Biffy Clyro - Folding Stars Lyrics

Take a long hard look at yourself
How did you end up here
The blood drips like red inverted balloons
Tomorrow is a promise to no-one

If you want, follow me and I'll lead you inside
You don't have to run and hide

Eleanor, Eleanor
I would do anything for another minute with you because
It's not getting easier, it's not getting easier

In a bedroom with no windows or doors
All the happy people are crying
You can't hold a gaze for a second or two
It always ends in total darkness

Eleanor, Eleanor
I would do anything for another minute with you because
It's not getting easier, it's not getting easier
You will be folding stars
You can't ever understand
It's not getting easier, it's not getting easier

It ends in a place with no love only hate
And a mirror reflecting the truth
In your eyes, in your face you can't wash it away
From your cold, cold heart

I hope that you're folding stars

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Biffy Clyro Folding Stars Comments
  1. Jack Smith

    Back in the day when they wore clothes 😂

  2. Melissa Hamilton

    I ❤️ you Biffy Clyro and Nickelback. Who are ever fans of these people ot there will love them cos I think they both such awesome bands. I'm loving their song puzzle. I played it over and over again today. Omigod! Such an awesome song. Love youuuuuu Biffy Clyro guys. I ❤️ you guys. Xxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I 💗 you both Scottish and American Canadian bands to bit. Omigod. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗👍👍👍👍👍👍💗❤️❤️👍👍❤️❤️💗❤️😃👍👍

  3. Nightrain81

    What did the Scots every do for us? - biffy - buff said 🤘🏻

  4. Jamie Glen

    Mon the biff!!

  5. M J

    In a bedroom with no windows or doors..

  6. Kince Da Femboi

    I don't know why but the more depressing biffy songs tend to be my favourites. You got this, opposites (which is by far my fav biffy song), machines, people, medicine, many of horror etc. There just tends to be a lot of raw emotion that goes into these kinds of biffy songs and to say the least. I fucking love that

    Six of Spades

    They have more emotion put into them, it's why some artists produce their best materials after a loss, because it gives them so much to work with.

  7. Evil Spyro

    This is such a powerful but sad song. It must have been a job to record this so well. "I would do anything for another minute with you, cos, it's not getting easier" hard hitting, sobering lyrics.

  8. Mauro Ramirez

    sounds better than foo fighters!!

  9. Oliver4 Elio

    Love this song.

  10. Just Halle

    Hi biffy I am Halle for my 8th birthday I got to to go to your new castle concert I loved it I am 9 now though

  11. Leonidis78

    Lets get this over 1m for Eleanor!

  12. Leonidis78

    She knew dude. Chin up.

  13. Jon Reynolds

    Seeing it live has reduced me to tears 😭

  14. Hereditary •

    looks like he bust a nut in the thumbnail

  15. Young Dylan

    Mum, Watch over me. Love you so much.

  16. Charlie Burnham

    the 'its not getting easier' s always get me :(

  17. Laetitia Pille

    Best song ever <3

  18. david5250

    Still as powerful and heart-wrenching as it was when I first heard it back in 2007. I miss you, Ash.

  19. Barb Nixon aka Oulala99

    "it's not getting easier, it's not getting easier", miss you, G!xx

  20. Paul Adams

    Love this song. I know where Simon is coming from. That apart, absolutely fabulous song.

  21. Kiri Osborn

    such a meaningful song :((

  22. billyblackburn87

    Great vocal tune but the guitars are too generic to be an amazing song


    oh shut up

    Joe Leary

    Ah I remember being that age when I thought everything had to be really technical to be good. What a dick I was back then.

  23. Michelle Wright

    Mon the BIff ;-) x

  24. Michelle Wright

    I think some of there songs are deep but all good x

  25. Raph BW

    needs more recognition, incredible song

  26. Caroline West

    I wish I could have written such a beautiful Song about my gorgeous mum. It gets easier but you never stop feeling sad

    Georgina Smith

    so true, it changes and shifts.....never goes :(

  27. TPD TV

    This is the best song ever written

    Joseph Peyton



    Its up there.


    TPD TV Now I love Biffy Fucking Clyro more than anybody on this thread, but the best song ever?
    Fuck, no.

    Mary Petrie

    Don't be daft!....its ok

  28. Cammy Johnston

    My auntie knew his mum

    Admiral Kekbar

    my auntie knows my mum

  29. nalds78

    when u take into account that he wrote this song about his mother who died it makes it even more epic,feel for him,up the biffy

    hollie 1234

    Weirdly it is mon the biffy but people just say mon the biff for no real reason

    DesolateVeilX •__•

    Hollie 1234 mon is Scottish slang it's like saying come on the biffy

    hollie 1234

    Green Night :3 oh yeah i know but its weird how we say biff rather than biffy. I know its like the scottish way of saying it which is awesome but in the early days the crowd used to sat mon the biffy :)

    DesolateVeilX •__•

    Hollie 1234 abbreviations I guess makes it shorter

    hollie 1234

    Green Night :3 yeah probably

  30. Obiq Dawn

    This video is kinda creepy lolz

  31. Eleanor Rist

    My girlfriend just told me to listen to this and now I'm crying.

