Big Country - Chance Lyrics

All the rain came down
On a cold new town
As he carried you away
From your father's hand
That always seemed like a fist
Reaching out to make you pay

He came like a hero from the factory floor
With the sun and moon as gifts
But the only son you ever saw
Were the two he left you with

Oh Lord where did the feeling go
Oh Lord I never felt so low

Now the skirts hang so heavy around your head
That you never knew you were young
Because you played chance with a lifetime's romance
And the price was far too long

Oh Lord where did the feeling go
Oh Lord I never felt so low

Oh Lord where did the feeling go
Oh Lord I never felt so low

Oh Lord where did the feeling go
Oh Lord I never felt so low

Oh Lord where did the feeling go
Oh Lord I never felt so low

Oh Lord where did the feeling go
Oh Lord I never felt so low

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Big Country Chance Comments
  1. Chris Price

    "The only son you ever saw were the two he left you with"
    I defy anyone to find a better lyric, anywhere!!! Go on then................DARE YA!

  2. David Hargreaves

    God Bless the Scots from an English Cousin....take that as you will.We all know who are real friends are............

  3. George Masterman

    34 dislikes, how could anyone hate this lovely song

  4. Michael Williamson

    So proud to came from the same land as this band - Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  5. Trev Mahoney

    AltQuality FM Through the night

  6. Jackie Henderson

    Seen Big Country many times met Stuart complete gentleman still can't believe he is gone. Such a brilliant band.

  7. Nessie ZZ Huang

    Never get tired of this, sad & beautiful. ❤️

  8. James Jennison

    To my princess in a far away land 💏

    James Jennison

    👫 💏 i want this again with my girl like the good old days but this time it be very different between us hope she feels the same .

    James Jennison

    Read your skype

  9. kevin hughes

    That was great! (not)

  10. Ramon Gonzalez

    Intense. Reminds me of a tough breakup some years ago.

  11. MORDUM100

    loved forever....

  12. Dar S

    This song reminds me of my grandmother. She deserved a better life. She deserved a better man. And I know if she hadn't married him, neither my dad or I would've been born. Doesn't change the fact she deserved better, and I remember her when I hear this.

  13. buttonsryan

    What a sound superb.Guitar sounds excellent.
    Miss there music not played any more.

  14. Rob Leek

    Enjoy yourself 👌

  15. T.T.T.H

    I remember sciving(missing lessons)school to travel to Dunfermline in the 80's to put our names on Stuart Adamsons close(stairwell) which we did in big black marker pen!! we loved Big country.....

  16. Vinthony 24 Hour Cinema

    Beautiful and warm.

  17. vincent mcgarry

    up then pesky jocks

  18. Chris

    One of the best & most underrated songs of the 80's

  19. Chris Edwards


  20. spurs19571

    AWESOME !!!!

  21. Bettina Klarenbeek

    Still so good 😎😎

  22. Carl Weatherhead

    My Youth

  23. David Hill

    Remember watching them at Sefton Park....Amazing!

  24. Mick DeBergerac

    Can anybody tell me if Stuart had a olive green Gibson les paul and was he a Celtic fan? Thanks in advance if you can help

  25. David Quinton

    The song is dark enough with knowing the internal demons that where tormenting Stuart. My best friend at the time introduced me to them, along with Stiff Little Fingers and the Alarm. But it's this song song that rips my heart out when I hear it. RIP Stuart you are deeply missed by my generation - those in their fifties.

  26. hello my lovelys

    What a song .
    What a singer

  27. Terri Franklin

    My best friends favourite song X Reminds me of you sitting in heaven looking down on us 😔

  28. Dale Parfitt

    These a simple minds Scotland finest

  29. Jackie Cairney

    Stuart Adamson legend underrated

  30. Broncycolon 70

    Started with the Skids.....Next chapter...BC....later know it all....last chapter....☝....hope so...

  31. Donna Burbank

    Love this tune,such happy times in the 80s,life was stressless and Summers were long and hot.

  32. clodagh malone

    Brilliant,that guitar intro gives me goosebumps everytime

  33. Union Jack

    Fucking briliant 🤔

  34. Peter Gibbs

    I am an Englishman who unashamedly thinks this is a top,top,top,class song , thank you stewart, sleep well kind and troubled man

  35. Joe Yocom

    I found this to be one of my favorite tracks.
    In the 80's.....

