Big K.R.I.T. - Angels Freestyle Lyrics

Cold sweats cover my forehead
Another dream of angels wings and horsemen, damn
I guess it was the liquor and the weed
That made me toss and turn in my sleep
Eyes wide open, shakin' off the omen
Of the things to come, no escapin' what approachin'
The calm before the storm, soft feet and itchy palms
Things we do for green make you wish you wasn't born
Time never waits for no man
Even a slow hand can catch his predecessor
Don't pick it, let it fester
The anger makes me better
Down to do whatever when it's needed
My heart [?] away, most days I leave it
I'm eager to hit a lick, make it flip, make some some chips, call a play
Phone God, times is hard, tell 'em that I'm on my way
Prayin' for forgiveness for my sins
While some sell their soul for a Benz
It ends now, what makes me better than the rest
I guess it's cause I say so, like need I say more?
Why stop when they can't keep up?
The thrills and the kill it ain't shit to beat ya
Fuck you and your feature
The R&B singers on the choruses is why your song was a hit
Whack ass rappers suck a dick and die slow
I'm the only King Remembered In Time that you know
They never thought I'd grow up to be a beast on beats
Fix my plate, let's feast on MC's
From corners of the streets to clean [?] overseas
No book could speak to me like C.R.E.A.M. and Melodies
Whippin' up beats, but rappin's my specialty
I mastered both and ruled the game effectively
It was written that my time is near
No need to wait because he is I, and I am here

The Angels callin'
The Angels callin'
The Angels callin'
The Angels callin'
The Angels callin'

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