Big K.R.I.T. - King Lyrics

Ayy... Ayy what up folk, I'm focused man...
I been doing this for a lil' while now
I had some mixtapes out, did my thang...
I ain't really had the opportunity I think
To speak from my heart, man like really just express myself,
So I'm a give it to em as long as I can,
I ain't counting bars, so don't expect no hook...

Lord I been trying all these years,
And I ain't never had a thing to say
Did it by myself not a soul here to motivate me, my family was cool
But when times got hard they was like fuck this rap shit
Go get yourself a job, I thank God that when the run-in's with the law
While I was riding with my folk and there was dope in the car
Momma forgive me I was in it for a minute,
I was tired of 'em talking bout my shoes and my fitted,
"G-Rod" got killed and I shed a couple tears
Trying to forget that he's gone,
Just remember that in here, remember that it clear
And where he at it's good, yea my nigga dead,
But at least he out the hood
I'd leave if I could, that's what I plan to do,
These niggas talk a lot, remind me of high school,
But I thank you for your hating, appreciate the rumors
If you think that you're a winner then I'm glad to be a loser lord
No money, more problems that's just how it is,
I lost another homeboy, that's just how it is,
He told me "Little cause don't trip on these niggas",
I said "Fuck that, I' gonna get paper and shit on these niggas,
Rip on these niggas"
Don't speak when I pass you, they sold 'cause they wanted to,
We sold 'cause we had to
Bills don't pay themselves my nigga, hell naw!
I'm about money that's what I'm trying to tell ya,
Moms and pops I promise that I won't fail y'all, my shit jam
It's only right that I outsell y'all,
I dedicate my life to this music,
I dropped out of college 'cause my life is this music,
Next nigga out the 'Sip, really can't tell me shit,
The beats spoke to me when the books couldn't tell me shit
I wake up like another day another headache,
My purpose gets no clearer as I'm staring in this mirror,
Wash my face and my ass and hit the slab hard
If I don't say shit all day, nigga I thank God,
For another breath, yes for another step,
In the right or wrong direction still it's for a progress
Moving at pace that can't be seen, scraping everything,
Yea my pockets is fat because my stature lean,
I got a mean team and they will see you dearly
The only way they show respect if I make 'em feel me,
I mean that sincerely
I keep more beef than chili for anxious haters
Waiting, plotting, praying out to kill me,
Why the fuck I gotta live like this momma?
All the setback's make me feel like this momma,
Another southern rapper yea I bet it label
Two of my best friends Patron and Cuervo at my table we sit and talk
Millions with some hope that we can speak it to existence hah
It's certain universal laws we abide by,
The dealer lives on but a child dies in the drive by,
Titans collide and blocks go to war with no earthly idea
What the fuck we fighting for,
I paint pictures of this concrete jungle
Where the lions make deals with the hunters,
Snitch niggas kool aid heart pump bitch niggas,
Under pressure write a whole fuckin' list nigga please
I'm fighting demons like Constantine,
Constantly trying to take what belongs to me
But I review you niggas, follow 'suit nigga,
If the convo ain't bbout money then I mute niggas shit,
I'm focused folk, you can quote this folk
I'm about to swarm the game like locust folk, they choking folk,
Guess it's hard to swallow,
If I leave the 'Sip then hell yea they'll follow
I talked to the father, he tells me
"Be real, nevermind what they want son. Just say what you feel",
I'm knowing that the deals nowadays are some bullshit
Anything less than a mil' is some bullshit,
Because I know what I'm worth
Don't need a nigga to tell me... shit!
Music alone no gimmick, need a nigga to sell me
I'm here! K.R.I.T

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Big K.R.I.T. King Comments
  1. Deniz Gunes

    9 years and look at the views
    i blame mainstream crap brainwashing the masses people just not on that wavelength

  2. Jerome Hooks

    One of the best rappers alive

  3. just blaze

    Soon as i heard that producer beat...i thought about this

  4. Kevin Tembo

    Trizzy brought me here.

  5. AirToTheThrone23

    That trizzy that just blew up on instagram/twitter might bring people back here


    AirToTheThrone23 no lie

    bobby seale

    So who really product.krit?


    Nahhhh been new

  6. Russell Peffer

    I got ya krit. 48 bars...

  7. Navn Efternavn

    straight fire

  8. Michael Young

    When it's right it's right this man got hella talent if you can't vibe to krit you dying a slow death this man said bills don't pay they self I'm bout this money the only way they show respect it is if you make em I'm focused folk feel me I don't need a nigga to sell me im here. Classic bars

  9. Adam Olivarez

    I keep more beef than chili!

  10. Fredo Nandez

    This is 8 yrs old & it still hits like the first time. Timeless Music💯

  11. Jerome Hooks

    One of the best rappers alive

  12. Vic Matinez

    Young krit 😢we all getn old..

  13. Jermel Taylor

    Wow it’s been 8 years

  14. Black Mind

    "Anything less than a mill is some bullshit"- K.R.I.T.

