Big Country - Eiledon Lyrics

The eagle soars above the clouds
The deer ran in the hills
And I may walk in cities
Where the wolf once had his fill
And here is strength for us to find
To turn the old to new
And wipe our eyes of misty years
And see the future through

I chose this place to call my own
The only grace I've ever known
I never tire of legends grown
We dream too much and time has flown

Eiledon, I will be there
Eiledon, my dream is there

So let me fill my children's hearts
With heoroes tales and hope it starts
A fire in them so deeds are done
With no vain sighs for moments gone

Eiledon, I will be there
Eiledon, my dream is there
Eiledon, Eiledon, Eiledon, Eiledon

So let us soar up with the eagles
In wild country among the deer
And wake the wolf in every city
And reckoning is drawing near

Eiledon, I will be there
Eiledon, my dream is there Eiledon

And here is strength for us to find
To turn the old to new
And wipe our eyes of misty years
And see the future through

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Big Country Eiledon Comments
  1. Annie M

    I had never heard this one before. Gives me goose bumps

  2. Ade C Luxton

    Never forgotten.

  3. MR Ryde

    Oofaaaa.....Miss Stuart.....

  4. Allan Robinson

    Fantastic! Thank you for uploading and sharing. Could and do, listen to this song repeatedly, always makes me cry though. Stuart/Big Country were amazing, part of my growing up. RIP Stuart.

  5. Masood Ahmed

    You cannot beat listening to this song whilst driving on the A82 past the Bridge of Orchy towards Glencoe, music and scenery that takes you somewhere else.

  6. Keith Taylor

    Just simply a masterpiece

  7. Dawne Abdul Al-Bari

    Shared this as a Birthday tribute to a friend ~ Who's from Scotland

  8. Michael Franklin

    May the stag of St. Hubertus run with you and protect you, Stuart Adamson and Big Country.

  9. Kennet Eriksson

    This is a fine song. Very beautiful.

  10. Zahid Qureshi

    Big Country & Stuart at the top of their game. They were never the same after this, in my opinion

  11. Paul Cannon

    Wonderful wife relaxing. Me ,the dishes, Big Country....oh stop it,,,,,✌️peace out

  12. Chris Teesdale

    Happy Birthday Stuart. So many of us miss you and your music. Thank you for what you left us.

  13. Steve Simpson

    8 thumbs down????? Go listen to Westlife eejits

  14. Chet Tennant

    Like Mike Score a flock of seagulls said, music for people with two ears.

  15. Spruce


  16. Andy Gordon

    Stuart's there now...

  17. Ibrar Siddiqi

    Best album I bought after The Crossing.

  18. scneese64

    When I die..I want to hear this song as my soul leaves this physical earth.  Miss you, will never forget you, RIP Stuart dear one.

  19. Hans Dahlström

    Still magical❤️

  20. pusuper 1

    A golden moment in time.

  21. Swansea Wales Mark

    The v needs to go back my head so I need someone t return the v back to me so you but back on my head were it belongs I said u v. l. n

  22. Swansea Wales Mark

    Uw lu I'm lv

  23. Swansea Wales Mark

    Who ever don't like this u red not lu

  24. Swansea Wales Mark

    There no red ur same has me I'd say bl yt u

  25. Swansea Wales Mark

    Spelling not to clever glum +Morgan come so I can but us ryt mc

  26. Pecarus

    Gabh cothrom an latha ! never forget you stuart

  27. Owen McGee

    Adam's son has spoken again but he is actually too modern to have been a Stuart

  28. Guy Morgan

    Let me fill my children's hearts with heros tales. And hope it starts a fire within.

  29. Paul Child

    Woooow x

  30. Americo Utima

    Where is the lyrics?

  31. Paul Cannon

    One of the greatest songs of all time

  32. Stephen Roche

    Celts have an ability to stir your emotions is it because throughot history have faced all sorts of adversity and some joy and our able to represent that true raw emotion wether it be good or bad brilliantly

  33. bukster1

    I remember being shocked at Stuart Adamson's death. Now I'm older than he ever got to be.

    Clark Murray

    bukster1 t

    Marley Bu

    Sadly me too 😢

  34. Chris Teesdale

    Fantastic lyrics.... you are so missed Stuart

  35. nwmrt

    Miss you Stuart

  36. poppyhimbo

    .....and where are the lyrics?

    brian donnelly

    under the video click show more and like Magic they appear

  37. c lom

    stuart was a gift for us from up above ! his legend will never die ! as long as we will walk in to the eiledon hills ! we salute you stuart and wherever you are now be blessed for ever

  38. chris

    brings tears

  39. Ross Hughes

    No fucking lyrics!

    brian donnelly

    There is fucking Lyrics just under the video to the left lol

  40. mrmele

    Big Country has always a special place in my heart. EILEDON has always been my favourite track for many years. I am from Switzerland where it was hard to get them to see live. So I first saw them on stage in Cambridge (Corn Exchange 1995, Why The Long Face Tour) and it is still in my heart when Stuart said with his Scottish accent: "Now we play a song that we never did live before. It's called Eiledon!" This was one of the most special musical moments for me ever. Thanks for uploading this eternal great song!


