Big Country - Alone Lyrics

The mid-day sky was grey and purple
At least it wasn't blue
I want the sky to be the way I am
And what I do
For I have been a lost and lonely
Sailor on your sea
Run aground by trusting signals
You were sending me

The streets are filled with empty faces
Nothing here is new
It's just the same in other places
I have journeyed to
I was the first across the water
The last across the land
I walked out of the silver mine
My pockets full of sand

Alone inside my head
Alone inside my room
I feel alone inside my head
Alone inside my tiny little world

It's not my life in those old pictures
The ones you threw away
For I was always someone else
And always far away
Walking in the darkest places
Where the mission meets
Waiting for the ground to open up
Beneath my feet

Alone inside my head
Alone inside my room
I feel alone inside my head
Alone inside my tiny little world

Alone inside my head
Alone inside my room
I feel alone inside my head
Alone inside my tiny little world

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Big Country Alone Comments
  1. mojav26

    Great song and the coda is beautiful!

  2. dillpicklechips

    My aunt told me she saw these guys back when U2 opened for them.

  3. Marley Bu

    Simply superb! Phenomenal live band. Loved them since 1983. R.I.P Stuart Adamson you beautiful soul ❤

  4. Lisa Knell

    I think there’s a lot of unfortunate people out there who never realized just how hard Big Country could rock!

  5. kevin braid

    Could almost be a suicide note in advance...Tragic loss and Stuart Adamson was a great talent.


    I learned this the hard way so take it from me:
    It's better to be alone on your own than alone with someone else. (What I mean is: When all the good is gone from a relationship: Get the fuck out. Run, don't walk. Life's too short).

  7. Steve Jolos

    Big thank, from France 🇫🇷

  8. Guy Morgan

    Adamson is up there with Dylan and Springsteen. Phenomenal Artist !


    Up there in heaven? Oh, wait...

  9. Mark Serour

    Quite prescient. RIP Stuart.

  10. Michael Bragg

    I’ve never seen this video before. Thanks for sharing it with the world!

  11. Sarah Dee

    Always been one of my favourite BC tunes - and I have a lot! The changes in this are just genius, a lot like main man Stu❤️❤️

  12. The Shogunstein

    This is great stuff. This record was totally overlooked. Where was I in 1993 that I missed this great record?

  13. dondi2261

    Why was Martin Chambers on the drums and not Mark B?

    brian donnelly

    Mark had left Big country @ the time of this album .and martin stepped in for the video .Simon Phillips was the Drummer on the album and mark rejoined the band for the skinners tour .A welcome return indeed

  14. Kishore Shenoy

    To quote Robin Williams: "I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone."


    @draco6543 No it's not. He had a brain disease that was literally causing him to lose his mind.

  15. jt c

    The guitar solo is fucking immense.  Not the fastest or the longest but very original & cool

  16. MrPorrohman

    I choose this song to be played on my funeral! I played it over 2000 times! Best song of all time!

  17. David Ramsay

    A big influence growing up - Stuart has left a lasting legacy

  18. Alan Lewis

    Scotland's best export?I think so.

    Sergio Alvarado

    Better than the finest scotch

  19. brian donnelly

    Fuck it I am away to play the Whole Album .Loud and Proud

  20. Dawne Abdul Al-Bari

    So Gorgeous is the Soul of this man and His Band Mates ;->

    Dawne Abdul Al-Bari

    Thanks so much for supporting my post! Please feel free to share ;->

  21. darren lewis

    sadley one of the best bands of our generation to be so underated by our so called music industry which is so FAKE and corrupt its fasical this is to you all you manifactured bands FUCK YOU stayalive

  22. Will Daley

    The greatest band that (almost) no one has ever heard of.

    Andrew Costello

    Will Daley Hear, hear. Well said

    Michael Hicks

    Well said. It saddens me that Big Country never got the credit and recognition they truly deserved.

  23. 16voyeur

    Wow...never heard this one before.  Thank you!!

