Big Sean - Moves Lyrics

Sex game had her ass blowing me up
Sex game had her ass texting me up
808 Mafia

I got the moves
I got the moves
I'm making moves
You gotta move (you gotta move)
She make that back move (damn)
She made her titties move (goddamn)
I make the city move (like whoa)
I make the city move
I got the moves (I'm making moves)
I got the moves (I got the moves)
I'm making moves (I'm making moves)
You gotta move (you gotta)
She make that back move (damn)
She made her titties move (goddamn)
I make the city move (l do)
I make the city move (I do)

Look, give me the ball and I will have to pass it
I ain't passing out until I'm asthma attacking
I take a plan and then I back to back it
Hit after hit, check the batting average
I take the work, flip it, acrobatic
Got a little time and a lot of talent
Do a little talking and a lot of action
Seen the competition, hmm.. not a challenge
I lean, I move, I walk through in this bitch
Packed out but I can count on my hands
Who I'mma talk to in this bitch
Girl's from law school in this bitch
Yeah, they Paralegals, barely 21
That's very legal, but they doing shit that's probably barely legal
Awe man
It's that nigga that you probably least expected
I just had a couple dots that need connecting
Now your top 5 getting redirected
From here on out it'll be consecutive
We making moves like Tarantino, like J.J. Abrams
Moving like Channing Tatum
Moving like Jason Statham
Motherfuck the whole industry
Half of these niggas my mini-me's
I got this bitch going off more than breaking and entering
You hot for a minute, me
I make the shit that last for infinity
Hop in the booth, man that shit like a gym to me
Don't test the agility
Silly, silly, thinking that the negativity you talking could ever fuck up the tranquility
Okay, okay, okay, I'm on Rodeo for the day
If you owe me then you better pay your layaway, away
Stay away, or your ass might get K.O., kay today
Man that "pew! pew!" hit your ass from like way, oh ways, away

I got the moves
I got the moves (whoa)
I'm making moves
You gotta move (you gotta move)
She make that back move (damn)
She made her titties move (goddamn)
I make the city move (like whoa)
I make the city move
I got the moves (I'm making moves)
I got the moves (I got the moves)
I'm making moves (I'm making moves)
You gotta move (you gotta)
She make that back move (damn)
She made her titties move (goddamn)
I make the city move (I do)
I make the city move (yeah I do)

Look, I'm a don, I'm a don, I'm a don (don)
I gave my whole family jobs and I take care of my mom
808 Mafia
Me and my girl been through so much, that's my partner in crime
Touch any of the above, now you're harder to find

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    its almost 2020 now.....IDC this iconic ;-;

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    Thanks Empire

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    Anyone know the girl's name at 1:00 ?

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    1:29 lyrical art

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    Hey watch what you say man it hurts

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    I made the cities move🔥🌋🌋🔥

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    Big Sean is a blessing.

  23. Keitric Burney

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    "If you owe me then you better pay that layaway away"

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    Got no moves big little faget Shawn real name Sean tryna be bisexual with Royce da 5 9 she make ur moves ballin so bad that ur soccer playing less clothes that u stole from me less videos that u shoot by ur self cuz ur a gay male lasting till blessings that’s why ur red dotted tko now u dead


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