Big Sean - Intro Lyrics

[Kanye West:]
Yo, waddup this is Kanye and you're checking out Big Sean, Finally Famous, Volume 1
It's crazy though how I met him, you know
I'm leaving the radio station and he comes up to me like "Yo, I just wanna spit for you"
And I say "Okay, you got 16" and he went and spit about 100 bars and I looked at him
And I said "That shit was crazy, I'mma sign you"
I know I'd just seen pretty like unbelievable, the stories we always hear about
But when I heard the songs he was doing, man I knew he had to be on GOOD Music
So man, congratulations dawg, you're finally famous

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Big Sean Intro Comments
  1. Jonathan Cortez

    It's 2019 Big Sean

  2. Themba Mundia Muimo

    so true

  3. Shamar Coke

    thanks for this when I was a kid I DID IT BIG MAN

  4. Nana Gyambibi

    This is when Big Sean is at his best

  5. Salina Harris

    this made me kinda sad😔😔😔😔😔😔

    Akil Manrriquez

    Salina Harris same 😔

  6. Ron So Tatted

    Wish he made this an actual song. & made it 3 to 4 minutes long.

  7. 23CODftw

    Need a full version 😪

  8. repdoparin

    This album is one of my favorites 

  9. lıl ʎʇınɹɟ ʇɹəʌ

    Favorite song on the album.

  10. Little J Central

    Hello everybody. I'm a 16 year old rapper from Brooklyn. Please support my channel!

  11. Mike

    sounds like Kandrake

  12. matthew

    Lets go, go go go go go go

  13. a mg

    Retarded as fuck

  14. Raphy.Raps

    this is emoshinal

  15. johnny Baker

    "I put the city on my back, so dat way if i fall im crowd surfin the map" harder line than most rappers ever think of and its in the intro.

  16. Alyssa Kennedy


  17. ThirteenXIII

    3HIZ ZIT IZ FI3D [email protected] [email protected] ... im kidding this is such a great song .

  18. Hitham Esuri

    The best intro ever!

  19. Leonardo Huerta

    This song helped me get pass the roughness of my city and have big dreams. Finally got where I want, at a four University. Amazing what a song can do

  20. Kush kow

    where can i find a 10 hour version?

  21. Shariff Osorio

    left me wanting more

  22. Akirafan99

    I can imagine me trapped in a crystal maze and the only way out is to grab an Emerald while this plays.

  23. ElchapoSG95

    cant wait 4 finally famous 2 to come out, comes out in september :D aha

  24. Jonathan Haber

    This shit i so real

  25. Danny Ramirez

    This needs another 2 verses.

  26. Hangin With Jazz

    i love this lil intro !!!

  27. colinl156

    This is my favorite track of the album

  28. GameWestCoast

    Are you serious? His lyrics are on point.

  29. Matthew Mazique

    best track to be only a minute.

  30. Zmononoke

    you right but when you poor man , its normal the only you dream about is about getting money

  31. ladavian newson

    he need a interlude and outro for this album like tha carter 4 with the same beat


    love this song. the beat was the same on memories

  33. Brandon Butler

    @espio329 OMG lol I knew i the song sounded hella farmiliar but idk why I now love this song Iike 100x more

  34. MostDopeJay

    @bluerapgo22 your looking for some feelings/FILLINGS find a dentist. you get fillings from the dentist

  35. 1hotmommie11

    i never made the crowd fans, i made them all fam <3

  36. Qasim A

    @777caca FAAAAG.

  37. Marc.Antoine001

    "No girlfriend, your looking for some feelings find a dentist" lol That's a bit of a stretch Big Sean but you still "Do it" whatever it is

  38. sunshinee321

    "I put the city on my back, so that way if i fall i'm crowd-surfing the map" ! that line was too raw!!

  39. Angel Y

    @55tspence i understand ya.

  40. bluntmaster217

    thumbs up if his lyrics give you the chills

  41. caleb robinson

    ;,,,) crying

  42. TheSuprajit

    fuck out of here with that mainstream rapper shit, if you dont like sean don why you here ??

  43. TheSuprajit


  44. R1pTheJacka

    i think his lyrics are whatev, but this beat and instrumental is beautiful without doubt

  45. mikey12255

    Dis sample came from sonic the hedgehog part 1, it's da emerald challenge was a hot track then...yea even on da video game I use to get high to it back then .

  46. yaboydiz

    @espio329 damn i thought soo! i thought i was crazy for the only thinking that lol i knew those melodies sound familiar

  47. Jsalcedo23

    i heard this and then thought the album had a chance but i was disappointed
    .. just another mainstream rapper.

  48. Avi Patel

    he got the smple from his old song called memories!

  49. kavon kelly

    Even tho its a intro its awesome

  50. Paris Bell

    i kinda cried off this SHIT : ))

  51. espio329

    some of the song is sampled off of sonic 1's special stage

  52. gerald241000

    i love it