Big Kenny - Rumba Lyrics

You're looking at me and it's easy to see that you want me
I don't hide things well
So I bet you can tell that I want you too
We sit for a while then both of us smile
As the band starts to play
I ask you to dance we know that romance
Is only a rumba away

Put your hand in mine
Lay your head on my shoulder
Then when the song ends
We can pretend it's not over
As our bodies oh they come together and we sway
Let's hold on to the night 'cause the rest of our life
Is only a rumba away

As I hold you close I smell the rose that's in your hair
I start to imagine that we are in heaven alone somewhere
Your touch is revealing what we are feeling no one has to say
Under the stars above we both know that love
Is only a rumba away

Put your hand in mine
Lay your head on my shoulder
Then when the song ends
We can pretend it's not over
As our bodies oh they come together and we sway
Let's hold on to the night 'cause the rest of our life
Is only a rumba away

Put your hand in mine
Lay your head on my shoulder
Then when the song ends
We can pretend it's not over
As our bodies oh they come together and we sway
Let's hold on to the night 'cause the rest of our life
Is only a rumba away

Let's hold on to the night 'cause the rest of our life
Is only a rumba away

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Big Kenny Rumba Comments
  1. Blah Dlah

    Truly horrific music, but gorgeous dancing. I like to mute it and put some actual rumba music on. 100x more enjoyable!


    love<3dance ❤❤

  3. Sooner boy

    Just the most gorgeous girl and perfect dancer. She and her brother Derek are amazing.

  4. Kimo Kiko

    The camera should follow the dancers the whole time, not the damn band.

  5. ee hh

    weird song!!

  6. generalloonatic85

    Brian... so much better with Kristina Rhianoff!
    Julianne Hough.. miss her.

  7. Brie WB

    i wouldnt say that she almost tripped on it, the dress caught on her heel as he put her down, but she never let it impair her and she kicked out of it as he spun her without missing a beat, but i too am glad it didnt ruin the dance :)

  8. Brie WB

    that was great! i love julianne so much & everytime she dances its so stunning :)
    and though still fabulous, i dont think this was the best rumba. it wasnt her at all, they just didnt have any chemistry & the guy wasnt very romantic. now if julianne & mark ballas did a rumba, that would be amazing! talk about incredible chemistry! ;)
    i miss julianne so much! she & derek were by far the best dancers on the entire show, & now he's gonna be leaving 2, soon i wont have any reason 2 watch at all :(

  9. museebat1

    Hey, have you considered "FlamaDance" (do a Google search for it)? On their website you can watch a smart free video explaining the best way to dance Samba, Tango, Waltz, Cha Cha, Jive, Salsa, FoxTrot and Rhumba. This is why Tami learned how to dance just like a star very fast and consequently regain romantic feelings. I hope it helps you as well.

  10. kim mckendrick

    What is the song in this performance? Julianne did great though. I completely agree with 555mylife888.

  11. YoooourJenn

    I want Julianne to come back :')

  12. Kashti Hough

    @kinsersprint11 now this is the #1 show in the country!:)

  13. Molly Raborn

    its like yeah..i liked the dance..but they so don't have the chemistry so it lacked that pazaz that's like with some of the better rumba's...still was good though she's my fav dancer..her mark and derek

  14. Alejandra Ott

    I love the tenderness between the two of them in this dance. They look great together.

  15. UzuMaki NaRuto

    Oh man, watching this video just makes me miss Julianne from DWTS EVEN MORE! =(

    I still watch the show, but it just isn't the same without Jules and her amazing dancing, especially when she dances with other pros its a total joy to watch!

    Just makes me so sad that she won't be back for yet another season, but at least she might be back the season after....maybe. One can only hope and pray she comes back ASAP so I can go back to enjoying her wonderful performances. =)

  16. Louise M

    Errr, Darren is way better than brian!!

