Big L - On The Mic Lyrics

[Big L]
Aiyyo I shoulda been out, I'm deadly when I pull the pin out
Keep frontin, I'ma try yo chin out
I knocked a lot of men out
I left em on the floor spittin phlegm out
It's either that or I'ma squeeze the gat and pop ten out
You see Corleone, ice spinnin, jigged out, white linen
And if a bitch don't like me, then she must like women
Everytime I come around you see your wife grinnin
Don't be mad cuz your career's in the ninth inning
It's over now, nigga leave the game
I'm from the Danger Zone where MC's get slain
We're thugs that never hesitate to squeeze the flame
We're niggas be takin drugs just to ease the pain
Hustlers flip cokey, 48 Hours like Nick Nolte
When I was OT your bitch wrote me
First day home, I dived in it, left her thighs dented
Now that bitch be pagin me every five minutes
MC's I squash and disgrace
It's all about the Benji's, so why your bills got Washington's face?
A lot of cats be frontin, made singles wit a fifty on top
L tryin to have the city on lock
Peace to Biggie and Pac cuz they really were hot
Rap game heavy hitters, it's a shame they no longer wit us
Niggas wanna be L, ladies wanna see L
If I go to jail, you'll wear a shirt sayin "Free L!"

[Cuts by Roc Raida]

[Big L] "On the mic is Big L, that brotha who kicks flav, god"
[Big L] "I been rockin mics since niggas was rockin Pro Keds"
"On the mic is Big L, that brotha who kicks flav, god"
[Big L] "I'm floorin niggas and I only weigh a buck and change"
"On the mic is Big L, that brotha who kicks flav, god"
[Big L] "Fuckin wit me, a lot of niggas be small change"
"On the mic is Big L, that brotha who kicks flav, god"
"Big L" [DJ Premier] "Represent"

Aiyyo I hear a lot of bitch in your talk
See a lot of switch in your walk
Only thugs get rich in New York
Time is runnin out, niggas like "L when you commin out?"
Because they sick of all this drag queen shit
Your wife missin, I'm the nigga see was last seen wit
Me and Ron hit it up on some tag team shit
A bunch of niggas got smoked for the cash
Used to ride Greyhounds wit dimes hoes who stuffed the coke in they ass
Crazy beefs got provoked in the past, lot of wigs got split
A lot of innocent kids got hit
Harlem World be the place of my birth
Believe me son, we breed the smoothest niggas on the face of the earth
Mics I steadily smoke, rhymes cleverly wrote
As long as I can rock a crowd, I'ma never be broke
Some hoes treated me like a bumb nerd when I was unheard
Now I'm icey, I ain't gotta say one word you dumb bird
I push whips while you walk all day
And I hate when strange niggas wanna talk all day
Clown ass shit, hate to be around that shit
You don't know me, just say "What's up" give me a pound that's it
When I was at the steakhouse pullin cake out
You was at some cheap Chinese shit gettin take out
How you make out, you take the fake route
You oughta break out
You couldn't get a bitch before you put your tape out, what!

[repeat last line x5]

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  1. saish chavan

    Respect From India

  2. Stefan Pets

    Back in the days i bought Flamboyant on vinyl and discovered this gem on the b-side.

  3. Marcus M

    666th like

  4. Mr.DimSim

    respect from Australia

  5. Marcus M

    Cleanest Emcee of all time

    Zigedi Zach

    illest delivery!!!

    Stefan Pets

    Controlled agression, like Gza would say

  6. Oscar Arcis

    Descansa en paz uno de los mejores mcs de la historia respeto gracias por la música que has dejado

  7. NIMMHATV Rap Beats

    RIP to one of the GOATs <3

    i made a little remix to the first verse.. check it out!

  8. First Last

    Look up the word Lyricist and see a picture of Big L

  9. Axel Djangbo

    underrated asf

  10. Afshin Issaee

    Can anyone tell me who produced this please? Thanks

    maccy jones

    Think it's Lord finesse, not so sure though

    Nipam Patel

    @Afshin Issaee Roc Raida...