  24. Jim Westwood

    Fuckin awesome album opener , brilliant album . You still touch me most days Stuart

  25. Siôn Webster

    sad really because this song really describes how he died alone inside his head alone inside his room RIP staurt

    David McDougall

    Siôn Webster I did think that myself before, & if you listen to Troubled Man it kind of gives you a look inside his mind-like a cry for help?

  26. MyDarkSide67

    It's Simon Phillips on drums, as he played session drums on Buffalo Skinners.

    M. Pelletier

    looks like the pretender's martin chambers sitting in for the video shoot.

    padraig sisk

    Martin chambers from pretenders


    Not Simon Philips. He is on the CD while Mark was touring with... Pete Townshend (Philips was his usual drummer !!).

  27. dbc1dc

    He had left the band for a period between 1989 and 1992. Was reported he did not like the direction musically the band was taking.

  28. Enzo Furrari

    How come that's not Mark Brzezicki playing the drums?

  29. tournication

    this wonderful song has only 80.000 views after 6 years and crap like 'The Harlem Shake' & 'Gangnam Style' had millions of views each after only a few weeks. what's wrong with this world?

  30. dm g

    sad that someone so beautiful could be so troubled.

  31. theholyfather1

    @theekrusher yup one of the greatest albums ever , in my opinion

  32. Stevie Deasley

    Pure magic Stu,God bless you

  33. theekrusher

    Buffalo Skinners was one of the greatest and most over-looked hard rock records of the last 20 years. It still kicks my ass every time I give it a listen. Was the last thing I expected when I first heard it and it left a lasting impression. On the car stereo those middle-tempo pounding beats punish my hearing in such a beautiful way.

  34. jerry connor

    there are who know and there is those who dont know

  35. TheAmericanbornscot

    bruce looks like someone peed on his Les Paul XD RIP Big Man, Stuart Adamson......

  36. peter findlay

    rest in ultimate peace ...stuart adamson ...tru genius

  37. DanPat121

    10 years gone. R.I.P. Stuart.

  38. lucidmoment311

    Absolutely great !! * * * * *

  39. TheAmericanbornscot

    @HaroldGoodfortune hell yeah

  40. HaroldGoodfortune

    From one of the greatest albums. Simon Phillips rocks like hell!!

  41. TheAmericanbornscot

    a bit unique from most bc songs, so u know this is 1990's Big Country

    R.I.P. STUART A.

  42. David Barclay

    People will be listening to this in 100 years, and as for the crap people listen to today..... well that is instantly forgotten! We miss you Stu, Big Country marches on WITH you not without you!!

  43. JollyJimmyJohnston

    @MrsTootie79 ME TOO ;)

  44. JollyJimmyJohnston


  45. ZeroFighter22

    how did he died its so sad X(

  46. SolitudeSometimesIs

    Although the sentiment behind this song is all too obvious, and I can't help feeling Stuart I love this song, the guitar riffs are brilliant, its a song that just rattles around my mind for days on end. What a shame Stuart's not here.

  47. M. Pelletier

    always enjoy seeing the big country with a small drum kit.why ''alone'' and ''ships'' were selected as singles from what is probably their finest moment remains a mystery i'll never understand.driving through rural new york tonight skipped right over ''ships''.twice.

  48. stranci


  49. SheWoreLemon83

    This video is gorgeous and the song is fire! The black and white thing is so if Stuart wasn't hot enough.

  50. Fergal Fay

    @sisterdebmac your dead right if we could turn back time

  51. ee000011

    Reach for the light! Walking in the brightist places now, with the sky the way he is (I hope and expect). William Stuart Adamson 1958-2001. God knows how much I liked and now love his music.

  52. timdalf

    God rest your sweet soul, Stuart.

  53. suburbansoftrocker

    Great song.

