Biffy Clyro - 9/15ths Lyrics

We're on a hellslide help us help us

Are you irrelevant? You're falling to pieces

How do you become one again?
Are you an elephant? You've fallen to piececs
How do you do?

We're on a hellslide help us help us

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Biffy Clyro 9/15ths Comments
  1. kittikoko

    Saw them live again tonight and OH MY GOD, THEY DID THIS MASTERPIECE. 🔥

  2. Cant Think Of A Name

    Why does this sound like 'we're on a house slut.'

  3. beakaHD

    This was the first song I heard from them. I think this albums better than never mind.

  4. Samson N

    My daughter sings "we've got a house life"

  5. RealityCheck6T9

    Sing to Jesus

    Martin Rose

    He can sod off

  6. Jewels Alwayssleepy.

    I love this song.

    Although I keep hearing "We're on a house line".

    thomas pullen


    S F Kirby

    Jewels Alwayssleepy. I can never not hear that now

  7. Zoë Meerstetter

    My favorite song

  8. DesolateVeilX •__•

    Bring on TRNSMT MTB

  9. Ingrid Paola Martinez Añasco

    hasta ahora que escucho esta banda. Pero es realmente buena, me gusta su música :D

  10. pixel gaming

    good good good good the best groupe biffy clyro

  11. Popper Bare

    btw i do love biffy so much my favourite band by far sore them at Birmingham and then Sheffield the next day

  12. Ян Соколов

    Очень понравилось. Музыка, заставляющая чувствовать, - редкость.

  13. Jack Grennan

    Cool tune... Something diiferent with the choirs and stuff I like it😃

  14. Ailbhe

    We're on a hell slide

    Matt Fowler

    +SomeGuyFromBristol Help us!


    +Matt Fowler We're on a hell slide

    Matt Fowler

    +SomeGuyFromBristol you're falling to pieces


    Are you an elephant?

  15. Gonzalo Fernandez