Big L - Roc Raida Mixtape Lyrics

[Big L]
You never know what my peeps might do
To creeps like you, 'cause when we roll we be deep like Wu
And I'm fast to grab a mic and drop a quick 16
On the real my shit is hotter then that bitch Christene
My click gets cream, heavy from New York to Spain
Talk with slang, pimp cats who walk with cains
Clown niggaz you ain't got a chance at all
'Cause Big L, Corleone is to advanced for y'all
And I be makin' major moves all across the world
So please don't be upset if I toss your girl
Eh yo I meet a chick, I give her sex then I leave her
So much ice on my chain, it's like my necks in a freezer

What, Flamboyant .. for life

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