Big K.R.I.T. - Free Agent Lyrics

[Big KRIT & Breakfast Club:]
[DJ Envy:] "Def Jam didn't really support, uhhh..."
[Charlamagne:] "I was shocked they put your album out. I'm not gonna lie to you."
[KRIT:] "For real you were shocked?
[Charlamagne:] I mean, I knew you had an underground following cause of your mixtapes and stuff..."
[DJ Envy:] "They wasn't ready"
[Charlamagne:] "... but I was shocked that they actually put your album out."
[Angela Yee:] "How many more mixtapes did you end up putting out before they released your album?"
[KRIT:] "I mean exactly"
[Angela Yee: "I know you did a lot of touring..."
[KRIT:] "Yeah"
[Charlamagne:] "I knew people in the Def Jam building who was like, 'man... ' I say when the Big Krit album coming out? And they say 'NEVER. Ain't gonna sell no records.'"

[Big KRIT:]
I built it from the ground up
Act like they found us
From the sign of the label, tried to drown us
I built a boat in a moat for my castle
I graduated to a businessman, I got tassels
Another chapter, another story, another plot
Mother fuck the foul in their court, I took a shot
Three presidents in 5 years, I never stopped
While they worried about the single sales-
The albums flopped
Oh Lord, Lord, Lord there they go
Trying to fuck me out another but I ain't a ho
I produce and write my own shit, I know the score
I'm gonna drop another mixtape, ain't gonna tour
We ain't playing games man, I'm too raw
For you to try to take me out my motherfucking zone
For you to try and tell me I ain't motherfucking known
I guess I gotta do it how I done it on my own, UH

I've been a free agent nigga
I've been a free agent nigga
Even when I was signed
It was multi til I die
I've proven motherfuckers wrong
Every God damn time
I've been a free agent nigga
I've been a free agent nigga
Naw they can't hold
Put the whole team on my shoulders
Now there's money on the way
Because the contract's over

What good is a team if they don't ball out with you?
Domino niggas they'll fall out with you
At the table with the majors they go all out with you
Til you're underground with it, they won't crawl out with you
So they serve, serve you a plate
Full of scraps and the bait
You ain't eating so you ate
So ain't moving so you shake
Anything that you can
'Cause you gotta drop another album
But ain't make a mother fucking dollar, OH!
Man it's hard to understand
How they rob a nigga then shake his other hand?
How I hit the road when I ain't never had a chance?
How I sell a show and I ain't even make 'em dance?
How I ain't a gimmick but I got all these fans?
How I made in merch what you got in your advance?
How I work the tape like I was bagging up the grams?
How a country boy took that country shit and ran?

I've been a free agent nigga
I've been a free agent nigga
Even when I was signed
It was multi til I die
I've proven motherfuckers wrong
Every God damn time
I've been a free agent nigga
I've been a free agent nigga
Naw they can't hold
Put the whole team on my shoulders
Now there's money on the way
Because the contract's over

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Big K.R.I.T. Free Agent Comments
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    💯💯 #Fall2019

  2. Lee Fairley

    I graduated from a business man. I earned the tassels

  3. OdysseyPrime

    Charlamanchild sample lol

  4. ThisIsDK

    This top 10 KRIT songs for me!! Damn that 1st verse gets me everytime!

  5. matthew smith

    Fuck a label. When it’s truth? It’ll hit and it’ll resonate. Go on and listen to the industry nonsense. Nothing beats music likes this!

  6. KingKendrick

    And this man proceeded to release a masterpiece double album, legend.

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    Still relevant still true to the culture to his own to his trueself ...Respect From Angola King Free K.R.I.T

  9. Yaco Jimenez

    Snapped like always 🔥

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    Underrated BIG KRIT 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥 🔥

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    🔥🔥🔥🔥 every time. Lu me some big krit

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  14. Brendan Ducey

    don't understand how labels can sleep on a guy like this, shows you how bad these guys making deals behind the curtains want money and only money. Using these truly talented artists for their own profit, it's a shame. Def jam took a huge L against you, keep promoting the realness K.R.I.T. because rappers like you are almost extinct at this point.

  15. thegoldenhero

    fuck def jam

  16. KAZ CLEViiiR

    Man....he came through something fuck def jam

  17. KAZ CLEViiiR

    Wop wop aye aye wop!!!!!

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    Krit the truth thow🔥 bringing nothing but the real somthing i can swang down in that lac or the jag

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    This song is the beast

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    "Big krit"keep doing you. Fuck them haters, your sound is real

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    k-rino is the king of the south lyrical beast

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    Braulio Robles

    R Gibbs i think it will bro

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    Wink...I Agree 100....Back to tha Roots Yo.DOPE!

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    This shit should be a million ➕ #mississippi

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    Krit, one of the dopest rappers out there the last 10 years.

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    K.R.I I T make me proud to represent da SSIPP#LONGLIVETHASIPP

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    Money on the way cuz the contract over #1 MC of my top 3

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    Never Under Estimate the Talent of Soul...Hats off To Krizzle.....🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    It always seemed odd to me that Big Krit was with deff jam in the first place. Glad to see it all helped in allowing this track to come to be!

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  50. Capricorn H20

    Man can't trust no record label companies. I remember Micheal Jackson leaving sony & he said "now i'm a free agent" Them companies leave you high and dry. Been a fan of you since 08 & had the pleasure of meeting you. it's harder on your own, but its better that way.

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    Kit is one in LIFE TIME! He is a modern day God/Legend....NOBODY HAS PRODUCED HIS ON FIRE BEATS AND MURDER THE MIC! #NOBODY! #WHO??? I'll WAIT.......

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    K.R.I.T. is one of the greatest. UGK Alumni. Call it Nu.G.K.

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    Damn....Let my manz THROUGH! from an 85 country boy to an 86 one, I salute you folk

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    Whoever's givin those dislikes is on some bitch shit. Cuz this is top quality music. Ya'll are hatin, not critiquing this song. Even though I wish for KRIT to continue to reach new heights in his career & get the recognition he 100%, without a doubt deserves, I feel like he's too good for mainstream. He's too authentic, intelligent, driven & too strong in character & principles and that makes him more than mainstream deserves. He isn't willing to sell out & play himself for a little bit of radio time & they just don't know what to do when they encounter someone like him. He's the real GOAT. He is amazingly gifted in both songwriting & music production, and I can't think of another artist in Rap/Hip-hop that has mastered both of those aspects quite the way he has. The fact that he is as unappreciated by the music industry as he is, confirms to me that the industry is corrupt & controlled. They don't want us to think for ourselves. I believe Big KRIT is someone that could really shake things up in the industry and make some real & lasting changes with enough support from fans.

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    yea this my first time hearin krit. lik folks done told me about him but i nvr paid em no mind till i heard this on my sirius radio n this shit banging. like hard asf

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