    Luke Hester

    That's cute


    Why? Are you dead?

    M J

    Poofter eh

  32. Team Coquelin

    One of the best songs ever!

  33. David Francis

    I love you

  34. blackknightkanos

    This is so good.

  35. Julinalein

    Tomorrow is a promise to no one

  36. Evan Barrow

    mon the biff, rip elinor



  38. Conor Fennell

    I'm addicted to this song it's just incredible and so are The Biff

  39. kieran rooney

    By far the best biffy song ?? i certainly think so

  40. billy wright

    I really don`t know why there songs do not have more views??? There just amazing.

    nessan leahy

    Because they dont sing about drinking,partying and doing drugs. Its kind of sad when you think of it


    It doesnt matter. As long as theyre there im happy.

    Jasmin Braje

    billy wright ö

    ØrPhÄn MüRpHy

    *their and *they're. Muppet.

  41. lovessniping

    Hey look! Its Simon Christ.

  42. scorpion1ification

    Mon the biff!

  43. Lyndsey Clarke

    This is my favourite Biffy song 😁

    Jasmin Braje

    Lyndsey Clarke o

  44. Tom Beale

    That's Painshill Park in Cobham, Surrey if anyone was wondering.

  45. Denyse Nitsch

    I cannot describe how much I LOVE this dudes!!! ;-))))))))))

  46. 235saphire

    There is some extra footage on this video now showing the guys walking away from each other. It looks so lonely. We love you x3  Biffy Clyro. Please say you're not splitting up.

  47. Punchinrocksintheeye

    this song gives me goosebumps everywhere! love it so much! love biffy clyro

  48. lewabdn

    Really? Youv never watched Wimbledon once in your life then i can tell. I dont jump on band wagons. Im just telling it like ive seen and heard it. Nothing dumb about it.
    By the way. Nice fingerstyle covers.

  49. Squishbel

    My dad is scottish and my mum is english. clearly they don't hate each other.

  50. A Rob

    I cry every time I hear this, I need my Granda back.

  51. Louie Seber

    Painshill park! I've stood in that little building thing they're playing in :)

  52. rmccaw7

    I'm sorry, you've already taken this down your own rabbit hole. I won't try and have a discussion with somebody operating on their own plane of reality.

  53. o0KingOfTheJuice0o

    I know how to speak to someone with respect and behave in a civilized manner. you must have missed that lesson.

  54. rmccaw7

    'Mother country'? haha you don;t know anything, man.

  55. o0KingOfTheJuice0o

    It's cause we're the mother country and all the ones that fought us for their 'independance' are the stroppy teenagers that are like "let me live my own life!" and then they fuck everything up and get pissed off.

  56. meowcow32

    absolute tune

  57. Melisa

    I love this song. It's beautiful.

  58. thecharmingham

    Such a beautiful song

  59. cosmicwatchmaker

    Sounds really like Idlewild

  60. lyscoco

    Not getting easier !

  61. rmccaw7

    Everybody hates the English. Strangely, it genuinely isn't personal. But it is genuine, and justified.

    Six of Spades

    Even the English hate the English. Damned English, they ruined England.

  62. leedsmanc

    I don't pray and don't appreciate the modern fucking cloying "we send our prayers out" false bollocks about people we don't know and have never met. No offence intended to those legitimately mourning the death of Simon's mother, but I'm sure you don't need my token words to comfort you.

  63. Alastair Cameron

    I feel like the Wembley Live Version is more powerful than the original

  64. Liam McNabb

    shut the fuck up about football

  65. lewabdn

    An example would be when this was said. And this is a direct quote.
    Britains Andy Murray wins golds in the mens singles. Scotlands Andy Murray loses the doubles final.
    With that said though this view only reflects that of a minority. Sue Barker is an English woman and shes has the most fair views in wimbledon commentary. Andy's win was a good win for not jut Scotland but all of the UK

  66. Pia Kolvenbach

    my father's 19th deathday...and yes, Simon is still right...

  67. Matthew Kempa

    This is so true! When Andy won Wimbledon last week, all of a sudden he's British, Last year he lost, and is Scottish :P

  68. Susana Freitas

    You forgot the accent....there's nothing better than a scottish accent! I absolutly LOVE it!!

