. She Cole


  13. Paul D

    I play this in my Hondas or Nissan I've had over the decades. This is classic an if you got music in your whip. It slap hard! Luv from south Florida!

  14. Johnny Rimes

    Everybody was waiting on Wayne's verse when this dropped..damn 98 was strong

  15. Candice Burr

    That part

  16. Adaryl Fisher

    Wayne’s verse is the best 16 bars in rap history period

    V Coolin504

    💯 facts without a curse word

  17. michaelglass00

    still riding a '84 caprice classic dark red mint condition all original

  18. Vinnie The Gooch

    Anybody know how to get this LP art as a poster?

    Adaryl Fisher

    I would screenshot a good copy of it off the internet and then download the Walgreens or CVS app and send it to their photo lab. The should have a poster option.

  19. Stic2gether

    Bruh what happened 2 music .... RIP da Banger's

    V Coolin504

    Greatest car song of all time

  20. todaystruth spoken

    2019. Man I live for these days

    cee gwola

    Today when people think the South they think ATL because that's what's popular, to me Louisiana was always what I considered the real South musically. Do u hear this shit dawg?! Not to take nthn away from Texas and Tennessee tho cuz I loved they shit too.

  21. Rolando Sanchez

    People who disliked this song need hearing aids. this joint been jammin

  22. Waquar Larrington

    King birdman yep alllllll the way ❤️❤️😐👏🏻👏🏻🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴

  23. Stebbie J

    This lil Wayne I miss!!!!

  24. Waquar Larrington

    Bird man my king for life 💎💎❤️❤️❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  25. Gadsden Kidz

    2019 still rockin it 80s baby

    cee gwola

    Nthn like the 90s, u actually believed the street shit niggas was talkin bout and the beats was mostly original. Nowadays this shit need to be called hip pop, too flashy and everybody rich soon as they debut smh FOH👉👉👉

  26. Arnold Garza

    A classic!!!never will forget this track.

  27. Robert Peters

    I own a 85 Monte Carlo original non ss 305 5.0l

  28. Maurio Edwards

    who else still listens to this song in 2019

    V Coolin504

    Greatest car song of all time ⚜️💯

  29. Keysha Bindon

    Bumping this in the 18 wheeler!! Classic

  30. Jaime Olano

    What happened to music man, fuckkkk, we had it made back then lol

  31. Nc Hemi


  32. Keiona Boyd

    2019 and this shit still bops sum shit will never get old

  33. Jack Johnson

    One of the great hip-hop beats of all-time. Mannie is a legend.

  34. Paul Evans

    Grand Marquis, Crown Vics, and Caprices man, hanging out the window with the AK sprayin. Lol All I ride is Mercs, Vics, and Caps. Big body beautiful ass cars.

  35. CLr K

    Here in 2019

  36. Mike Powell

    2019 You heard me👌🏿

  37. king 87

    Wish I could go back to the good old days

  38. Antaral James

    Still listen 2019.

  39. Greg

    Lil wayne - I ride Q5 on factory, it don’t matter your ol’lady still after me, my name gon rang all over dawg, cause I got six tires on a Range Rover dawg, this whole verse is my favorite from him!

  40. OB _

    2019 roll on wit the tv's playing

  41. SmooveOvaEast

    I Felt Juvenile Verse

  42. Jowan Hegwood

    I miss this era best ever hands down 88- 2000

  43. Marcel Mills


  44. KacyJ

    Who still bumping this in 2019? Wayne was only 14 when he wrote that verse

  45. Robert Lapread

    Bumpin 2019!

  46. Dooby Cooks

    Stunting music for ballers only😆

  47. curtis mimms

    This one of my favorite Big Tymers song's. They did that song. I wish they'd made a video for this song. Whenever I buy a old school Cutlass I'm going play this song when I'm going out.

  48. Greg Olive

    They need to remake it and bring it out for 2019

  49. tuhduh battle

    Mannie Fresh got off on this one 🔥🔥 Lil Wayne said he wrote this whole album and didn't get paid shit 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  50. Joe Peasley

    2019 still bumping

  51. Bobby 2pistolz

    Mannie fresh ate this shit holy fuck. He spit some fire and produced this beat. Skill that not many people have anymore.

  52. young kool

    This song or burbons and lac's

  53. Ronald Johnson

    Juvie and Wayne went in.

  54. BigChief OnMoncrief

    Still A Slapper 2019 💯💯

  55. Adrian Briscoe

    Who still listen to this in 2019 ya heard me

  56. William Estrada


  57. Michael Cloyd

    Rags to riches

  58. Terrell Tucker

    Dam wyane was stunting ion this mf.

  59. Dagra Poche

    Dis my shit

  60. Luis Bertrand

    They Looked at Daniel and said! Killing him with his song! Killing him s9ng with ! Killing him with his own song!! Roaat him we are not canablism and it toast like some other people to bef an oross

  61. PitLane AutoGang

    2019 I still bump this

  62. Hoo Lew

    2019 yep still bumping

  63. Vella Marshall

    Real shit

  64. Mr Deeds

    Still Rollin to this in the 2019 💯💯

  65. 100 Dollar

    2019 here. hitting the repeat button

  66. Missy Marshall

    Guess who still here (513)hny


    2019 🖤

  68. Dxrk_Strxttic YT

    Every time I listen to this song I think of my daddy because he got me hip 🐍

  69. Solomon Malone

    that boy be on tv too ain't that the same boy yeah lol

  70. dame216dame

    1979 Cutlass and 1986 Cutlass

  71. do2xakadeeofficial

    this is quality, but anything in this era of cash money was tbf

  72. Kevin Little

    such a fire beat, i miss this

  73. carnage6ar

    Miss my illegal regal😂😥

  74. C M


  75. Tyren Dent

    [email protected]

  76. Jr Cash

    Mannie was on fire

  77. Jerome Phillips


  78. Trell Ware

    Cut dog what dog!!!!!!

  79. Jase Humble985

    This song was the very first time that I ever heard Juvie(10 years old in 1997)been his biggest fan ever since.

  80. Lewis Dixon

    miss the old cashmoney

  81. X 10

    Trap Vibes

  82. Tyler SeniorUSA

    G body 2018!!!!

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    Classic shit

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    Man this was before the greed. Man these boys was raw back then

  85. Jmarcus Morris

    2018 this never get old

  86. Dominic Allen

    B.G. & Wayne are the best thing that happened to cash money and their are the best real rappers alive word


    Dont forget juve, b.g and him got them there first big deal not lil wayne

  87. JewBaby1000 Neva Lett Up BitcH

    Hustling Music....Wat Chuuu Kno Bout It ThO!💯

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    $200 trillion man God bless love

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    2018 checked in still bump old skool now doe lol

  90. Ronshik1

    Boy y'all don't know nothing bout catching the RTA

    Jase Humble985

    Ronshik1 In Houma Louisiana we catch Good earth transit. I can relate.

  91. Jennifer Barnwell

    I wish they would all get back together as a group.

  92. Jennifer Barnwell

    This a good song to sing

  93. East-Coast Hip Hop

    Man I remember when my boys from the Midwest first introduced me to this type of music 20 years ago straight 🔥. Much love from philly and nyc!!!