    "All I ever wanted was a million dollars
    Till I heard a million ain't enough"- K.R.I.T.

  15. Logan Pierce

    Pac nas and krit

  16. Dave100s

    The beats spoke to me when the books couldn't tell me shit!!!!

  17. MANUGIN808

    "no money more problems that's just how it is"

    that's fuckin barzz

  18. Rain Life

    Eat K.R.I.T. i been on diz shyt doe

  19. Dave100s

    I thank god there was no run ins with the law when I riding wit my folks and there was dope in the car!!!!!! Facts bruh real shit

  20. Howard Jones

    cant believe this shit aint even went gold yet, shit is Banoodles! I remember when this shit came out! Listened to this shit before every hoop game!

  21. dillon mundy

    man I wish dude still had underground shit like this

    Pure Fact

    why? his new stuff is still dope

    Art Kannon

    dillon mundy 12 for 12 is krazy

  22. Fordtough1

    "I dropped out of college cause my life is this music." -Big K.R.I.T.

  23. Michael Reece R.emembered I.n T.ime

  24. Tite2T9J5M7L


  25. K A

    I wish krit had lil Wayne's money. He deserves it more than that talentless hack.

    Jamar Watkins

    K A Not talentless, just lacking in content of substance. As annoying as Wayne's voice is to me, I can't act like he's not good at what he does.

    Jamar Watkins

    K A All about niches

  26. Malachai Maloney

    when you listen to pt.4 you can just see the path he took as an artist. Im glad he did, its better this way. pun intended

  27. tra holliday

    big krit

  28. Robert D. Brown Jr.

    'if you think that you're a winner then I'm glad to be a loser.'

    The Journey Ascends

    right, exactly

  29. Johnny2Kool

    I can't find this song.... Which mixtape was it on?


    One of the see me on top tapes. I forget but they were bangerz on there a lot of freestyles.

    Kriston Smith

    see me on top 2. or use clip convertor to turn it into an MP3


    ^^^^ That's the mixtape, live mixtapes,, and datpiff also has it for download

    Nikos AliaCash

    see me on top 3, in 2008

  30. YungSane5

    "I'm Focused Man!."

  31. tMuh

    He sounds so dif

  32. Terrio Ducre

    dog jus cuz u can rap without penning it down don't mean shit krit write tht shit tht heals ya soul

  33. Simon Keturakis

    the beats spoke to me when the books couldn't tell me shit, i wake like anotha day anotha headache, my purpose gets no clearer as im starrin at this mirror

  34. Shocka252

    Its on an older mixtape

  35. Courtney Clark

    Krizzle ..... Yeah boi ... I20/55

  36. Micah Hankins

    How come this song ain't on one of his mixtapes?

    Marcus B

    It is. See Me On  Top Pt 3, Hosted by DJ Infamous.

    Micah Hankins

    @sacfly 808 Thanx, man.




    Nigguhz Sleeping on K.R.I.T. Riding Kendrick Ever Since Control smh


    @John Deer I have and I do.. I ain't saying he don't deserve it but nigguhs been sleeping on KRIT! That's it..

    Sabor Tooth

    @FUCC FEDZ hell yeah I agree

    Brandon D

    i have  awoken  

    Felipe Banks

    I admit I was riding with Kendrick since control but start riding shotgun with KRIT after Mt Olympus

  39. Khyree Scott

    U can c the growth king

  40. Truey Lewis

    dj infamous see me on top vol. 3 Got some super dope songs!!!

  41. Kamien McLaughlin

    It's on See Me on Top 3

  42. William Gibson

    King is on See Me On Top III

  43. BorderPatrolOutruner

    had to come back cause of King pt 3, dont get it twisted was already hip to this joint

  44. Pancho Villa SR.

    i am still listening to this song a year later. this don't get old.

  45. Christopher Norman

    IMO This is one of his best songs

  46. KJ Durham

    3 yrs ago....n aint been sleep since

  47. DTown214817

    yall should get the mixtape king rememered in time came out 2013 its good bigger picture was a good song and wtf by big krit best mixtape i love all the songs

  48. derionone

    King Remembered In Time

  49. gtektheillmeta4

    Why the Fuck did I just find out bout this guy

  50. Jay Anderson

    Better goto See Me On Top mixtape

  51. Truey Lewis

    It's on a Awesome Mixtape from K.R.I.T. before Krit was here Called "See Me On Top vol.3" Hosted by Dj Infamous of the Affiliates. Before K.R.I.T. was in store I got it from Pirate Bay. It really is a solid body of work. K.R.I.T. has been killin it since 2005. Final note, Support him by buying what you can in stores.