  36. Paul Crisp

    After hearing the live version and then the studio version this one is by far the better. How no person cannot feel slightly emotional is beyond me. I mean wow ! What an incredible song so heartfelt in a strange kind of way. Seems like only yesterday now July 2019 xxxx

  37. David Hargreaves underrated were Big Country?...seriously they were.........this sounds so fresh 36 years later...gosh...anyone got a time machine?.....

  38. Fernando Ludueno

    Beautiful song

  39. Tony Guy

    This still racks my emotions, just as it did in 1983. The whole album! I may have tears in my eyes, but that's okay. At least I still have a heart! Love this


    Tony Guy you and me both buddy.

  40. roofman1969

    This album version sounds so much more pure than the single version with additional intro and vocals.

  41. kelvin golden

    Not many singers sing with so much emotion just beautiful and yet quite haunting

  42. toeragtoolbox

    So many quality singers, bands and musicians from Scotland in the 80s. Amazing.

  43. Darren Banks


  44. Inquisitor Christopher

    Beautiful song...

  45. Lats Niebling

    love the way this builds up to its crescendo. brilliant songwriting

  46. whitedust696


  47. Brendon McMorrow

    Forgotten how much I loved this song as a kid. Still hits the spot many years later.

  48. Kenneth Thompson

    My favourite Big Country song. Has everything....Brilliant lyrics, guitar work & an emotionally rousing chorus . Brings tears to the eyes ..what more could you want in a song.

  49. Fred Fernackerpan

    The sounds of 1983, some good music from that year.

  50. James Jennison

    Love you til the day i die !

  51. James Jennison

    Or is it varm ? ☺

  52. James Jennison

    Varsh ☺x

  53. Legato leCat

    I rember listening to this one in Scotland as a 10-years-old kid.
    Now I listen and still feel sad don't know why...

  54. anthony perace

    Awsome song i didnt know he died rest in peace

  55. Peter Young

    to the h8ers dont give a shit first heard this albumn in icu ward helped me survive , shame no one ever able to pass this on to stuart you gave love i give love to to all your family& bandmates always thankyou :)

  56. Erin Rose

    This was my dads favorite band as a teenager and he’s passed them on to me now. I’m 14 and have been listening to them my whole life but man this song speaks to me

  57. Tony Williams

    Can't listen to this without a tear coming to my eye. It reminds me of my dear departed best friend, my cousin Darren. They were his favourite band. He died aged twenty in a car crash and, what really hurts, his funeral was on my twentieth birthday. It's nearly thirty three years now and it still hurts. R.I.P. my friend, gone but never forgotten.

  58. sadgasm /

    this song literally crush my soul

  59. Jane Vessey



    Has never sounded better......

  61. Colincor Corcoran

    This song gives me fond memories of my youth growing up in the 80s was a great era for Scottish bands and groups in the charts Stuart Adamson was a legend with a guitar also great singer Colin Corcoran

    JPCP M

    The Skids were incredibly good. Like most, that is where I first noticed the wonderful Stuart Adamson.

  62. Lesmond 45


  63. Gary Hayter

    What a good track.

  64. Marian M

    Most underrated song from them.

  65. Dee Mc Loughlin

    What a Singer , what a songwriter , what a band , what a song of honesty and truth...........what a loss. RIP Stuart.......

  66. mo sal

    What a sound

  67. Monica Esposito

    R.I.P. Stuart

  68. RJ Walls

    Ran hundreds of miles with a Sony Walkman headphones on me head while training for Boxing in the 80's to this phenomenal album and so many other great songs by this amazing band. Thank you for giving me inspiration to push myself farther than i ever thought I could ever go Stuart.

  69. David Bradley

    Stuart Adamson . Bless you x

  70. Mark O'Halloran

    Excellent of Stuart’s best.

  71. Eric Hanhauser

    Great band. Great song. Remember the 80's? Ha ha. So good. I hear the tears comment. Hard not to.

  72. David Ellis

    Eerie today knowing Stuart would commit suicide. An epic track.Steve Lillywhite putting his stamp on it.

