Big L - Flamboyant Pt. II Lyrics

[Verse 1:Royal Flush]
Yo we gon explain something right now
It's Royal Flush and Big L we gon let y'all know bout my niggaz comin out
Queens most my doggs ... right

Yo check it
A Yo the way I feel for these niggaz, I die for niggaz
Queens most wanted cockin back and pull triggers
From Lex to Viggers, drug dealers slash rap diggas
From OB to QB my war rest in peace to bandit
Take a chance to this game of life
We bust of trife sold mad dick to your wife
Jack D with no ice from south side to the desert
We bustin pesserts and let my bitches hold my weapons
I'm world wide like my first jam, understand, Royal Flush has takin over LB

[Verse 2:Big L]
Yo it's Corleone and Queen's Most, we bust til your whole team ghost
Everywhere we go, we must bring toast forever
Popping the chrome, always dropping a poem
I can write it or recite it off the top of the dome
However you want it is how I'm gonna give it to you, Big L style
They brought it back to the streets cause that shit sell now
So pal back up a bit, give me elbow space
I represent Harlem World, not Melrose Place
So I'm a lace the jewels up with nice brigettes
Flamboyent is the label that writes the checks
Y'all niggaz better stop fronting cause I might get vexed
And I'm a run up on y'all and slice y'all necks
With the machette, pockets heavy, slang more cane than Eddie
I represent uno trece nueve
Time is money so I stay late, I'm quick to sign a playmate
Bust off like a tre-eight then vacate, uh

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Big L Flamboyant Pt. II Comments
  1. Dope OD

    21 years ago today you were gonne big brother !!! Respect Big L, rest in peace. FLAMBOYANT 4 LIFE 🔥

  2. Andrew Peroti

    2020 still Illest MC

  3. Ivan Segovia


  4. Jimmy Watts

    True East Coast flavor. The legends will always be remembered.

  5. Gabe

    Increase the crime rate for old times sake, LMFAO

  6. MX B

    2020? Anyone?

  7. itsdasqueaks Byrum


  8. Death Rager

    ya call this guy the goat? def nice but goat? lmao only because he died bro. all of asudden everyone who dies is a legend. rip

    Shaker R

    @Death Rager I could but I dont want to do reasearch, I had to listen the 2 albums and all of them freestyles to type his best ones for me but I aint got time fo this.

    Death Rager

    @Shaker R so again, you cant . thats my whole point. if big l was this so called legend you would memorise them lines by now. thanks for debunking that big l is e legend by your own hand:)

    Shaker R

    @Death Rager Are you kidding me? It's not music I listen to everyday. Plus I am not native English speaker so it comes harder to remember the lines which aren't my language.

    Death Rager

    @Shaker R and yet you re claiming he is a legend. lmfao

    Shaker R

    @Death Rager Why wouldn't I? I don't listen if everyday but man, I have heard thousands of hip hop albums, I know what I am saying. Who is the goat if it comes to Lyrics for you?

  9. Cooper Christopher


  10. Antonio Castro


  11. manzana rallada happy

    I miss you L

  12. Juan Trejo

    Talk about real shit

  13. Juan Trejo

    Rip l bumping from California Fontana

  14. Smash Radio 1fm

    Big L or lil pump

  15. Case Plug

    2019 and back to hear the 1st rapper that got me into Harlem Rappers

  16. Conkaddoodledo_12 Conk

    Anybody here dec 2019? About 2 decades ago we lost one of the best^

  17. DAVZOO iq world

    Big l is not son of snoop ? Ha i even get clouse drinking beer

  18. Trevor Wilkinson

    Big L was a badass.


    No cap this sounds better with Riot instrumental in my opinion

  20. Chris Pitambar

    Big L still slaps, all the way from SF

  21. JoeyC'sGamingCorner

    "When Lee come home nigga's can't live no more". I have listened to this song hundreds of times, I am huge fan of Big L and all his work! Dude is a killer MC that rips everything he gets on, but its like he asked for his own demise =/. He said right on this track that when Lee gets out of prison he planned to have all his enemies eradicated prior. I wish he stayed out of the street life for real, this dude was such a talented MC, gone way too soon! RIP legend.

  22. Nazir Palacios

    WE MISS & LOVE U BIG L (RIP ) IM 45 yrs WE NEVER FORGOT ABOUT U BIG L (RIP) 11/11/2019 /. 4am

  23. iamthetank44

    Is that Jay and Puff in the background in the intro?

  24. 04 Till Infinity

    Prefiero balas en la nuca antes que trabajarle al sistema
    Enseñas sobre numeros pero tu cuenta me da pena
    Que no quiera estudiar no es el maldito problema
    Es que estoy despierto en esto y cream de mi mente es lema

  25. Matt Ballard

    Big L was one of the best lyricists ever !! No one had or will ever have a style like his

  26. retractedwan

    That photo haunts me. You can tell he had a hard life judging buy the photo. That slouch says it all.

  27. Trina J.

    2019 and I'm still here listening to one of the best to ever do it

  28. 04 Till Infinity

    Mira como este cabron fluye dentro del beat
    Me encierro con mi santa weed y me convierto en el king
    Humo y musica siempre hay en mi habitacion

  29. You Tube

    Lil Snupe Was BIG L Ressurection


    almost 2020 still listening to big L ! peace.

