Big Sean - Higher Lyrics

My, my, my, as the world turns
Today if I don't earn, best believe I'm gon' learn
If I can't do either or, shit it's none of my concern
Watch my enemies burn as I fulfill every yearn, ah
Reminiscing on the rappers I would look up to
The ones who want my feature price and the hookup too
The girls I fantasized about tryna hookup too
Niggas seven feet, telling me I'm who they look up to
Huh, and bitches still telling me to grow up
Don't invite 'em to my shows but always still manage to show up
Man, I made myself a boss and then I gave me a promotion
And I step inside the booth and change the world like I be voting
So when you step inside my office, treat that beast like it's the Oval
El presidente, lord, sensei
Do ya job, it could be pay your rent day, getting riskay
Crazy nigga, they ain't seen it like this since 'Ye, yea
Well this the life that I live
Collecting everything overdue, for all the work that I overdid
D-Town but Chi-Town they love me like I'm Oprah kid
Tryna make it to the top so I can let my dogs know it exist
'Cause when you come from the bottom man it's so hard to just get a glimpse
So hard to get a glimpse, so while I'm here I might take a pic
And show 'em that it's more to the world than tryna make a living
Like changing it then looking back and saying that we did it
Okay, como me llamo
She say Ingles, no hablo, man unless it's eat me out though
Benihani, my McDonald, all black leather jackets
While I ride in my Diablo, swear I feel like I'm Keanu
Wishing Lamborghinis made a five do'
'Cause I got too many real mufuckas I ride for, die for, uh
Straight out the metropolitan
My city need a hero so I treat it like Metropolis
And it's a few bad Lois Lanes I can't name
Even though I'm me, Lord knows that I can't say
But I'm still the same me, same clique, the same hood, the same bitch
I came up, my bank up, but I stack that like I ain't rich
Back when we was on college tours with Wale, man we ain't make shit
From Greensboro to SoCal, man all the way back to Cambridge
And Michigan State, close to my Michigan estate
Man we was trying to get away, man we was trying to get our day
And damn (damn), tomorrow never seemed so close
And life ain't what it seem no mo' (no mo')
'Til I was standing next to Puff and Hov, off the French coast
A million dollars never seemed so broke
And every bitch I'm fucking praying they the one I settle with
And niggas suing me and they just banking on the settlement
Never settling, life is too fast just to settle in
So many rocks up in my bezel, police thought embezzlement like damn!

Shit, can't a young nigga live man
We done worked too hard
Yup, GOOD, Finally Famous nigga
We ain't never going broke nigga!

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Big Sean Higher Comments
  1. Erick Escobar

    Almost 2020 still jamming!!!!!

  2. Isaac Leal

    No matter what this will go down in history as his best

    Romy Taylor

    Isaac Leal I feel like he gon bring this vibe back on his next album

  3. T.M.P Seek Life Romans 8:38-39

    Throw That Six 👌 Devil 🤘 Down And Step On It's 👑 Crown Word All Ways Working 😇 Never Laying Around ⚜️ These Prayers Goes up 🛐 And Blessing ✝️ Come Down Heavens Faith 💯 Got Us Off Of The Ground🔝Romans 8:38-39 👣 T.M.P

  4. Sucioboi

    Goosebumps instantly after not hearing this for so long

  5. King 1

    still here at the close of 2019. lost a lot of family and friends. but this song inspires me to keep going higher🙏🏿❤️

  6. larryhrpr1

    Nothing still touching the Detroit mixtape. 😎

  7. Miles Jordan

    what's the sample that's used on this song?

  8. Amazing Amy

    Just a glimpse of sean and kanye but I really enjoyed the tour of nips store

  9. Ahmed Almuhayya

    Ive been listening to this song since 2011

    Romy Taylor

    Ahmed Almuhayya it came out in 12 tho lol

  10. John Hussain

    Hate this song cuz he didn’t keep going with the mercy instrumental. Sounded like he was about to go off..

  11. Beatz96

    “Tryna make it to the top to let my dawgs know it exists” 🙏🏽

  12. KeepsIt REAL

    Hardest big Sean song used to listen to this all 2013

  13. Delbetheman official

    2019 and still slapping this

  14. Jack Olis

    this song is top 5 of don donery

  15. Sherrael Brayboy


  16. Lavar Master Ball

    Put some respect on Sean name.

  17. Josh Lee

    Best song he's ever released, period.

  18. Cleveland Filmmaker

    RIP to my boy that put me onto this song....thanks dog...

  19. Rokkuman Gaming

    People who saying sean doesn't rap like this no more are dumb sleeping mfs, listen to i decided and his album with metro. He has woke bars in both of em but u guys wanna stay dumb🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

    Romy Taylor

    Rokkuman Gaming nah he wasn’t rapping like this on the metro tape outside of savage time and no hearts no love. The critical and commercial response to that project said it all. If you heard overtime he said “mixtape Sean but I’m in album mode” he knows what time it is

    Rokkuman Gaming

    @Romy Taylor listen to in tune, go legend and all, he was still rapping woke shit. He doesn't have to be like same all the time. How about we make rappers like big sean richer than giving our money to lil pumps and other addicted rappers.

  20. Abe O Neal

    I miss old Sean

    Romy Taylor

    Abe O Neal Overtime is fire, you heard him say “just be cool I know your favorite one dawg I’m bout to drop the sequel” “mixtape Sean but I’m in album mode” I think he knows what time it is

  21. New Dope


  22. Radley Torres

    My my my


    Still bumping 🔥

  24. Shavoni Morgan

    Big Sean’s best song holy fukk

  25. Marquis Palmer

    Big Sean that kid in highschool that got along with

  26. Hussein Akram

    still dope

  27. muigah philip

    Best mix tape ever!!!

