Big K.R.I.T. - High Beams Lyrics

Oh, na, na, na
High beams, yeah
Tryna get the finer things

High beams, high beams
I'm tryna get the finer things (Yeah, yeah)
High beams, high beams
Tryna stay between the seams, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I was searching for God with a flashlight
On a dirt road, is this flash bright enough?
Does the flash light a love?
That I don't have when I'm down, when I drown
And these solar panels collect my frowns
'Cause I know the world ain't grounded
And the negative versus positive keep the chaos around me
Share my light, my light, my light, my light
Don't be scared of the night, the night, 'cause I glow
Yeah, I glow, yeah
Share my light, my light, my light, my light
Don't be scared of the night, the night, 'cause I glow
'Cause I glow

High beams, high beams
I'm tryna get the finer things (Yeah, yeah)
High beams, high beams
Tryna stay between the seams, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Streetlights don't shine on me enough
To keep me out of harm's reach like
Why we out here all week? 'Cause
This is how we all eat
The sun don't shine like I need it to
When I'm fiending through my need for cool
It's hot for days and the breeze is through
I'm overheating, my fuse is blew
I shine, I shine, my light, my light, my light
Please shine, please shine, for my sight, my sight, my sight, my sight
I shine, I shine, my light, my light
Please shine, please shine, for my sight

High beams, high beams
I'm tryna get the finer things (Yeah, yeah)
High beams, high beams
I'm tryna stay between the seams, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

The neon lights in the trunk of the whip
Tell you how I feel sometimes, sometimes
The neon lights beneath the bumper and grill
Tell you how I feel sometimes, sometimes
High beams, high beams, high beams
High beams, high beams, high beams

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Big K.R.I.T. High Beams Comments
  1. Michael Barba

    K.R.I.T. ‘s music is my stress reliever for sure

  2. Josalin Mason


  3. De'Jun Canady

    The neon lights beneath the bumper & grill tells how I feel sometimes 🎯

  4. PruTV

    You killed it at St. Andrews in Detroit homie! Thanks for the dope show

    Katrina Renee

    Yes he did!!


    @Katrina Renee No doubt!

  5. Josh Purches

    I been listening to this song since the album was released. This song will always be my favorite of all time

  6. Stephen Thomas Garcia

    this song is so beautiful. thanks KRIT for keeping the light on

  7. AlJaleel Eaddy

    This song makes me cry! I can relate let your light shine in dim world! When a car is driving with the neon lights the car is moving fast but you see the lights. When the world is moving fast and you feel like your growing as individual. Let your light shine people will see you


    AlJaleel Eaddy I thought I was the only one. K.R.I.T. had me tearing up for a minute 😢

  8. Corey Williams

    This is my favorite record from Krit

  9. Mari R

    I think this is my favorite song on the album

  10. laderrious perry

    All the songs cold, but I love this song mane

  11. miccheck2daworld

    I need this instrumental. I need this beat. On that note, KRIT continues to kill it. Def in my top 5 underrated rappers.

    DMRTZ 1

    miccheck2daworld the instrumental comes from Hala- What is love? Tell me is it easy

  12. James Relebohile Motaung

    Love this track

  13. Tremaine Anthony

    Beautiful song

  14. Real Mindblock

    This is lit af

  15. Raay Francy

    this song took me to church✨🎶


    i really don't understand how is possible, that a real good artist like this one get so few views, much respect KRIT

  17. PG 13

    This album is more valuable than others mumble rappers with ass shit beats

  18. Elijah Manriquez

    Is it easy

  19. Jesse Muro

    Low key was hoping for another “MY Sub” track on here but it still 🔥🔥🔥

    Terrance Turner

    Im glad he didn't do it though. My sub my shit KRIZZLE

  20. Jamel Foster


  21. Compass Amour

    I love this song

  22. Rich Rollin Cj lbC


  23. Isaiah Robinson

    That zoned out music

  24. Max Profits

    Omfg...high beams....krit wat u be on bra tbis shit made me think i dont wanna die on earth frfr.....i need a mother ship to Cadilladica

  25. Apolo Krindž

    Shieet this needs a Kanye verse.

    James Relebohile Motaung

    Kanye is wack man

  26. Adrian Cancino

    Krit was here, and he still here

  27. Rhythmic Boyz TV

    This is why krit is one of the goats 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  28. fred sanders

    Gibbs & Krit Dope Projects

  29. Steve D

    Love this song!!! I feel ya Krit. Makes me think about my nephew. RIP MD.


    Reminds me of Jill Scott the way

  31. takyant

    Why I feel Ms Badu would have made this slightly better.

    brell 2-1-5

    or The Weeknd

    Kay da Prince

    Or Nikkiya

  32. Derrick Berry

    Krit a damn fool 4 this album, classic 4 me.

  33. kirnbauerjordan

    It's sad his songs like this get hated on so much. I looked and most reviews stated that this song was one of the worst on the album.. I highly disagree. I love krit cause he puts all of his feelings into his work. Sometimes you need songs like this to get you through the day. This is one of my favorites on the album by far


    this song jammm 4real!!!!