    I would loved to have seen the original line up but unfortunately to young. I have so many memories of listening to big country I grew up on this through my dad

  41. Gabriel Mansilla

    One of my fav from BC

  42. Dawne Abdul Al-Bari

    Lovely ~ Shared ~

  43. GD oot n aboot

    I look onto these hills and have loved Big Country's music since I was a young lad. No band have ever touched my soul as this. RIP Stuart


    As an Englishwoman with Scottish ancestry, I agree with you. RIP Stuart.

    Paul Cannon

    Totally agree

    David Herridge

    Absolutely love this track, I hope Stuart is at peace now, sadly missed by me and many others.

    Sally A. Schwartz

    As mine. Still my All time favorite. Their music has always gotten me through rough times and this song is so burned into my soul from day one that I have heard it. Maybe because it reminds me of a poem I wrote when I was very young....

  44. Phil Jones

    Listened to this again for the first time in over a decade- Stuart was a true modern-day poet. I have a feeling you finally found peace, Stuart


    +Phil Jones I wish that were true, but that Nashville vampire really did a number on Stu. So much his last cycle of writing from Damascus on was so much about loss of bearings , isolation and lonliness. Such a shame 15 years on I still feel the void of his passing. But this is a beautiful song that take me back to happier times with the BC. when he had that poetic inspired soul.

    Phil Jones

    +Avenarius well said.... But, My faith gives me hope that after he left the demons that haunted him on this unforgiving Earth, He is in a place like he sang about in this great song!


    That's an inspired perspective that I hope rings true.  Check,Thin Lizzy "Spirit slips Away"

    Phil Jones

    +Avenarius oh, so good! Most people do not realize that it was Thin Lizzy- not U2- who were the first true Irish raw rockers.


    Cool. Yes along with Rory Gallagher.

  45. Mark Kiman

    No better sound than Stuart with an E-bow! Sorely missed! RIP Stuart.

  46. Scott Rainbow

    This song brings me to tears.Beautiful.

  47. TheEcky24

    One of the best songs I've ever heard. Songwriting at its absolute peak. Soaring guitars and lyrically perfect. Stuart at his best. Rip to the great man

  48. King Curry

    The more I listen to this, the more I see similar influences in the music of Stuart Adamson and Malcolm Jones of Runrig, two of the finest and most innovative guitarists I've ever heard.

    Scott Rainbow

    @Circumpunk I have heard both Hendrix and stuart adamson and stuarts guitar melodies leave Hendrix for dead in my opinion.


    @Scott Rainbow Their (Adamson and Hendrix) had completely different styles in my opinion almost any comparison is only conjecture. I like them both equally. Ironically they are both dead. 

    Brooks Hill

    @King Curry So basically you are saying that you don't know which band member wrote this song. Right?

    King Curry

    How you deduce that from what I wrote, I am completely at a loss to understand.

    Of course Stuart Adamson wrote it, as he did (almost) all Big Country songs.

    Scot sims

    Stuart led me to Malcolm luv them both in equal measure rip stu

  49. wordgrrl71

    This is one of the finest rock songs ever written. Beautiful lyrics and music.


    How sweet. I respect your opinion. Thanks for expressing it on my video.

  50. david close


  51. david jeffrey

    just been reduced to a blubbering mess at the end of this....

    Dawn Kladerman

    whenever I need my heart ripped out, I just listen to Stuart.....


    I started right at the begining.

    Allan Robinson

    Me too David, God alone knows why. RIP Stuart

  52. Michael Dignan

    Fabulous song from a fabulous album.

  53. 234cheech

    free palastine and free scotland

  54. mark bryant

    my fav band of scotland my nan was a scot . so its in my blood nothing like the sound stuart produced when he passed away every one was shocked and gutted two members of the skids died uncanny or what hes music live on god bless 


    Thank you Mark. This song is spiritual  not religious though to me. My grandmother was named Scott.

  55. James J. Reilly

    Stuart R.I.P ... will think think of you, when playing it on my mandolin or banjo !

  56. Maureen Fluffybuns

    I love them 

  57. SanktGallus

    Our Gallus also came from this beautiful green Land full of spirituals sounds, some 1400 years ago ...  but he did not fight the wolfes,  he had dinner with the bear...

  58. Dan Christense

    This album was one of my first , got it from my first and greatest love, when she returned from London. Big country still stands for me as one of the great bands from the 80s. IMO better than simple minds. Tanx for putting it up here, it just gives me that sinking felleing of lost love, and great teen years..Stuart, u went far to soon. Hope u kick it up there!