  52. Jamal Frye

    Proud to be from the south...when we having artist come out like Big K.R.I.T...just a dope lyricist

  53. RizzyHendrix

    yesss! how does this NOT have 6 million views lol

  54. Pat Ryan

    holy damn

  55. t tay

    Man I been listening to dis song since day one lol to me dis his best song hands down and dis one of his least vid songs damn niggahs don't no wat real is ain't one of Wayne songs fucking with dis I swear krit is the savior and I have never said dat about any niggah but him kendrick and cole gone bring it back

  56. Dirty bill

    The lions make deals with the hunters.......!!!!! King

  57. Terrio Ducre

    Mississippi we got next 601

  58. Dennis Rader

    If you love real hip hop like this then you will love this artist from queens ny..on the come up..needs heavy support from you guys..please give this artist a chance like you gave Big K.R.I.T. a chance for his music to be heard..just search lou&maze cant stand by official video
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  59. 74thief

    nah not this good

  60. sambell42

    Lets put it on they mind...krit & z-ro calab in 2k13.

  61. mookdafool

    krit z-ro holds bar, legendary

  62. mookdafool

    i am waiting for that 1

  63. sambell42

    Him and z-ro would make a hard record.

  64. Youngthrift King

    Finally found it .......i cant find this song no where on his mixtapes

  65. Timmy Chan

    50 seconds in.. and im lovin it.. this shit is real already.

  66. Derek Reynolds

    such a good song...

  67. Gianni Mogrovejo

    to anyone trying to find where they can download this song its on see me on top 3 from krits see me on top mixtapes. your welcome!

  68. Tx4ev89

    @dogcrick u need to check out Z-ro then dog.he just as lyrical if not more

  69. Tx4ev89

    Man k.r.i.t a fuckin beast, man I wish him and my nigga z-ro would hop on a track already. Shit would b legendary. H-town representa

  70. Jared Weicht

    Since 96 it depends on style, little brother is top 5 of all time for me


    @benfiquista1989 hmmm... your saying you think there is someone better since 96? id love to know who! i need a good laugh! lol not many mainstream rappers have a fraction of the lyrical talent that K.R.I.T. has!

  72. ImAnAsshole

    have you been in a coma since 96?


    Been following K.R.I.T. since he started his personal youtube channel way back in the day. I said it then and I'll say it again.... "BEST SINCE PAC DIED"

  74. NewEraKidd0323

    Did KRIT produce this? Because it sounds identical to "Im Here" from Jeezy Prime Minister tape. Different drums tho

  75. BIGdreamer1012

    There's certain universal laws that we abide by
    The dealer lives on by the child dies in a drive by
    Titans collide and blocks go to war
    With no earthly idea what we fighting for

  76. MrDboi151

    The future of hip hop

  77. Kashtro Dolo

    He produce all of his tracks, This beat is a killer

  78. dirmaster0

    I think about this song all time when I'm grindin, keeps me goin when times get hard.
    Peace Gods&Earths

  79. jaydeepoeticmental

    Straight from the heart, This is the type of Hip-Hop I love.

  80. 7South1Park3

    haha i had spotted that shit 2 dial up was garbage as hell

  81. TheEntity91

    AOL disc @ 1:36 my crib had tons of those.....never used one lmbo.

  82. My0Brothers2Keeper

    Damn Krit, mans making words into painting 4real....who the hells taylor gang!???

  83. john doe

    lord i been trying all these years n i aint neva had a thang to say did it by myself not a soul here to motivate me family was cool but when times got hard they said fuck this rap shit go get yo self a job............real shit

  84. Ky Karaman

    j.cole k.r.i.t and electronica the best out

  85. Kingdom Kelly

    @jaykiller55 big krit kendrick and jay electronica are the best coming up for sure. section 80 was fantastic

  86. BIGdreamer1012

    There's certain universal laws that we abide by the dealer lives on but the child dies in the driveby. Titans collide and blocks go to war with no earthly idea of what we fighting for...amazing

  87. movado86

    Im mad this wasnt on my KRIT wuz here...

  88. SuperTakeoff

    march the 5th need to hurry the fuck up

  89. vipernb47

    part 2 is insane

  90. M Sawyer

    Nex nigga out da sip , really cant tell me shit , beats spoke 2 me when da books couldnt tell me Shit !

    Woooo , Keep it real bruh , NC bumps you KRIT !

  91. The LostBoys Ent.

    I know everybody is doin this but ima Pray Atleast 1 of You Will check me out

    I'm a rapper. i know theres like 800K of those in this world,

    But I'm different promise that, If YOU can Click This youll SEE i Have Tallent

    I would love nothing more than to have a decent following on youtube from people.

    If anyone who reads this could press the "THUMBS UP" other people will see it.

    Just a simple button press could make my dream come true Thank You

  92. Kingdom Kelly

    big krit is the best rapper alive and will never sell out hes a living legend. Never had a bad song like most these shit rappers!

  93. @NewEraKidd0323 hahah worrrd

  94. Oneill Thomas


  95. shostoppad

    @SwaggaboysENT Hell yeah he the realest. 662 all day!

  96. TheLilman1987

    Real life shit keep it up

  97. Francis Pounds

    God DAMN, are the fucking truth brotha!!

  98. I'm

    A true lyricist.....hands down

  99. Kashtro Dolo

    Krit not go sell out, his album go be a classic, TRUST! he a true southern nigga