Biffy Clyro - When The Faction's Fractioned Lyrics

Today's a blur, little baby, been up for days, waking up, waking up
Devised a plan, little darling, to split the sky, fade away, fade away
The time is running out, the time is running out
We'll fade away little baby, make no mistake, to half as much, half as much
The time is running out, the time is running, the water's running out, the water's running
The girl is running out, the girl is running, the girl is running out again
We can leave this faction and start our own, no-one will take it over, no-one
Start our own and show them backward to the sea

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Biffy Clyro When The Faction's Fractioned Comments
  1. TaranLoses

    2:30 to the end gives sentimental feels

  2. Oliver Davis

    Bu......woo.....hey. :-)

  3. bushbabyification

    love it when he says baby

  4. Pete Donaghy

    ah memories! fucking love this album

  5. youwhoxme

    @Blackbear40million oh yeah, obviously i stopped liking them when they stopped being underground......have you seen my hipster horn-rimmed glasses anywhere? i'm off to do a set with my synths at a club you probably haven't heard of yet.

  6. Alexander Black

    @youwhoxme when biffy clyro related searches weren't mainstream

  7. MissNothing09

    Amazing song! LOVE BIFFY CLYRO<3

  8. Tim Davies

    we can leave this faction, and start our own. best line ever

  9. youwhoxme

    this song meant everything to me in 2005

  10. Barbodicus

    Classic biffy tune