    Thanks Dan, great story.

  59. Cee1003

    Thank you for finally clearing up where Eiledon was, i googled it years ago with no luck xxx I absolutely love this one, its one of my fav BC songs, along with all the rest of them :)

  60. Circumpunk

    The images I used are from the same place.

  61. Sally A. Schwartz

    This song is embedded into me. More than anyone except me can really explain or know. In short it mirrors a poem I wrote back when I was a young Lass. Story of this song is that it was a fictitious name in which Stuart made up after he read and was inspired by a poem written by Sir Walter Scott about Eildon Hills where Scott use to live.

  62. Circumpunk

    Jesus loves it too.

  63. Dazzy G

    Jesus I love this song....Stuart...bless ya

  64. 14realmofo

    no matter how low an eagle flies he is still above other birds

  65. Circumpunk

    @sith1971 That's a great comment, thanks!

  66. Sith Mahatta

    I felt some magical feeling every time I listen to this song. I strongly felt that Stuart was gone to Eiledon for eternity and I hope to see him in Eiledon someday. I really meant it.

  67. Circumpunk

    @Circumpunk It's been a year, where are you bro? Listen to it again.

  68. Circumpunk

    @EKMoir I still think your name is magical little girl.

  69. Circumpunk

    @AbzWayne I have no knowledge of gaelic. I just love B/C. This is a song that takes me from the here and now. It soars as does the eagle. I don't have to know the meaning thereof. The guitars and vocal by Stuart take me to heaven. Maybe heaven is what we make of it?

  70. Wayne "AbzWayne" Leiper

    @Circumpunk Hi there, I have just had a quick look thru the net to see what I can find out, and to be blunt, the jury is out on the true meaning, but the general feeling is that " Eiledon " is a secret and mystical place where all our true souls shall go to find their rest !!! Although, I could be wrong, as for @Scouse21's comment, am now gonna have to research that one out!! Now .. @EKMoir .. WOW, what a cracking name. Mar sin leibh an dràsda ( Tat Ta For Now, Loosely ;) )

  71. Circumpunk

    @EKMoir What a beautiful name. What does it mean? Is if Celtic? Do you know why Stuart called the song this?
    Sorry for the rapid fire questions, hahaha.

  72. Circumpunk

    @scouse21 I can't answer that one mate.I'm from Alabama and this is what Scotland sounded like to me in the 1980's.

  73. Gary Hampton

    There are 3 places in Scotland called Eiledon...........Perth, Alloa and Inverness. I hope it was the Loch Moy one he chose!

  74. Circumpunk

    @remoganda I hope you are right about Big Country. I have always agreed with your comment.

  75. Rikkyhardo

    another fine vid you made Geoff lad, at last you got the idea about tags ... whakk in as many as you can, they will summon all from afar
    This has great lyrics to it

  76. paul Henderson

    @Circumpunk It was only last year that it dawned on me that the flame of the west is the nuclear bomb,i did feel a bit stupid over that one,cause it stared me in the face for over 20

  77. Circumpunk

    @bigcountryforever I agree with your "now" comment. Upon review, the place i used for pics was Eildon Hill on the Brit-Scot border. The name in old English meant "Elves' Hill". So glad you helped me clear that up. I could be wrong or Stuart mayy have used "poetic license" to fit the words to the beat of the poem. You have been a great help to me!
    Thank You!

  78. Circumpunk

    @bigcountryforever I agree with your "now" comment. Stuart still lives at least.

  79. paul Henderson

    @Circumpunk I looked for the answer long before the internet in a british isles map book,i think i did find the place in that,it is good to find out what and where stuart got his ideas from,steeltown album is really deep and even now the penny still drops with it.thanks

  80. Circumpunk

    @bigcountryforever I looked for answers since '86 and then found this info on google about the place. I saw it's beauty while reading the lyrics and thought "it has to be!".

  81. paul Henderson

    Great song and video,i always wondered where stuart pulled the name from,do you think it is these hills?

  82. Circumpunk

    @formaface Thanks mate. I appreciate that.

  83. Circumpunk

    @HeadfulOfHollow It's surreal and imparts a mythical feeling to the place. Like the song and lyrics. Thank bro1

  84. formaface

    A top dollar upload....nice one Geoff :)

  85. Circumpunk

    @BjavaBbotBme Thank you B. You are a very generous and supportive friend.

  86. BjavaBbotBme

    This is very beautiful Geoff! Thanks for sharing it... great work :))

  87. Circumpunk

    @TaylorWarhol Thank you. You are generous.

  88. Circumpunk

    @jackemlyn062 T'is. Loved it half my life Glad you like it too.

  89. jackemlyn062

    a wee gem!