  54. Debbie Hilliard

    @tianuria Dont we just x

  55. Duncan MacDonald

    amazing song, i saw them stuart, hope you`re in peace

  56. doran44

    How was this not a top ten hit for these guys in North America?it rocks,it's catchy the video is perfect for the song.But I never once heard it played on the radio or saw the video played on MTV or Much Music in Canada.I will never understand the failure ro recognize the brilliance of this band.

  57. Mark Jones

    Even though you are no longer with us, Stuart, you music will last for an eternity. RIP

  58. SuperPissflaps

    @karenlmarsh nice comment thanks

  59. Duncan MacDonald

    God I miss them!

  60. Ŧạŧŧië Bø JạñglëƧ

    the one about anthems that is!

  61. Ŧạŧŧië Bø JạñglëƧ

    i agree with the below comment

  62. timdalf

    Everything from this album is an anthem. RIP Stuart

  63. DavyMackNYC

    Hey again!

    Great vid! Where did you get it? Because of rights issues, this and Ships were not on the USA dvd. Someone said they were on the Canadian one and I just ordered it, it arrived and these 2 songs are not mentioned on the back. Except for the little Canadian sticker, the 2 cases look identical. Thanks!!!

  64. Markus Laimer

    The Buffalo Skinners is their best record. You have to love the songwriting and Simon Philips on drums. It should have propelled the band to superstar - level. But it wasn´t meant to be...

    It hurts evey time I see Stuart! I miss him!
    See you when I get there, maestro!

  65. Mark Jones

    Well said Big Country's and A-ha's will last unlike so-called groups of today. There music is timeless.

  66. James McDermott

    for i have been a lost and lonely sailor on your sea. god, i love that line

    RIP big man.

  67. Hugo Lima

    R.I.P SA

  68. Harriston Miller

    Excellent song

  69. blertoly

    pure class.i love big country.MAGER LEAGUE

  70. anpr1984

    Sheer Brilliance! Saw BC on the Bufflao skinners tour in 93 at the Cambridge Corn Exchange...awesome.So So sad about Stuart Adamson RIP.
    I do believe the drummer in the video is Martin Chambers of the Pretenders? Thanks for posting.

  71. hogwash139

    one off the top bands in the uk..if not the world..guitar,,music,,vocals ,,theres a story behind every song..

  72. obigaz

    love the song esp the guitar solo

  73. Snugstudios

    Cool song. The verse reminds me of Bruce Springsteen's "Atlantic City"

  74. Adams4eva

    Mark Breziecki to put everyone out of their misery...not that I have a clue why you're all arguing over what his name is...

  75. padraigmarcus

    Mark Brzezicki was the original drummer and played on most albums. On this track and album (buffalo skinners), i think the drummer was simon phillips or something like that...and by the way, where can i get this video. I'm a huge Big Country fan and never knew there was a video for this song.

  76. mrjohnnyboy65

    Saw the "Buffalo Skinners" tour at the Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ. (Springsteens' began career here). Great show. About 300 people...BUT BC ROCKED BIG TIME!!!!

  77. brian donnelly

    the guy drummin on the video is the pretenders drummer i doint remember his name nor did he ever drum 4 bc he was just in the video

  78. Chefen92

    For how many years was Mark away? He was in the original line-up right?

  79. mightysnoro

    Not sure about the video, but the album was Simon Phillips.

  80. Liam Eaton

    Went To See The Guys In Stratford On The 23rd.. Trust Me, They Still Rock! =]

  81. Marcus Entrada

    We'll never know, but long may the band continue in Stuarts memory, and go from strength to amazing 25 years.

  82. Alex E

    exellent song!!!

    probably most stuarts song lead to his destiny...
    but the power of BC music helped him and us to go on

  83. Mark Jones

    Great track from a great group

    RIP Stuart.

    Does anyone know if my fav big country All of Us is on you tube?

  84. Debbie Hilliard


  85. isabellle87

    Thank you for posting it! where did you find this video?(a French BC fan since 1984).

  86. m hubin

    thanks so much for this! awesome band.