  73. Bert Spierings

    Oh Lord, I never felt so low... Well that's it in a nutshell...

  74. Steven Gray

    You can not beat this ever

  75. Nick E

    Saw this great band twice in 1986 - at the NEC in Birmingham they actually came on for a second encore and asked the audience what they wanted them to sing - 12,000 people shouted chance - it was the biggest singalong I've ever heard - electrifying!!!!

    Carrie Gordon

    Wow! That must have been amazing! I've got chills and wasn't even there!


    Carrie Gordon ha ha. Me too.

    Paul Fletcher

    What a moment and memory that must be,i can only ever dream of being at one of there concerts.

    Adrian Oddy

    I was there. Great night. Excellent band. Fond memories

  76. Simon Dentona


  77. Wullie Munn

    Quality never fades.

  78. Lisa Ball

    Love the instruments!

  79. Americo Utima

    One of the greatest bands got a unique style

  80. Glasgow Gallus

    One of the few songs a Scottish guy can safely cry to...fuckin' tune...the Gods bless you Stuart son, sadly missed...

  81. katoness


  82. biggixer

    What an amazing tune always brings a tear to my eye in a happy what tho

  83. Imma H8tr

    The 8 people who gave this thumbs down should hang their heads in shame.

    John Wilson

    Agreed 100%


    what's with you assholes thinking everyone should feel like you?

    Tony Guy

    They are to be pitied. They don't get it, they never will.

    Jim Gavioli

    I agree, this album, and this song in particular, the definition of MASTERPIECE.

    Mark Kelly

    No.. they just have different opinions, simple as that!

  84. Gord 101

    Love this song..was 13 when it came out...48 now...still gives me chills

    Nicola Brown

    I'm 48 too and love it

    Gord 101

    Thanks for all the likes and replies...Long live Big Country! And R.I.P. Stuart , never forgotten, love from Canada

    Laura Cameron

    @Gord 101 Absolutely. He lives on through his magnificent music. Same age as you, grew up listening to Big Country, and still listening almost 40 years later.

    Andrew Bleasdale

    Same here same feeling same age.

    Steve R

    I was a few years younger. My brother had the album, but I didn’t discover this song until about 15 years ago when I bought a greatest hits CD. Now it’s my favorite Big Country track.

  85. Helen Keenan

    rip stuart gone but never forgotten x

  86. Tom Harding

    Haunting song but fantastic!!!

  87. Bernard Coldwell

    I enjoyed this song when it came out and have it on vinyl in different formats 7" and the 12" extended mix, still enjoy listening to it today, thanks for uploading this classic

  88. Simon Jones

    35 years old and still amazing thank you Big Country

  89. Heybossitstheplane

    Stuart Adamson. Missed by so many. RIP.

  90. 123ubuntu666

    Used to play this out.

    It always went down well.

  91. Gertjan Kuipers

    One of the best pop-classics I know. Pure sentiment!

  92. Ged Maher

    My favourite band ever...RIP stuart adamson...many happy memories going to see big country.

  93. Lichtenstein1961

    I don't think this album got the acclaim it deserved, a milestone effort from a most original band fronted by such a talent. R.I.P Stuart Adamson

    Cap Colombie

    My favourite debut album by any band, a masterpiece.

  94. Peter Gower

    What a tune
    All time classic
    Stuart Adamson Legend Rip
    Your music lives on

  95. Anthony Hunt

    Big Country and Steve Lillywhite a wonderous combination in 1983 as Liilywhite was with U2,. Marshall Crenshaw and a few others at the time..............

    JPCP M

    Steve Lillywhite always had a big production hammer. He was good at what he did, but I did not always like his approach. A bit too heavy-handed in my opinion.
    Love this sound for Big Country, though.

  96. James Mark

    Always makes me cry... aye, and U2's Edge will attest.... so good, and God Bless U2 and the fighting Irish...Phil (Thin Lizzy - R.I.P.), Gilbert O'Sullivan (classic !) and many others.... !!!

  97. John Wishart

    This is good but check out King Of Emotion by the same band.

  98. John Stairmand

    great band

  99. John Stairmand

    rip stuart