Biffy Clyro - Eradicate The Doubt Lyrics

You are the summer, I'll feel forever, I'll bleed forever
You think you are the greatest, I'll feel forever, I'll bleed forever
Think that the circus is friendly it's more like a mutual interest in a nosebleed, think again
Scared of the now, take all the air, look out dear, stick up kid, take all the air
I'll bleed forever, I'll bleed forever, I'll feel forever, I'll bleed forever
A-list with an alias, eradicate the doubt
Tackle heat it's in a cool cold slipstream that you will not find
Caught in a high speed hateful procedure
Scared of the now, take all the air, look out dear, stick up kid, take all the air
Sometimes, you'll dare to become forever and provoke the fear inside you, awaken
Take me to your heart, take me to your heart

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Biffy Clyro Eradicate The Doubt Comments
  1. NU TV

    youuu are the summer
    I feel forever

  2. Andy Jake

    The good shit! Back when they wore shirts!

  3. Biffy Clyro Songs!

    I disagree with anyonee saying they prefer the 'old' biffy and saying that this is the 'best' biffy because biffy will always be the amazing, outstanding rockers they are. They can't always play music that everyone wants them to play. They want to stand out rather than go into all that generic rock shit. Even their new songs like small wishes and don't won't can't are amazing, maybe they are new and sound nothing like the older stuff, it is still really great to listen to. They want change, people would get bored if their music was all the same style.

  4. mnemos


  5. Robert Drury

    Does anyone else think Simon looks like Kurt Cobain while hes singing? He just has that same kind of stare into the mic Kurt had!

    Dougie Robertson

    Always thought Biffy were the Scottish Nirvana

  6. Pandro MUGGS

    good old biffy

  7. bigleebrink

    I remember when Ben had hair...

  8. LonerOldGuy

    Don't get me wrong they're all talented, but Simon's always been the song writer of the band

    Alonso Gomez-Garcia

    I mean.. literally haha. He IS the band's main songwriter ..

  9. ArcticGalaxy3

    Ben has hair, Simon's beard is too little for being Simon's beard...they were just young

  10. Dredd Hardy

    that was hands down amazing they suprise me with every new song !!

  11. David Galloway

    Aw, when Ben had hair <3

  12. ToonTownRandomer

    Its Great with the Bagpipes! Prove how Scottish they are. Now all they need is Irn Bru when recording!

  13. ChewingDrum

    a side of biffy clyro i never knew. totally dig it

  14. Jonny Ed

    I feel lucky. Because i enjoy the new stuff as much as i enjoy the old. The old stuff might be "heavier" and more "progressive" but you cant call Opposites a commercial album. The fact its a double album instantly removes the idea of it being commercial. And then songs like The Fog, Trumpet or Tap and Skylight are more experimentation than commercial. It has its singles, just like any pop/rock album. Singles are adverts to sell an album. They are great song writers. Simple

    Obiq Dawn

    Jonny Ed All said!

  15. BrodyLuv2

    Misery - Gallows.


  16. SophiesOtherAccount

    Totally agree!

  17. Pablo Disogra

    Blackened Sky & VoB, sick albums. Having the inspiration and the creativity to create those two masterpieces within a year shows how talented Simon is.

  18. Lee McQueen

    Wise up Stingin' belle is superb.

  19. Biffyclyro1993

    have some faith. that's just one single, rest of the new album will be much more epic

  20. Josh Pirie

    That's just to make up for the fact he's NOT wearing a t-shirt

  21. bushbabyification

    love it all

  22. blunderandhaggis

    This is definitely copyright Beggars Banquet Records


    They let us know for a full minute

  23. Kasheesan

    The "old" Biffy was so much better !

  24. playthegamelike

    This is what I want to see more of from bif!!!!

  25. Carleia Balbenta

    <3 My favourite Biffy song! Maaaaaan this is OLD, haha!

  26. Santi Gore Boy

    This is like nirvana back in this days <3

  27. Daniel Parker

    mon the biff

  28. Armin Tanzerian

    They're wearing shirts and simon has his guitar down low
    Fuck this is old

  29. himynameisjaack

    What time? 2003? Most teen rock bands whose members were in their mid 20s sounded like Nirvana for over a decade?

  30. Lundgreen

    That's common from that time :) most teen rock bands sounded something like that :P

  31. Joseph wood

    When Benny had hair!

  32. Callahan Hirrel

    i remember back when i was a hipster.....loljk open your friggin mind

  33. Jonah Norbury


  34. Kerrie Matthews

    mon the biff!!!! excellent choice in single!!!

  35. sfedf1

    It has that Nirvanaesque vibe.

  36. TrinomialExpressions

    Freaking love this song soooo much. Well, I love every Biffy song, so that isn't particularly shocking :D I wish people would stop calling them "sell-outs", cos they're definitely not - they're still amaaaazinggg <3 MON THE BIFFY!

  37. Ramon Blanquer Ruiz

    OMG... You guys are fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckin amazing, if I could express well in english I swear I'd write a supercoment oh my god, asjnifunilsukjniuwlrhngsfiukhgrisuvnseñrgnk

  38. raem94

    "Generic as fuck"? Every single song from the 2 most recent albums is as distinguishably Biffy as any from the first 3. They haven't sold out in any way, and no one likes hipsters.

  39. BiffyC

    Still my favourite Biffy song. Love it.

  40. Carys N

    i feel privileged that i have this on the single CD/DVD :3

  41. Lise Oigard


  42. Ewan MacDonald

    anyone know bands that are like biffy? apart from LTA,twin atlantic etc i already got their albums

  43. Ludovic Capillon

    THAT was Biffy Clyro. Best album. :)

  44. YesTHATname

    Still on repeat since 2003. one of their best singles!

  45. Matthew White

    I guess if selling out and releasing two generic as fuck, awful stadium rock albums is amazing, then you're right

  46. Sally Clues

    biffy clyro are fucking amaazing.

  47. BTWKillTheBees

    this fucking band.

  48. TheWiredWonder


  49. MrKool912931

    100 under <3

  50. Friederike .23

    they are still good.. every band changes over time :)

  51. Frimf


  52. Matthew White


  53. Thomas Lipscombe

    I'd love to see this performed live. After all, Biffy are just one of the many immense live bands

  54. davrockist

    I didn't even know there was a music video of this :O

  55. MonTheDim

    Fucking great

  56. tyler303047

    No comments really?


    YEESSSS!!!! Thanks for this! Cant wait for nexy album!

  58. Rob Luck

    gotta love these being uploaded

  59. Anorak Jack

    Hopefully this song will eradicate the doubt of anyone who thinks biffy aren't the best band ever