Biffy Clyro - In The Name Of The Wee Man Lyrics

I need...
I need...
I need...
I need...
I need someone to talk to...
I need someone to talk to...
I need someone to talk to...
I need someone to talk to...

I have a piece of glass, I'm ready to carve
Your name across my chest, consider it art
No contusions, I wanna see stains
Fix the problem, not the blame

I'll catch a fever, it's a wonderful high
I wanna go the way of the superstars
I got my razor and I'm willing to slice
All the way to my heart

We had a love but where did it go?
I never thought we were vulnerable
I begged you baby, "Can you please not go?
Cause I need somebody to talk to"

You have a feast at last, I'm ready to starve
You ain't got nothing left, I've only it all
I have to live here, you get to leave
Fix the problem, not the blame

I'll catch a fever, it's a wonderful high
I wanna go the way of the superstars
I got my razor and I'm willing to slice
All the way to my heart

We had a love but where did it go?
I never thought we were vulnerable
I begged you baby, "Can you please not go?
Cause I need somebody to talk to"
We had a blast, yeah we did explode
I want to see where the shrapnel goes
I always thought we were impenetrable
But I need somebody to talk to

This is all you've ever known
Take a truth, turn it to stone
The more you lie, the stranger you seem
We won't be careful cause we know we can
This is all in the name of the wee man

When the body ends, do we decay or rise again?
Do we surround ourselves with simple common sense
Or do we hold onto consciousness?

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Biffy Clyro In The Name Of The Wee Man Comments
  1. Alex Criddle


  2. Bel Vermillion

    Fucking love the heaviness of this song

  3. musiclover01ization

    Reading these comments and I'm convinced that Biffy Clyro have some really shit fans.

  4. Lemon Tree

    This is my favourite song from elipsis and i didnt even get it on my cd

  5. pun-chable gamer806

    I love the lead up from 3:07

  6. TheNewVocal

    Good morning from Singapore! Wish you'd have a fantastic week =)

  7. Ryan Aucoin

    this is all in the name of the wee man. makes me think of wee man from jackass. awesome song though lol

  8. krissymf Sym

    Simons voice is just the best. And this song is mind blowing - especially the epic outro.

  9. 1thaka

    3:10-3:25 sounds like Benzin by Rammstein!

  10. Ant.biffy

    This song is too fucking good. Pure genius. Mon the fuckin' Biff!

  11. Alex Whittingham

    3:00 in, yesssssssss

  12. Simone Rochelle

    Was this on the deluxe version of ellipsis?


    yes, just not on the standard album. It's not available as an mp3 on amazon either

  13. Mr Sheng Long

    Loving all the Infinity Land and Vertigo of Bliss lovers that this song has drawn out in the comments :D

  14. Guy Incognito

    If you think Biffy have turned less raw and you don't like their new stuff then DO NOT let that stop you from seeing them live.
    They are absolutely fantastic live and most of the newer songs sound a lot more raw.

  15. Cynicayke

    Oh my. The hipster Biffy fans wanking all over this. I mean, it's good, but it's pretty much a rehash of Now! That Action, without the strings. There are far more interesting songs on the album.

    Anna Sinclair

    let people enjoy what music they want to enjoy, jeeeeeeez

  16. Artur Oliveira

    shit song

    Sebastian Pacheco

    Artur Oliveira shut up please, idiot!

  17. Joanna Toms

    The best

  18. ih8ppunk

    Legit thought this song was from Infinity Land first time I heard it 10/10

  19. billyblackburn87

    gutted this ent on new album

    Joe White

    It's on the deluxe version

  20. Alexandros Nikas

    Oh the whining. This really is among the best songs of an otherwise EXCELLENT album.

  21. SuperEvilelvis

    wow killer song!

  22. oli hogan

    Amazing work

  23. The19towers

    the outro to this track is absolutely fucking brilliant; biffy at their very best. far too short, though.

  24. M Doc

    3:18 onwards sounds like a blackened sky b-side. Shame more of the album isnt like this.

  25. Joseph Radomski

    Is this about the guy off Jackass?

