Big Country - Hold The Heart Lyrics

The sun beats hard on an empty beach where I tried so hard
But couldn't reach the stars in your eyes
You were just a child when I came to you and we were friends
'Till love stepped in, and you stepped away
I would lie and curse the day
And visit places where we lay alone
And find them turned to stone

Because you hold the heart of someone new
I'll take a chance on time
Hold out here for something true
Standing out of line
But I would wait a hundred years to hear you say my name
The way you did before he came, the way you will again

I fell apart and you came to me
I never can explain how much it turned me round
Much more than upside down

Because you hold the heart of someone new
I'll take a chance on time
Hold out here for something true
Standing out of line
But I would wait a hundred years to hear you say my name
The way you did before he came, the way you will again

And I love the sun, and I need the rain
And I know the way that you left me was only to test me
And I was vain
And I will be strong
And I will be warm
And I will let no one come near me until you will hear me
Just once again

And time will wear a mountain down
And make a lover of the clown who laughed too long
And colored you wrong

Now I hold the heart of someone new
I'll take a chance on time
Hold out here for something true
Standing out of line

But I would wait a hundred years to hear you say my name
The way you did before he came, the way you will again
But I would wait a hundred years to hear you say my name
The way you did before he came, the way you will again

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Big Country Hold The Heart Comments
  1. Nessie ZZ Huang

    Love this. BC is really good at slower songs too. ❤️

  2. hughjarse83

    This is just an absolutely superb song. I've seen them so many times both with Stuart and later with Simon. One of the greatest bands ever

  3. owen shaw

    Still listening always will, seen them twice, brilliant, rest in peace Stuart xxx

  4. dondi2261

    Anyone know where I can see the original video?

  5. Luang Po Tho

    I was working in Aberdeen in 1984 up from Harlow so Big Country have a special place in my heart and this is my favourite.

  6. Garry West


    SA a legend! Couldn’t av done it without three other class acts!

  7. Guy Morgan

    Took the deer album to Devon in 86 fab

  8. bukster1

    I wonder if this song was aimed at a specific person? I gather Adamson had a broken relationship. Perhaps this was aimed at his ex.

    Neil Sycamore

    Yes your so right, a relationship he never got over.

  9. Pat Capp

    The Edge said in the eulogy he gave for Stuart's funeral that this guy wrote the songs that U2 wished they could write. Thats big coming from the guy who penned nearly all of the U2 classics.

    peter algie

    U2 always second best stay alive

    Kisco Kaarigan

    These guys weren't Irish but Scottish.. Big country is more talented than U2

  10. Sean Mitchell

    His voice is special on this one.

  11. Sean Mitchell

    This song just keeps bouncing around my head. The music is beautifully controlled and understated. The voice is perfect; not forced, so relaxed and smooth. Little middle bit - I love the sun, and I love the rain - perfect in every way.

  12. Brad68

    Band of the 80s only sorry I never got to see them live .

    Steven Pryce

    Brad68 me too 😢

    Zak Green

    Brilliant live, what a man , rip x

  13. Kincaid Clark

    Best Valentine's Day song to play for the one you love. We miss you Stuart Adamson. Keep playing songs for those in the Afterlife. Wish you were here.

  14. nwmrt

    loved and lost are never truly lost

  15. henry carruthers

    miss you man 12inch chance unbelievable

  16. henry carruthers

    best time of my life in south Africa with Vincent rocco

  17. william m

    The most underrated songwriter of the last 40 years.

    Andrew Costello

    william m Totally

    Steven Pryce

    You are so right,I already miss the songs we could have had if Stuart's demons hadn't got the better of him

  18. nudgemonkey

    I love and miss you Stuart this song has always touched my heart!

  19. Emirhan Usta

    Buraya nasıl geldim bilmiyorum ama güzel şarkı.

  20. Jane Baldwin

    Up there with Living on a prayer and Chance, as the great love ballads of the working class.

  21. frankie occo

    Thank you for posting fella.

  22. Jane Baldwin

    soppy is good,Carl.

  23. nwmrt

    Sorely missed

  24. robert cats

    i love this song,thinking on mine daughter,,,,,,

  25. The Bean

    I so love this song. When I'm  having a bad day, I play it loud and long when I get home as a pick me up. Regret I only managed to see the band live once and never made one of the legendary Barrowland gigs. RIP Stuart. The soundtrack of my youth.