    [[Diam0nd d

    Bravo bă

  31. Demond Turner

    Love you L.. Miss you terribly, it was your time coming when we was moving back then. Remember when we envisioned Bklyn knight and Harlem knight productions. A far cry from where we stood at that time.. They love you out playa. The 5 boros in nyc wanted to see you shine.. Sleep in peace bro, your BK compadre

  32. Vayoma Tayoma

    Eazy E X Big L i wish that happened

  33. Navysings99

    Dat vocle

  34. David Munoz

    Who Tha fuck gives thumbs down to this!

  35. John Johnny Johnson

    Born in 97 but grew up on nothing but big l , pun, nas, Tribe called quest, etc etc. Even the dope artist nowadays can't even compare to the legends

  36. Patrick Farrell

    Infinite capabilities.

  37. Jayson Vincent

    Who thumbs down this lol

  38. Robert Taylor

    Rip big L

  39. Joe Sena

    Man there ain't a bar on this track i don't like

  40. Joe Sena

    This fuckin beat tho

  41. Memo B

    Corleone is too advanced for y'all


    BIG L Smooth kid that Ill run up in your baby mama!!! LMAOFF!!! All he cared about was street cred... Labels were scared of the L from Whereeeee ? HARLEM!!! Always repped Spanish Harlem TOO.. Graffitti Hall of Fame Na Meannnn Papa!!!

  43. Tienes Un Llama Drama


  44. yoitzaswr FTW

    Big L Incredible

  45. DragonNomak

    i wish someone with the voice of Big L appears in the rap game right now but that,s difficult as hell Big L's voice was unmatched

  46. Divah Charles

    It's so sad that this album ain't hit platnuim when he was lyrically better than most rappers out here.R.I.P Big L

  47. Den

    I don't get who other than a deadbeat crackhead would want this guy gone

  48. Dame Willia

    2019 baby aint goin nowhere word!

  49. BigFoalJw

    2019 keep that energy alive

  50. Nikola Dragović

    Pozdrav iz Srbije za najveceg ikada !!!

  51. Sergio Mazilu

    Rip L for Legend

  52. Julius Edwards-El

    Peace God! Big L put it on 120
    Spit and shit.

  53. Harry Hungria

    Big l best track.

  54. Jun Jun Gatbos

    "Flamboyant iz the label dat writes the cheques"



  56. chadgrov

    Hey remember when rappers could spell flamboyant?

  57. General Shepard

    Still here June 27th 2019 Big L did it best
    R I P L Flamboyant for life

  58. Brian F

    Old school beats new school
    Every day of the week and twice on Sunday

  59. BaYbOi41510

    I miss REAL HIP HOP like this........ GOAT on the MIC 🎙


    BaYbOi41510 truth!

  60. Kev

    2019 still bumpin

  61. Nick Urch

    Still in '19

  62. Nunya Biz

    some non mumble fag techno rap is always great

  63. Егор Тюрин

    my fav track from L. just perfect of all elements his style embraces

  64. Maheen Sulaiman

    .One of the Greatest rap artist of all time.RIP BIG L

  65. Nathan Edwards

    REAL RAP 2019!!!

  66. Jhon Gallego


  67. Bacķ Wøødś


  68. J Kidd

    Classic. L was the truth

  69. joseph nix


  70. Tyler Ace

    All the best rappers have gone really too soon! Rip...

  71. Yazid al madani

    Subscribe too my channel

  72. ju ju

    best big l song ever

  73. 2G FRESH-

    These comment sections be sounding like a dickriding convention...its like people can't just listen and appreciate the track without dissing another rapper ...real fucking childish ...meanwhile in real life these ppl are caked up and would never see any of your comments

  74. Mike Lights

    Rhyme is peace L .. Really were ahead of your time 😢 LEGEND

  75. Matthew Larkham

    Still the illest

  76. Ahmahd Johnson

    When Lee come home niggas can't live no more. 🔥

  77. Rodriguez Giovanni

    Those who know , Know . This track fire 🔥

  78. 9403 Schwererziehbar

    I love this song

  79. Joshua Mitchell

    He never banged any of my ladies

  80. Full Onikšić

    Big L in the house ya'll
    RIP Legend!
    Kosovo je Srbija! ;)

  81. Joaquin Ulises Lopez

    I hated manupation baby girl

  82. Bronx Fan

    A smooth kid that'll run up in your baby mother

  83. Sabrina black

    He's fast at what he does.


    R.I.P 💔

  85. G Boss

    Better watch me round yer girl if you ain’t fucking her right

  86. Empty useless profile

    2019 fuck yeah

  87. Mo Khan

    2019 and still no one has done it better

  88. Eamon Moore

    Shoutout Myke C-Town

  89. caylor carney

    Shout out myke c town!

  90. Green Wayne

    Big l could never get played out to me

  91. Eduardo Best


  92. Franz Strohein

    2019 Still Bumpin

  93. ZayIsDope

    Rip big L I wish you were still here bro