    Jamie Baird

    Please say you're joking. The Wee Man is a famous Scottish gangster


    Jamie Baird and yet wee man in this instance is clearly his boaby.

    Ewan ET

    Please say you're joking. The Wee Man is refering to Jesus lol. Haven't you heard the saying "Oh, in the name of the wee man"?

    Mark R

    no its a term used in scotland, mainly used by old aunts and grans these days or around children for "for fuck sake" or "oh my goodness".

  26. mabozza85

    i used to love this band and idolise everything they stood for. now they come out with this crap. total sellouts. u cant get better than puzzle end of. and barring a handful of tracks since then they have been awful. gutted i am. :-(

    Sir digby chicken ceasar

    shut the fuck up all of you. music is personal. I liked this don't like that so this is best. stick it up your arses. dont like it then fuck off with yaself. evolution my compadres.

    James Copsey

    mabozza85 Stumbled across Biffy being tired of the so called "mainstream" crap filling the airways. There is a demographic out there, who get stuck in a moment and a sound to fill the box they live in. The rest evolve and grow. To call them a sell out cause they decide to put themselves on the airwaves to grab a hold of the lemmings just following the masses and shake them to their senses, bring them into the fold and a reward them with their past works and for you lucky ass bastards on the other side of the pond, ONE HELL OF A CONCERT that the lemmings here don't get to appreciate cause the only shows we get are bands getting back together after years, and bands well past there prime. And that's not even giving Pop and Rap justification, although some might be OK and worth a passing listen, but for the most part is total crap. So before you bash BIFFY, give a listen to the shit we are being force fed. MON THE BIF

    Donna Larkin

    The first three albums are the only ones that matter.

    Ryan Mitchell

    mabozza85 haha you wee cant

    Ryan Mitchell

    James Copsey wow

  27. Jonoelevans

    Why would they not put this on the CD? I'm aware it's kinda dying out but I have all the other albums so gotta complete it, but this is only on the iTunes album its so good 😣


    It is strange that it's not on all versions of the album

    scott hewlett

    It is, especially considering it's the best track on a pretty weak album.

    Dominic Brown

    Given how many B-sides/extra material they produce around every album, ALWAYS buy the deluxe version when buying Biffy


    I'm pissed off it didn't make the album.

    Joe White

    +billyblackburn87 well they have to put some good songs on the deluxe version so people will buy it

  28. Liam Peters

    The more you lie.. The stranger you... "ULTIMATE ORGASM"

  29. Ludovic Capillon

    One of the very few good songs on this album...

    Gas Pankratus

    One of the very few songs that you liked on this album...


    Without any doubts the best song of the album. HANDS DOWN!!! \m/(*_*)\m/

  31. ConorJCMusic

    hey man cheers for this! could you upload the other bonus track too "Don't Won't Can't"?

  32. brokenwall20

    fuck yes! best song on album!

  33. This Guy

    It's good to have you back Simon.

  34. Fred Bumble

    Mon tha fuckin biff!

  35. themorganator4

    by far the best song they have released since the old days

    Jack McGhee

    Mr Sheng Long

    The Viewer of the Golden

    I'd say they went to explore other aspects of their music. Now they've gone back to their more classic sounds, and I'd say they're better for it. Shouldn't they have the right to produce whatever they want, especially if they're able to grow as musicians?

    Antony Quigley

    YES. are you me!?? also Medicine, As dust dances, I'm behind you, Little Soldiers, (Cloud of stink kinda... meh), now i'm everyone, GET FUCKED STUD, Drop it dickhead (acoustic), living is a problem, different people, black chandelier, sounds like balloons, opposite, the fog, skylight, People, (And that song i hope is on the dot dot dot or punkt punkt punkt (which is an ellipses... right?) the new one they sang in glasgow "Her come the naturals" so please don't give up one me now!!!!

    Ewan Mookhoek

    themorganator4 B-sides usually are more old biffy-ish. Check out Similarities, Missing Pieces and Lonely Revolutions. They've got some great songs and them.

    M Doc

    A few more songs like this on the newer albums and everyone would be happy.