    Terrence Banks

    It's because people who are reviewing his songs, and more important this song. They don't understand Krit, and the type of music he makes. They don't understand the complexity of how his mind works and his creativity. They NOT DAY ONES like us

    Филипп М

    Wait, what? Somebody hated this song? For real? Shit, maybe I'm somehow hearing it differently, but for me personally it's like one of the best.

  34. Daniel Carcamo

    This was my favorite track off the album, idk why, maybe because it’s Krit singing and it reminds me of his line on Mixed Messages “I really wanna sing but I better rap” because I feel like one day he will stop laying rap verses, but I don’t think he will ever stop making music, he is a true artist, not a 1 trick pony, maybe this is just a glimpse into the future, thank you Krit for making music, much love from Arkansas

  35. DSouthernLady


  36. Brandon G

    This is the shit cruising at night on the back roads bassing with the windows down 🔥🔥🔥

  37. Clubber Lang

    It's a shame this dude isn't a household name, smh......he makes hip hop music.....LOVE THIS SONG!

    Blake Walker


    All Black

    Lets just keep him our secret them...

  38. Morgan Ross-Brown


  39. Terrence Howard

    This is already my new favorite song!!!!!! I needed this right now!

  40. LimitlessTX

    This is Heavenly. Amazing, KRIT 🔥

  41. Delgado Corleone

    Wolfe the best part

  42. Victoria Melnyk


  43. WaveyD

    I can’t stop listening to this song. I’m honestly started to get a little scared at how much my soul CRAVES these vibes! So cold 🥶💎

  44. ptown24

    K.R.I.T. been 🔥 the world need to catch up this is real rap right here

  45. 04hutchn

    The KRIT fanbase are the best. Nothing but love and positivity in the comment sections. Love you my fellow krit fans

    Shaq Odom

    And we love fellow fans as well..

    Christina Vlachou

    Salute my fellow krit lover . This is the kind of hiphop that elevates the culture and benefits the hearts and souls of the listeners.


    @Christina Vlachou couldnt agree more.


    Salute from Poland, we're worldwide. KRIT Nation 4 Life! 👑

    sean bennett

    And we fellow krit fans love u right back! We all know real music!

  46. Anthony Smith


  47. XtensTV

    amazing album..congrats!

  48. Travesha Jackson

    I love smooth vibes! 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾🙌🏾

  49. Mark Anderson

    Rode the beat well krit. Slipped right into the zone on this one.
    I love deep house and lofi music.
    Gotta agree with the other comment.
    This that Ride and Vibe music.

  50. Simamkele Mva

    The one thing i like about K.r.i.t is pure consistence . he grows with every album he releases,damn!!

  51. JentaroTV

    This lo-finess is amazing. Mellodies for those sunny summer days and them warm summer nights. He shines.

  52. Makawnaku

    I caught that Roy Ayers Ubiquity reference 🙏🏾

  53. Aundrelle Edwards

    This is a late night ride vibe!!

    Nicole Campbell

    Agreed 💯

  54. Kita P

    It's a CLASSIC!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 KRIT4EVA🎯💯 Shine on👑 #ISHINE #DiamondMinded #MyGodGiveItToMe

  55. King AnJelo

    Damn, now I can't decide which track is my best

    Prophessor Z

    I can't decide which album after this one DAMN!

    Derrick Berry

    @Prophessor Z This might be the 1, 4 me that is.

    WG Forever

    Don't have a favorite song on here...But the whole album is my favorite

  56. Michael Miller


  57. WaveyD

    Perfect at its finest. They will know yo name Krit!

  58. mz Tremias

    KRIT IZ HERE!🖤🖤💣💣💣Melodic flow

  59. LeBeautiful

    Indie rap, I love it so much.

  60. Tolliver Swecki

    K.R.I.T. here

  61. OfficialMNIB

    - Man he's so under-appreciated but all we can do is keep makin' our support for him known!

    Chino Duzzit

    forreal, his tickets are going for 30 bucks, which i will be attending; he is way to underrated....kinda wished there was vip backstage passes

    ROMAN23 Bullard

    He better than mgk and his garbage new album

    *Starr Playa Entertainment* TM

    @Chino Duzzit yep I'm going to be there Detroit Saint Andrews Hall can't wait

  62. barry sanders

    I'm digging this album

  63. i Strong

    105 view 27 likes 2019 year of K.R.I.T

  64. zovazHD

    Sunset park was fire this is amazing 🐐👑

  65. Sophia's Side

    ITS HERE!!

  66. H0M1C1DALMANYAC 2016


  67. TheDirtyBird_ 11



    This too bumps

    Blake Walker

    Bumps heavy it does

  69. Wesdras Souza Miranda

    KRIT always 🔥🔥🔥

  70. PhillieD XO


  71. KingMoyer


  72. MrPhj420

    cant wait till K.R.I.T. comes to orlando

    NawfSide GOKU

    MrPhj420 k.r.i.t


    I'm going to be there meet and greet