Big Country - The Storm Lyrics

I came from the hills with a tear in my eye
The winter closed in and the crows filled the sky
The houses were burning in flames gold and red
The people were running with eyes full of dread

Ah my James
They didn’t have to do this

We chased them for miles I had tears in my eyes
Through forest and moor as the clouds filled the sky
The storm broke upon us with fury and flame
Both hunters and hunted washed out in the rain

Ah my James
They didn’t have to do this

I know I can never return
To the time of hope when I was born
Let the strength of peace run through my hands

When we walk away from the storm’s roar
Then I will be afraid no more
And now I’m sure of where I stand
Let the strength of peace run through this land

And nobody smiled as we took back our own
While rain beat upon us the thunder would moan
And nobody smiled when we knew what was lost
We knew well enough only time proves the cost

Ah my James
They didn’t have to do this
Ah my James
They didn’t have to do this

I know I can never return
To the time of hope when I was born
Let the strength of peace run through my hands

When we walk away from the storm’s roar
Then I will be afraid no more
And now I’m sure of where I stand
Let the strength of peace run through this land

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Big Country The Storm Comments
  1. Nessie ZZ Huang

    Fantastic song. Watched their live performance from The Tube 17.02.1984 & totally blown away. ❤️

  2. Wyn Fjoer Ierde Wetter

    thank you

  3. Arminius

    Is this about the aftermath of Culloden?

  4. veronica j


  5. I Heart Heart The Doctor

    For the life of me, I'll never understand why this song wasn't used for the Culloden Moor battle scene in Outlander. In fact, the show's producers missed the opportunity to use a lot of Big Country's songs throughout the whole show, in every season.

  6. Big Dave

    Fuckin' reivers

  7. René Isager

    Depeche mode

    Wyn Fjoer Ierde Wetter

    China Crisis

  8. Stuart Roberts

    In the 80s big country tapes that's all I ever played in my car what a great band never be forgotten in my life .

    Hammerschlägen M

    Damn, that's really depressing... you left a TON of great music out of your life.
    I'm sure Stuart would've said the same thing.

  9. Paul Murray

    Oh my. Not many things make me more proud to call myself a Scot than this band and this man. He was a genuis. RIP Stu, you made such an impact.

  10. Dave Lister

    Big Country Forever !

  11. Joseph Paladion

    Great song great record

  12. Marcelo Mh

    Que gran disco debut por dios

  13. Paul Round

    A work of art. 💙

  14. villaexrn

    Incredible band live lime house London. Rip Stuart

  15. David P. Gray

    Great piece of music. Moody, Celtic and reflective.

  16. Helen Fein

    Thanks for posting.I love the handsome Stuart and Big Country. Excellent music and ubertalented. I love Big Country. RIP Stuart. I listened to this tape everyday in the 80s. A great contribution to 80s music.

  17. Alan Von Goodleef

    Awesome song and music😊😊

  18. Branimir9000

    Drama. Such anguish. This is terrific stuff. Timeless.

  19. Christopher Beniston

    Fantastic atmospheric song! Big country will always be there for us!

  20. Darren Lewey

    I'd forgotten this one. Beautiful.

  21. Ciro Santarpia

    Many years a go a Italian famous band call PFM wraith a Great Song " impressioni di settembre " PFM ispired Big Country👊

  22. TheAudivisioner

    Fine debut album.
    Saw them on Saturday Night Live
    Became an immediate fan.

  23. Paul Hancock

    This album was bought for me as a Christmas gift in 1983 and was played endlessly. After a 30 year gap it's sound has never been matched. It's got everything.

  24. Swansea Wales Mark

    I'm the v and should open and iv got k to open me how do I do it skint has peny flint who do I ru to

  25. Swansea Wales Mark

    I there love your music takes me back to 4 or more centuries hate fucking red thanks uc

  26. Carlos Olacia

    They had a fantastic and unique sound, but also they were very talented

  27. 123ubuntu666

    I think Big Country needed to take some time. Stuart, Bruce, Mark, Tony.

    They had an odd chemistry.

    The producers on their albums were hit and miss.

    They needed to take time out. Go to that mansion in the country. They needed to find that producer/engineer combo.

    This is not slight on the great people that made the great records for them. It's just a 'what if'.

    There was always the tension there of Tony and Mark being Session musicians. No big deal with that. I don't think that was the problem. All the best musicians are in demand and need to get paid.

    But Stuart had a certain sensitivity. Bruce as well, was kind of second in command. But really, Big Country is all about Stuart, Bruce, Tony and Mark (in no particular order, apart from Stuart being first).

    I don't know what I'm trying to say. It's all moot anyway.

    I just think they had great untapped potential, both as a band and as songwriters (even if Stuart was the main man).

    Out of all those 'Celtic' bands, Big Country have stood the greatest test of time. No offense. I can't stand to listen to but a handful of U2 songs. Simple MInds - some stuff is still good.

    This was one glorious band though. Enough of a legacy to enjoy what they did. Their records only sound better with age.

  28. Footy Ball

    Stuarts death still makes me feel sad every time I listen to Big Country, their music is timeless

    Andy Wardle

    Totally agree with every sentiment.

    Alan Von Goodleef

    Amen to that. I've been a fan since the beginning. And the Skids.

    Paul Dixon

    Grew up with big country best band ever saw them live every year from the crossing till Stuarts death what a tragedy what a talent songs so emotional

  29. y16amp

    Never fails to give me goosebumps

    Jim Gavioli

    Me too friend, saw this performed live way, way back, it was just awesome, everyone had chills!

  30. 123ubuntu666

    Stuart was a genius. Surrounded by great musicians.

  31. Billy Bynorth

    And porrahman of course

  32. Billy Bynorth

    Yeah this and lost patrol

  33. Chris Williams

    Probably the best track they ever put down......

    Mr Dub Crazy

    Chris Williams
    Steel town the seer and the crossing are their best albums. Those albums rank alongside dire straits brothers in arms, pink floyd darkside of the moon, jimi hendrix 'electric lady land', W.A.S.P the album ...... I could go on but u get my drift!

    I was kidding bout wasp....but love machine was fucking 'A'!!😈

  34. Peggi Goetsch

    Love, love love!!!!