    Afshin Issaee

    @Nipam Patel Thanks for that man

    Nipam Patel

    @Afshin Issaee You're welcome bro. gives you all the info you need for things like that....

    Afshin Issaee

    @Nipam Patel Appreciate it, I'll give that site a visit

  11. American Death Hand Knights and F.O.M Productions

    big l you are my idl

  12. TheJsuisPasTropFrites78

    respect from france

  13. Lucas Chayramy

    Respect From France

  14. Llama

    you mean R.I.P my ears

  15. Tobi_10x10

    like this better than the size em up version

  16. kasey7638

    how ironic 139 thousand views

  17. The420tacoman

    R.I.P Big L from ATX

  18. dorababyboy

    Respect from North Carolina and the whole dirty south!

  19. eero laukkanen

    respect from Finalnd bro

  20. EthnikSickUleh

    respect from real rap listeners

  21. zoomboomboomroom

    respect from KSA

  22. selectah666

    R.I.P. from Greece.

  23. crazyfy1

    respect from Bulgaria

  24. Andres Huster

    Respect from Spain bro

  25. Debora Sierra

    respect from cali

  26. Aga

    Respect from sweden!

  27. crazya6565

    Respect from Philly

  28. jcanusa69

    respect from Ireland...big up the Big L. R.I.P brother


    Respect from Serbia !

  30. Favorites List

    @Zipzap220 If you listen closely to a lot of his earlier shit compared to his later shit, he repeats himself every now n then

  31. Notmy Relnamé

    @MyS0ngList It's a remix, L didn't have to repeat himself.

  32. James Johnson

    @xxxxarixxx POZNAN,

  33. William Palmer

    All the good Rappers died young

  34. Relja Ilic

    R.I.P ! one and unbeatuble

  35. shushi1234

    @xxxxarixxx Next time hitler comes and invades, make sure you put on some L shit to scare the hell out of him! :)

  36. ЕБСФ Official

    Respect from Macedonia

  37. Qiang Lei

    @MyS0ngList nehh I think it's the original

  38. Ragib Ashraf

    @HiphopMajorLeague Dats why hes under rated

  39. Favorites List

    Lol this is Size Em Up.. L must've dropped the same rhymes on both or this guy remixed it

  40. Ragib Ashraf

    big L is soo under rated

  41. ButteryAssFritz

    R.I.P. from my computer.

  42. SlimRikkosz

    Big L, Big Pun and KRS One, probaly the best mc's ever

  43. Space Cowboys

    fuck all you faggotz who think pac' is better mc than BIG L

  44. Raw11FooTagE

    rest in peace Big L from Switzerland


    this is a good beat to go to size em up. he can spit to any flow.

  46. TheGraffiteGhost

    the good die young, the survivors sell out an sell their souls...

  47. MRbossman1982

    @getsa65 fuk u,and your nasty mama.

  48. georgi kralev

    @MRbossman1982 go listen some old school jay-z songs,then call him gay-z you homo

  49. MRbossman1982

    @cipcool Aint that the truth.

  50. cruck odran

    @MRbossman1982 "The Good Die Young." :/

  51. OverDrive194

    man i really hope pac comes back in 2014 so he can whoop the new rap into place, this stuff was real, fuck mainstream

  52. Logan Serene

    @MRbossman1982 Ikr? For some reason people like killing the ones who make the good music, and leave the ones who suck alive.. Whats up with that? xD

  53. Kristof Erdei

    Say Hell Yeah
    This King Big L 4ever

  54. Kristof Erdei

    Say Hell Yeah
    This King Big L 4ever

  55. MRbossman1982

    @MikelTheBossxX The old Jay Z was cool as a fan, the new Jay Z sucks come on.

  56. MikelTheBossxX

    @MRbossman1982 Jay-Z doesnt suck.

  57. WuStyleAttack

    Epic song.! Five High!