    Once and forever!!! I was 8 years old when I saw them in Milan. It was thirty years ago. The memory of a concert to bring with me for a lifetime!!!

  26. gareth e

    Stuart wrote to many songs like this and every time he brought them out of the box for a show with Mark, Tony and Bruce I'ed cry my eyes out.Best band I've seen,from the crossing to the final fling, loved every f***ing minute.

    brian donnelly

    With you All the way Gareth e.......I Have seen many a Band play live but Big Country Gigs were the Best Always come away sweating tshirt Hal Pissed happy as larry singing Chance leaving the Barras Braw night ......SHOTTTTTTT

    Jane Baldwin

    +gareth Don't feel embarrassed about using the F word. I am so with you. Never cried with so much joy and fucking passion over music in my 50 years on this earth.

    Jane Baldwin

    +brian donnelly from London, but don't hold it against me. saw them live two nights running at Hammersmith. best 48 hrs of my life.

    Dale Tomaselli

    gareth e Still loving it. With Simon Hough on Lead ....they've recaptured the true BC sound (IMHO).

  27. Dawne Abdul Al-Bari

    Love This! Honesty at it's poetic best ;->

    Dawne Abdul Al-Bari

    Thanks so much for supporting my post! Please feel free to share. Happy New Year to you and yours ;->

  28. kaarigan kisco

    Hold The Heart stole my heart. Listen to the real music. 

  29. darren lewis

    just awesome enough said

  30. larry69laing

    The tear in the eye is from the memories of past loves lost but still there's hope

  31. Brett Owen

    It amazes me that Stuart never considered himself to be a good singer. I find his voice to be so unique, so full of emotion, so honest and real. Another testament to his humility and this song a testament to his gentleness of spirit.

    Brett Owen

    Nobody that I've ever heard sounds like him. Add Tony Butler's higher harmonies and the vocals were so powerful and moving. Big Country's music is so heroic to me.


    I agree. Just the other day I let my mum listen to a few BC songs und was quite disappointed when she told me that she doesn't get anything out of Stuarts voice and doesn't particularly like it at all. Normally she's keen on characteristic voices.
    Sure sure, tastes differ. It's just hardly comprehensible for me, loving him so much myself. And he was good performing live, too ... not that I had ever seen them live together unfortunately, too young. :(


    Tell your mother I said this:Compared to the likes of what we have to listen to with today's music with talentless hacks like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Drake, Nicki Minaj (just to name a few) I hold Stuart's voice in high regard with the likes of Luciano Pavarotti!

    Brett Owen

    Yes, I know what you mean. But at least we have those classic, and very important recordings as well as all those live performances on YT that we missed. And WE know how wonderful his singing was, as well as his songwriting and guitar playing! Unfortunately, some people just don't get it. Love your mum anyway.

    Sean Mitchell

    I want to give that comment a hundred likes.

  32. karen lewis

    goosebumps bc rocks stay alivel

    Jane Baldwin

    +karen lewis The bumps were never go, Karen , no matter how many times you hear it.

  33. Bon Jovi

    This song still hits me like no other modern day slow song can. Noone writes like this any more. It makes me really sad that I'll never be able to see him in concert. I got cheated. It was the only dream that stayed with me past all the silly dreams we all have during youth. I never stopped wanting to see him in concert. The questions I have for him are never ending. What a great time it must have been to be his friend.

  34. cabbey31

    I've hear this song *BEFORE* (the CD is still *IN THE MAIL*)

  35. Mark Serour

    One of the more touching tunes by BC.

    Stuart Lawson Beattie

    They are all touching mate, the King of Emotion no one else can touch him ;)

  36. Mark Serour

    One of the more touching tunes by BC.

  37. IqbalHamid

    Carl, Your videos keep getting better. Keep 'em coming,mate.

  38. Carl Bewley

    No problem James, happy to share the music of such a great and totally underrated band :)

  39. James Lynch

    Thanks Carl... I want to thank you for posting all these great songs. I love Big Country's Music and you have helped me to hear their greatness... Cheers !!!

  40. James Lynch

    Phenomenal... You've done it again Carl... Thanks..

  41. sundance1998

    cheers for uploading. love this song.


    You might want to just go ahead and buy the whole album The Seer, I t is great from start to finish.

  43. boxergirl1736

    I just stumbled across this song in the last week and LOVE IT! I can listen to this over and over!!

  44. James Lynch

    Thanks Carl another great find that you posted here..

