Big L - Devil's Son (Live From Amsterdam) Lyrics

[Big L]
Throw that shit on

[Nas - Live @ The BBQ] "When I was twelve I went to hell for snuffin' Jesus" [x3]
[Nas - BackTo The Grill Again] "I'm wavin' automatic guns at nuns"

Ohhh uh uh uh uh uh
Yeah yeah
Check it out now check it out now
Turn the mic up
Yo rewind it back
I like the way that went down
Rewind that shit one more time, fuck that
Let's go, one more time

"When I was twelve I went to hell for snuffin' Jesus" [x3]
"I'm wavin' automatic guns at nuns"

I restrain the story, check it out
Aiyyo five slash three o slash seven fo' (5-30-74)
A little bro' was born with the mind of a psycho
They first knew I was a crazy nigga
When my mother came home and found out I killed the babysitter
I did more crime in due time
Started my life of crime about nine yo an' L for mine
I made every little kid from my hood run
I was just like that little bastard from the Good Son
And my mind was cashbumped
Dropped the flowdryer in the water while my moms in the bathub
Then I just saluted as she electrocuted
They got booted cause that's whenever I executed
I was a child runnin' wild like a goosechase
Punish my dad I put poison in his toothpaste
Then I pick my elder sister up gave her a quick spank
Then tied the little bitch in the fish tank
I invited company, murdered the four guests
Put a cap in each whole chest and ate their raw flesh
I tell the truth I ain't lyin' man
And right now I got my cousin Brian man in a fryin' pan

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Big L Devil's Son (Live From Amsterdam) Comments
  1. Dopey Joe

    Only the real ones know this gem

  2. ChainsBeats

    Daaaaaamn those lyrics makes you go WTFF while still bopping your head to it and feeling it

  3. Harry Pritchard

    2019 anybody?

  4. João Victor

    "Aiyyo five slash three o slash seven fo', A little bro' was born with the mind of a psycho"

    damn that thing with the date was ill

  5. Patrick Star

    Lyrics llz

    Patrick Star


  6. Charles Warner

    It is return of the devils son, not devils son.

  7. Timo van der Hout

    still listening this! sick other verse on the devils son

  8. BIGdreamer1012

    The best

  9. FuckYouTubeEatADick

    Bro, just listening to this shit live is unreal, I couldn't even imagine being there.

  10. Hoecakesss

    man some one should play this at church and video it and see what happens


    pitchfork and torch mob run you out of town 😂

  11. Tupac Shakur


  12. lanigiro1234

    fuck! this guy truly amazing! fuk never heard this b4 but fuk im speechless. reminds me of the eminem song 3am, also aamzaing

  13. ofashodo

    Claiming street corners in your rhymes is down as fuck.

  14. ofashodo

    Seeing is how im carrying almost like 80 extra lbs 330 something miles or whatever and I have a bag full of cans of tuna fish. HAHAHA this is too perfect.

  15. stonepown

    @fucklilwayne1121 indiur the like bar