Big Tymers - Big Tymers (Intro) Lyrics

[Mannie Fresh]
Have you ever met a balla in whole damn life
Wit plenty money, plenty bitches, and a whole lot of ice
I'm that nigga man, tha one they talkin about
I'm that nigga man, wit tha big ass house
Move over, Range Rover
I fuckin told ya

[Bullet Proof]
Bubba gotta brand new solja

[Mannie Fresh]
Who bought this bitch, Cash Money man
Let's start this bitch tha new hurricane
See tha niggas ain't gone like that
But tha bitches gone ride that

[Bullet Proof]
Big money is heavy weight
That's Fresh and Big B
Two uptown shinners, numba one stunna's
Fresh got a Berban, Baby got an all black Hummer
Bought a Jag for tha summer, green wit tan leather
TV's in tha head rest, 20's on tha compressor
So much ice in B's Roley you can't get a slow glance
He ain't have no money in his bank account till tha over flow came
My Uncle Prime got a 5 and it's top of tha line
19 inches cause 20's fucks up tha ride
I'm worth millions, I'm a balla dog
Rolex full of diamonds I'll blind ya dog
17 wit 7 cars I'm a shina dog
I'm an Uptown shina, neighborhood hunter
Red Hummer, Blue Hummer they both on chrome
Whoa!, I got a million minutes on my Prime Co. phone
I'm an Uptown shina, neighborhood hunter
Red Hummer, Blue Hummer they both on chrome
Whoa!, I got a million minutes on my Prime Co. phone

[Wayne] Now on the left side
[Fresh] Y'all girls deserve better
[Wayne] Now on the right side
[Fresh] Buy them all Gucci sweaters
[Wayne] Now in the front
[Fresh] Drink Cristal til you fall
[Wayne] Now in the back
[Fresh] Y'all niggas gon' straight up ball
[Wayne] Now on the left side
[Fresh] We sittin on chrome
[Wayne] And on the right side
[Fresh] Plenty Prime Co. phones
[Wayne] And in the front
[Fresh] Well if it's on then it's on
[Wayne] Nigga in the back
[Fresh] Them some bitches I would love to bone

[Big Tymers ad lib to fade]

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Big Tymers Big Tymers (Intro) Comments
  1. Johnny Bing

    This cd is on Amazon for almost $200 😳

  2. Alexander Hinton

    No I don't song is fire

  3. Alexander Hinton

    I hate you

  4. Tony Snow

    Lil Derrick verse was straight 🔥

  5. Jakup White

    Derrick was the best out the whole crew

  6. baronfrasier

    The Chuck town pump this shit

  7. Grapes Of Wrath. 1980

    My Uncle Bryan’s Got a 5(00), and It’s Top of The Line; With 19” Cause 20(”)’s Fucks Up The Ride - Lil Derrick Forever

  8. silentthriller

    I used to have this album. Anyone know why vol 1 can't be found? All I can find is vol 2.

    John Cecil-Milton Waller

    Its just so rare I suppose. This intro wasnt even on YouTube until i uploaded it. I ran across an old file on a cd that i ripped the song from.

    Jerry lewis

    its rare because vol 1 came out before they signed the universal deal after they did that they did the cd over and that is vol 2 the only difference is vol 2 had a different intro a few different songs but they are mainly the same

    Johnny Bing

    I saw this cd on Amazon for almost $200. 😳😳

  9. Johnny Bing

    Mannie intro better than most whole cd/albums.

  10. Kani White

    Omm manny murdered this

    Seven Four

    Kani White I jam this at least everyday

  11. TheBoyOffTheBlock , Prezi

    Fresh is in conversation for 1 of the best producers

  12. Garion Bush

    Yessssssir Vol 1🔥🔥🔥

  13. Z Dubb

    Fresh showed his ass on that beat.

  14. Demitrius Thomas

    Fire. This is Vol. 1?

    John Cecil-Milton Waller

    Demitrius Thomas yes it is.

    Demitrius Thomas

    John Cecil-Milton Waller I had Vol. 1 but this wasn't on the CD. Before the deal?🤔

    Garion Bush

    Demitrius Thomas You probably thinking about Vol 2.It's the same cover with different colors.

  15. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    Rip Lil Derrick

  16. Indy Beretta

    Cash $$ was the shit back in the day.

  17. randy watson ladiesandgentlemen!!