  17. italianbaby307

    I wish she would come back to DWTS, the show sucks anymore without her. I barely watched this past season. Only for Derek and if he doesn't come back I will not be watching anymore.

    Ville Lundberg

    Amira sings Gabriellas song

  18. emceedmon


  19. wh0anonymous

    @RefuseToRegret sweet! thanks =]

  20. Marga Frances

    who's singing and whats the song called please?

  21. wh0anonymous

    i like this song/.

  22. wh0anonymous

    wow thats so impressive! what year was that?

  23. wh0anonymous

    its nice seeing her dance just as good with someone else besides her brother.

  24. Angee M

    Brian Fortuna is BRILLIANT!!!

  25. horsesrox312

    she is on dancing with the stars in America shes on of the pros

  26. Louise M

    Brian's Rumba to Beyonce with Kristina Rihanoff on Strictly Come Dancing this season was sooo much better! Who's Julianne Hough?

  27. Natalie Buchsdruecker

    I don't remember Brian Fortuna or this episode at all, all I remember Big N' Rich singing is Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy with Cheryl and Drew.

  28. Roo90

    hawt stuff =D

  29. starrbeatlesqueen

    I keep forgetting that Brian Fortuna was only a pro for only short time one season.

  30. lippy88lizzy

    awh - i love brian!!!
    he's on strictly come dancing in the uk - he's so gorgeous and amazing! <3

  31. Alex Chris

    i beg to differ

  32. acechadwick

    Oh I just LOVE him!! He is on the UK version Strictly Come Dancing and he seems such a nice guy. The other dancers have these huge egos but he seems to genuinely want Heather to do well for herself. A very welcome import from the U.S of A!!!!

  33. brianno27

    yes... in deed... hahaahhaha... i think prof. dancers in UK version has more "wow" factor. good for brian fortuna to move in SCD!!!! haahahaaha

  34. Adan Morales Ortiz

    I love country girl Julianne!!

  35. Louise M

    Omg, I'm in love with him and he hasn't even done his first dance on SCD yet!!

  36. Adam Jona

    nothing to do with RUMBA!!!! No emotion at all, just draging eachother

  37. kelicious999

    Brian Fortuna probably won't come back to dwts because he is starting Strictly Come Dancing the uk version the original of dwts. ha ha ha lol

  38. kodiakslover

    Maks is coming back this season thank god! Him and Tony are so sexy!

  39. Mike Johnson

    Lost in this moment by Big & Rich

  40. Lunar

    God she's amazing!

  41. TimeStillExists01


  42. SharonRenie

    I love Brian. He needs to come back. He is such a great dancer.

  43. SharonRenie

    She'll be dancing with Zack for the rest of their lives together because they are getting married this summer.

  44. tatters90

    i love the fact that their routine was so insync to the music!!

  45. tatters90

    i saw it that night!
    it was sooo amazing.
    its like the 18th time ive seen this though and im still not tired of it.

    when she held her leg it was so straight.
    im jealous.

  46. tatters90

    u said it.
    but im a girl :D

  47. Jess Raposo

    When was this ?

  48. CrypticWriter

    Julianne's spins are amazing -- fast but always incredibly smooth. She's a stunner, too, of course.

  49. musicfansince1986

    I honestly don't think they (Julianne & Brian) are doing much during the time they concentrate on the singers. You can see they start to break from each other at 1:36 and they don't come together again until 2:01. They 'take a break' I guess - not because they need it, but so they can give some camera time to the singers. After all, they are the guests.

  50. DTM1864

    Doesn't Julianne Hough remind you of a young Ann Margaret in this video? She just flows through that dance. I could watch this over and over again. Kudos to Brian for his talent also.

  51. Ahmed Munye


  52. uncchristine99

    Aw that was beautiful!!! I like Julianne more and more each week! I can't believe how young she is--she's incredible!

  53. adamax

    Julianne is the sexiest 18 year old. So talented too.