  28. crystal peek

    2019 anyone??🔥

  29. Michael Evien

    this song man! legendary, and when that beat drops

  30. jason805sm

    Hearing this as I’m driving into Detroit

  31. Carlos Medrano

    anything but broke vato💯😂

  32. Alan Jaimez

    2019 ☝🏻

  33. Mac Bando


  34. airmason14

    It's criminal that this hasn't reached a mili yet

  35. MyLik McWilliams

    i’m here in 2019 🔥🔥🔥

  36. Alexander Rodriguez

    Still better than half the shit out seven years later

  37. keiannak

    I still believe this should have been an album

  38. Nand Ooo

    This is one of my go to tracks when I need to fill up on that motivational energy

  39. Mihirzo d

    Still listening to this in 2019?

    Semba 99

    November 2019. Soon will be January 2020

  40. D Dro26

    Dopest songs I heard that year when he dropped detroit.

  41. marquise carr

    This should've been a album

  42. Factz From AKT

    Detroit Native checking in! EASTSIDE! It’s 2019 and I’m still bumping this! I now live in Orlando, FL but Detroit will FOREVER be in my heart!

    S/O to my peeps from the city, 7Mile & Hoover 4evaaaaaa! ✊💯

  43. YoFeedz

    Detroit is pricelss

  44. Alexander Rodriguez

    Still waiting for this shit to hit Apple Music

  45. Drew Seras

    cant a young brotha live man? we worked too hard...shit bumpin in 2k19

  46. Neisha Nine Starz

    Still a banger in 2019.

  47. Randy McDuffie

    His best verse

  48. JoJo B.


  49. King Pheel

    7 years later and still a hit !! 🔥🔥

  50. Kevin Jones

    Life is too Fast, Just to Settle Inn. #Classic


    7 years later and here we are.

    Semba 99

    On January 2020 I’ll come back and say it’s Been 8 years!!!

  52. DJ Xaddy

    🔥🔥🔥 still slaps 2019

  53. Troy Torres

    Life ain't what it seem no mo



  55. Dominick Toran

    Not even a million views yet . Are we listening to greatness or trash ?

  56. Demarion Rome

    6 years later bitch

  57. SiR Vinxi

    This is Gospel

  58. Bobby Brown

    Its 2019 and I'm still bumping this! 🔥

  59. Tevin B.Broadway

    on my daddy he wrecked ....🔥🔥💣💥💥💥 '2k19

  60. TsuTsu

    2019 this still my isshh

  61. Mo JIn

    I really miss this time

  62. Jauqane Powell

    This is his best song


    Number 1 favorite Big Sean song EVER!

  64. BrodyBroo

    Hardest song I've ever heard. Sean don has yet to this day got credit for this album.

    Romy Taylor

    BrodyBroo hope his next album is like Detroit elevated. He got it in him esp with the reception from the metro tape

  65. Joseph Malry

    I wish this was on Apple Music/ITunes :/..

  66. shawn oliver

    Not at a million yet wow

  67. Nic Deutsch

    Sean you a real 1 🤘🏻

  68. Michael Lecon

    I made myself a boss then I gave me a promotion

    Romy Taylor

    Michael Lecon then I step inside the booth and change the world like I be voting so if you step inside my office treat that bitch like it’s the oval 😎

  69. Mae Rose

    Here cuz of king Louie relax....chi town\detroit

  70. Zay Moss


  71. Zay Moss


  72. DaDon3x

    My shit forever ❤️🗣️

  73. Bobby John

    This joint always reminded me of Autumn

  74. Carolmel ATL Productions

    DETROIT STANDUP 💯💯💯💯💯💯😎💪✊👑🤑

  75. Anthony Joel

    "Niggas 7 feet and telling me I'm who they look up too.

  76. Jammall Duplessis


  77. Jammall Duplessis

    The bast song in the world

  78. Dontae Nix


  79. Jon Nazz

    2018? 😏👌🏼

  80. Erick Moreno

    She should've snapped with mercy beat more

  81. Blue

    still a banger. for ever.

  82. ApocoLizM MLG

    Still here in 2018 🌊🌹

  83. Dick Buttkiss

    Difficult to rep your idols when you got no one to look up to, papa died and I'm still a crook, fuck you for judging, just kidding but I'm just lost in the earth punctured with the struggle like it's up in my mental, but maybe I can bend the rules like the joker and death to you, happy death day, by the way, now I cant describe the vibe i get, when i listen to pac and big cus they missed but in this day in age we forget where we came from what the fuck is this studder shit like every rapper has speech impediments or a busted lip

  84. Oliver Bosch

    This shit is the vibe

  85. Izzy Rubio

    Only 750k views on this song in 6 years. Shit iv listened atleast 100k on my own 🔥

  86. Johnathan Foster

    Tears every time the track start

  87. stephen charles

    as the world turns

  88. Gregory Hankerson


  89. Joseph Valenzuela

    6 years since ive heard this and still know word for word 💯💪 "I look up ☝🙏"

    Izzy Rubio

    "Do ya job it could be paying rent day"

  90. justin rodriguez

    Still listening in 2018!

  91. idk 92

    5 and half years later and I'm still listening to this shit, Sean most improved for sure.