  69. Lusting forchocolate

    Today is my brother's 12th birthday. But for the past 12 years I haven't celebrated any of his birthdays with him. Not even six weeks after he was born he was taken from me, and from my family. My little angel, just gone. Four years ago when I first heard this song, all I could think about was my little brother. "I would do anything for another minute with you, it's not getting easier, it's not getting easier. I hope that you're folding stars." And I really hope he is. I love you Lachlan ♡♡♡

  70. Ryan Milligan

    Nah we don't celebrate ''British winners'' there Scottish or English bro. e.g I don't celebrate Lewis Hamilton winning as british hes English but I enjoy his racing. BRING ON THE REFERENDUM AND FUCKING REBUILD THESE WALLS. KEEP THE MIGRANTS SOUTH OF THE BORDER.

  71. Zack Hammond

    I dont think we are really biased its the same as scottish people would say that english guy or british

  72. jackralias

    Jesus, stop with the football shit on this thread...morons who have club badges as their avatars...says it all...
    yeah, go on then, say something like "least I have an avatar..."
    I doubt there's anything else you can type, especially one fingered...

  73. Christina Cavalcanti

    Can all you small-minded people just STOP arguing over the English, Scottish, and Irish, and just enjoy and send your prayers out to Simon who's lost his mother and whom this song is for?

  74. AshJPJ

    Better track record than Scotland mate ;) we've won the world cup more times than you lot have got past the group stage in a world cup haha!

  75. liamthemusicreviewer

    "The reason I'm so upset is because I was away playing shows when, if I had been at home doing a normal job, I could have been here and I could have helped. Because we were travelling and it was so out of the blue, I couldn't even get back to say goodbye..." - Simon Neil on his mother's death - 2007

    Those feels man.

  76. cr8constap

    this and machines... the feels man, so much emotion.

  77. cr8constap

    well thats absolutely fantastic, give yourself a pat on the back for your amazing achievement.

  78. St3v3z

    Only 8 countries have won even a single world cup. It is a perfectly respectable track record when compared to the whole 200+ countries who enter each world cup.
    Of course the English media shows some biased attitude towards its own country. What kind of tabloid despises its own country? Who would read such a thing? The news is depressing enough as it is. Not everyone has a self loathing point of view like the other home nations seem to have adopted.

  79. lewabdn

    You hate it because you know its true. I couldnt be any less jealous. I dont care for football one little bit. England only win the WC once nearly 50 years ago. Thats not a good track record mate ;) I can tell your upset, the truth often hits home pretty hard. though i dont see what your crying about. Its British media im talking about not the average English person. Everyone knows how biased the media is. If you cant see it yourself then i think something may be wrong

  80. AshJPJ

    Hate it so much when scottish people say shit like that, if you lot managed to win anything of worth like a world cup you'd do the same and go on about it forever, however you've all realised there's no chance of that ever happening so you just hide your jealousy behind this story of "oh i just dont want them to win because they always go on about it".

  81. lewabdn

    And they wonder WHY we want them out of the world cup as soon as possible. They still talk about the win in 66 as if it was last week. Wed never hear the end of another win. Its always the same story. This could be our year etc great players etc etc. Like when we won in 1966 etc etc etc
    Its absolutely mental that they wonder why we dont want them to win hahah.
    The media truly are just a bunch of balloons lol

  82. ParasonSponge

    I can't believe they've scrapped this from their setlist, great song...

    Very emotional for Simon, so you can understand why, hopefully saving it for a special occasion like the Readng/Leeds Headline show? ;)

    Rest in piece Mrs Neil

  83. naturallyblondefull

    Rest in peace Mrs Neil!!

  84. gmagicitsgreat


  85. julian Geraedts

    who the fuck got this scotland england discussion.... all you need is love love love :)

  86. julian Geraedts

    live they play it acoustic.... even better

  87. Oli Richings

    No. Your name is Pinkand bluegirl

  88. Oli Richings

    Well that's complete bollocks

  89. Adam Othman

    Simon with a gretsch D:

  90. m Talbot

    I agree about the media and I am English.

    I love watching the music vids on you tube but I also hate the stupid comments on here. I never will understand why people would click on a vid then start slagging each other off it's ridiculous

  91. Breaking Flowers

    That changed my life forever.

  92. pinkandbluegirl

    My name is Eleanor.

  93. Patrick Foster

    Can you English too?

  94. Christopher Harker

    the fact is only has 155,100 views is just mid blowing such an amazing song should be like 10mil!

  95. lewabdn

    Aye for sure mate. Loch Lomond is one of the most beautiful places ive ever been. And the Scottish highlands and the Cairngorm mountains are stunning places to view.
    If our summers were just a bit hotter and longer it would be an even more amazing place to stay. Im used to the weather but id love longer summers.

  96. Alex Livings

    so this is where all the Scottish people have been hiding! I should have figured!

  97. Alex Livings

    trust me I love the compliment but you do not