  45. Carl Bewley

    Hi It's on 'The Seer' :)

  46. James Lynch

    Does anyone know what Album / CD this song is on. I am trying to get it from ITUNES and no luck. This is beautiful, just like all their songs. Greatness, they were...

  47. Danny Brew

    Great memories of my happy youth, great band!!

  48. Carlos Correia


  49. Sith Mahatta

    This song brought back many great moments when I was a teenager. I really love this song back in 1986. An almost forgotten ballad song from Big Country.

  50. nighthawk48509

    i was a dj at a wedding and i played this song not a dry eye in the house. god rest you stuart you brought us some great tunes.

  51. jon j

    great song..r.i.p stuart

  52. tije84

    such a beautiful song...;)

  53. TheAmericanbornscot

    @paullavan2011 amen rip hero stuart I WILL HOLD THE HEART!!

  54. TheAmericanbornscot

    @paullavan2011 amen rip hero stuart

  55. FrazerDeacon

    this song is the most beautiful song i have ever heard from big country, i have many favs but this just tops them all, all of this song reminds me of all the bad parts in life and moments we suffer, i hope many other people hear this song and know who big country are and how they have changed my life and remember the legend behind it all stuart adamson.

  56. MrMarlboro2009

    Legend band, i saw them live a few times in the mid and late 80's when i was a teenager, i got one of the drummers drumsticks after one gig, still have it in a box in the attic...

  57. Trond Børge Krokli

    @cms3890 Yes, hence the sadness and feeling of loss in my above comment. May his soul find joy in the hereafter. Life is so full of hardship as it is; all we can do is to take care and create something good in our time. (Peace In Our Time/One Great Thing/Everything I Need)

  58. N S

    @tkrokli oh that's really sad :/

  59. Trond Børge Krokli

    @cms3890 From the information I have looked up, his death was caused by hanging and determined be a result of suicide. Autopsy showed a high level of alcohol in his bloodstream, but whether he committed suicide because of being drunk and by poor judgement or whether something else happened, there is no evidence to tell. This happened in Hawaii, a place mostly known for happiness and good life. Some documentation suggests he was unhappy with his life and artistic career. Read more on wikipedia.

  60. N S

    @tkrokli how did Stuart die?

  61. JollyJimmyJohnston

    If only there was more love songs like this 1!! This is the song that confirmed for me that Big Country are more than just a band!! Adamsons voice sends shivers down my spine everytime i hear this!!

  62. kevin daniel

    @tkrokli well said, well said, my sentiments exactly

  63. Charles Jannuzi

    Great e-bow, and no it doesn't sound like bagpipes.

  64. Amanda Giddens

    another fav....................

  65. weismann610

    I have tears in my eyes.. i love this song

  66. nighthawk48509

    @tianuria i could'nt agree with you more. i just wish that big country would have got their due they should be inducted into the r&r hall of fame like you said the ground work for private investigations. you could'nt be more right.

  67. Chashop38

    This song is on a DVD by Track Records. I have it and will upload it if I can't find it on youtube. It is a song that saved me from myself thousands of times.

  68. nighthawk48509

    @tahirp12 someone maybe removed it the video might be on a dvd collection.

  69. nighthawk48509

    i played this at wedding i was a dj at and the floor was packed. not a dry eye in the house.great song from a great cd.

  70. doran44

    Very nice job with your choice of photographs to represent the sentiment of this beautiful BC ballad.Truly an amazingly brilliant band.
    And I love reading the comments from my fellow BC fans who champion this great group and who realize how much we lost when Stuart died.Such a huge loss.

  71. Trond Børge Krokli

    This song has a special place in my heart, it reminds me that we all can suffer from loneliness and loss of loved ones or other important persons in our lives. I often wonder what Stuart would have been able to create if he had stayed alive. Miss him a lot and what he represented.

  72. hughjarse83

    i saw BC loads of times they were just the best there is no other way to describe them they should have been one of the biggest bands on the planet but the droids that run radio stations and set playlists would rather you listen to manufactured crap

    Richard Dougan

    Well said, in my eyes, the best ever.

  73. zywa349

    Really, really good video!! And another masterpiece from Stuart - so special - so missed. Thanks for this!

  74. KMG68

    *sigh* :)

  75. brian donnelly

    song by bc hold the heart one of the best ballads ever nice vid carl

  76. isabellle87

    I adore this song!!! Lovely vid Carl! Many thanks !!!

    Colin Tough

    To say he never got his recognition as musician and a songwriter is an understatement. Sad loss to music.