  58. bradleyprifti

    @applesaucer89 haha i no do they even have rappers in other countries

  59. ICE

    All these whack mc's, i can take em
    And everyday i ask myself how can you hate this?

    how can someone dislike this?????WTF

  60. TheHLstar

    @BKVisionFreePerView because they are black it was a matter of time but when they got rich they would start preaching to stay of the streets and inspiring kids in th ghetto and the gov dont want that

  61. IAIN

    @KillshotTheKid that's the highest form of respect.

  62. Bharath Darira

    rip big L

  63. Gall Anonim

    Respect from Poland

  64. roley33

    @toluklu now its 4 u know thats drake.

  65. Peter Van hout

    @knop95 dammm they were the hottest mann no one ever can beat them never never

  66. Lumberjack

    jah man min scheiss eifach!

    Grüess ud dä Schwiiz Mafuckazz

  67. Kelly Fosnot

    @BGLethal Haha how am I ignorant. Just because Eminem isn't rapping about stabbing lesbians anymore doesn't mean he's sold out

  68. Kelly Fosnot

    @lawlzer2themax So just because he has 2 songs that are played on the radio with a couple of mainstream artists means he's sold out?

  69. lawlzer2themax

    @MrOsufan7 songs with nicki minaj, rihanna, lil wayne, how hasnt he sold out?

  70. Kelly Fosnot

    @lawlzer2themax How has eminem sold out?

  71. lawlzer2themax

    @GUNJAMAICAN wanna know why the best die early? cause they dont live long enough to sell out think about it, all the rappers that are dead, died before they sold out so there image of them being real stays with them, if eminem woulda died in the early 2000s he woulda been known for being real for ever, but now hes selling out cause he lived long enough

  72. phibacid


  73. JPhizzleForizzle87

    This song is called Size 'Em Up and this isn't the original beat.

  74. MrBouncerman

    This blunts you big L!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P

  75. La Kosta Basta

    big l in the house real shit man undeground desde pineda cabrones n2 squad

  76. MastaBlasphemist

    damn....dig big L's energy and flow

  77. mlg internet cancer


  78. Julian Camacho

    @WarrenKoolidge its bouut rap .

  79. L.O. Heemz


  80. CiseDj

    The part where it says big l is from Full clip.

  81. Ryan Williams

    this is a remake of size em up

  82. Andrey Dyak

    I like that Big L didn't disrespect Big or Pac.

  83. commandant15

    big l and pun are so underrated, rip pun, big l, pac, biggie and eazy e

  84. Kevski

    peace big l the greatest

  85. rifzan13

    1:05 Peace to BIGGIE & PAC <3

  86. Christian Davis

    @CiseDj The A Capella of this song is actually the lyrics from Size 'Em Up, which was released posthumously on The Big Picture. A few of the songs were just a capella verses he spit and the production was done after his passing.

    Guru & Big L R.I.P.

  87. CiseDj

    WTF? At 1:36 It has the sample in Gang starr - Full clip Where premo says "Big l Rest in Peace" Was this made after his death or am i missing something.

  88. MRbossman1982

    how real peopel like Biggie, 2 pac, Big L , gone, and Gay z, 50 cent, and ja rule stil here on earth?????????

  89. passiveMenis

    Shit quality.

  90. Miles Young

    these lyrics are from 'seize em up'


    dudes i just made the best fuckin remix of this shit check it out its called big l ease the pain check my channel

  92. JERZEY555


  93. PoundSighEL

    to qoute the man himself
    "still chill with my peeps in the streets; but most of the timeI'm in the crib, writin rhymes to some dope beatsOr either callin up some freaks to boneBut word up, I try to leave the streets alone"

  94. kyle dijack

    stop remixing and putting your own name on it its called a REMIX, this is fucking Big L-size em up

  95. J Nelson-Murray

    Bass killlls!

  96. hitmakinman


    Subscribe for more!


  97. Garrett Jay

    ye fuck that wanksta
    big l is the man

  98. mark gray

    You see Corleone, ice spinnin', jigged out, white linen
    And if a bitch don't like me she must like women
    Every time I come around you see your wife grinnin'
    Don't be mad 'cuz yo' career's in the ninth innin'