Bieber, Justin - Heartbreaker Lyrics

Girl you don't know how I feel (how I really feel)
Since you've been away, oh baby
Any chance that you could take my call (take my call)
If I got you today, oh?

Girl you say, that you don't wanna talk but it's cool
I've been thinking 'bout you all day long
Hoping you'll pick up your phone
Girl I know, that I don't wanna lose your love
Oh baby (oh baby), oh baby

Oh girl I got a secret place that we can go
'Cause I really wanna be alone
Baby nobody else gotta know
Just meet me later on the low

Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker
'Cause girl my heart's breaking
Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker
'Cause girl my heart's breaking

(Hey girl)

Girl you see me standing here (standing here)
Standing in the rain, oh baby
Any chance that you could stay right here?
And never go away?

Girl you say that you don't wanna talk but it's cool
I've been thinking 'bout you all day long
Hoping you'll pick up your phone
Girl I know that I don't wanna lose your love
Oh baby (oh baby), oh baby

Oh girl I got a secret place that we can go (secret place that we can go)
'Cause I really wanna be alone (I really wanna be alone)
Baby nobody else gotta know (nobody else)
Just meet me later on the low (would you meet me on the low, girl?)

Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker (baby don't tell me, no)
Girl my heart's breaking
Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker
'Cause girl my heart's breaking (heart is breaking, whoa)

So what I'm really tryna say is
And what I hope you understand
Is despite of all the imperfections of who I am
I still wanna be your man
I know it hasn't been easy for us to talk with everyone being around
But this is personal, this is for me and you
And I want you to know that I still love you
I know the seasons may change
And sometimes love goes from sunshine to rain
And I'm under this umbrella and I'm calling your name
And you know I don't wanna lose that
I still believe in us

I still believe in love
I still believe in us
I hope you believe in us
The way I believe in us
You don't see
'Cause what you don't see is when we don't speak
I really don't sleep, I wanna talk to ya
And if I had the world in my hands, I'd give it all to ya
I wanna know if you're feeling, the way that I'm feeling
I wanna know if you're feeling, the way that I, the way that I

You told me to be careful with your heart, your heart
You told me to be careful with your heart, your heart
With your heart

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Bieber, Justin Heartbreaker Comments
  1. Tatiana Buzzo

    Português falem

  2. Memem Iajfh

    I don’t think any album gon top dis one ☝️ 💯.

  3. Angie May

    I love hailey but deep down I know he loves Selena more

  4. swipe swipe

    Was reading how Justin was struggling with drink n Drugs in his latest YouTube series online, think he's brave for being so honest and open well done. Hope you come back bigger, badder n stronger. All the best from the UK.😀👍

  5. themacbella

    Ohh, miss this song.. Damn..

  6. Hell-end

    Honestly in this album, all the words came to his heart... <3

  7. alex caca

    when my food is late:

  8. ok boomer

    journals is the best album he made. hands down.

  9. Anderson Carvalho

    My favorite album! <3

  10. Anderson Carvalho

    Meu álbum favorito!

  11. Shalyn Queen 18

    My favorite song in the whole wide world ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Mahendra Barola


  13. n s

    Really do miss #musicmondays and imo journals is his best work!!

  14. Seth Isley

    808s and heartbreak

  15. Gurtaj mahal Mahal

    Who came after changes announcement 😂

  16. Eliana Ocando

    Mejor álbum de todos definitivamente😌

  17. Daniel Rivera

    Journals is the best album of Justin Bieber. 💙

    Zeus Official


  18. Adil Ahmed

    Anyone after yummy?

  19. Oscar Debora

    Dat a perfect perpole broken Hart

  20. Angel Gray

    This song was written about Selena Gomez and it's so emotional and raw... And then you have Yummy... 😂😂😂

    Clorox Bleach

    which is about his sex life 😂

  21. Miriuta Estera


  22. Cintia OliVeira teu:20

    Cintia OliVeira


  23. Chirawan Abdullah

    I love this song 2013-2020 💜

  24. XxTamaraXx

    Bro I still know this album word for word. Honestly this album was my favorite album of his but so many people just over looked it or freaking talked bad about it



  26. Inferno ❶

    We need to start a petition to get a Journals world tour... shit was so underrated


    U again

    Inferno ❶

    Amaze yes

  27. crazy4corbinbleux

    I don't know why I feel like crying listening to this song. Maybe because I am reminiscing about my college days walking from class to class on a large beautiful campus.. in the snow.. this whole album was on repeat that winter <3

  28. crazy4corbinbleux

    Who is here because they heard 'yummy' and thought it was an extra track off of this EP?

  29. Any Lettícia

    Eu amo tanto essa música

  30. café :3

    2020 Brasil 😍❤❤❤

  31. vivi

    journals deserves all the love <3

  32. Njeri Nedab

    Hands down his best work...the production was awesome

  33. Disneylover

    Yummy sucks and it's because he does not have the same passion and inspiration he used to *IM NOT A JELENA SHIPPER* I just miss old JB

    Samreen Smr

    Listen to get me

  34. Oscar Debora

    Day after day in the grave i now I can say this is the most fave of mine lol

  35. obi wan kenobi

    Who is here looking for led zep fans

  36. Awais Baloch

    This underrated album was the best album. 2020 & I still hear the songs of that album.

  37. Angela

    *Purpose* & *Journals* are the best albums.

  38. AXE Boy

    Can you make a new song Justin Bieber you should make a song for your mom because she is a nice person

  39. mr.biebes gaming

    Whenever I suffer from bad time I just cry alot and listen justin's sad and I think that god always want to see me sad but I am wrong at that time god got good plans for me and he puts me in every situation for a reason whether it is bad or good and also justin bieber also supports me alot in my bad times throw his voice

  40. PHU DO

    who was this in 2020 comment

  41. rick the sizzler

    I still believe in jelieber

  42. young dagger dick

    I still believe in us

  43. 난틀리지않았어

    Still best songs in 2020

  44. Çağatay Köse

    Yeah, you just gone on a nostalgic path just like me..

  45. PHU DO

    who was this in 2020 comment

  46. Ahlam Kedir

    i love this song much it is such a throwback

  47. Vianey Lloyd

    My favorite

  48. Masheal

    Who hurt your heart 😯😢

  49. Alyssa v.

    Love this still

  50. AHM ED vloger

    2020 ? Journals 💔 the best

  51. Fred Auguste

    I’m here after yummy

  52. Adrieanna Allen

    Cover art changed since the last time I was here

  53. Lea Pardal

    anyone 2020, this is still my go to my feelings songgg 😩😩

  54. Isaac Netero

    2020 here and i'm listening to this music!

  55. Aidil Firdaus

    2020 anyone?

  56. Alpesh Abhijit Chowdhury

    This isn't Led Zeppelin....

  57. summer marie

    Justin’s best album fight me lmao

  58. Inferno ❶

    2020 and this is still Justin’s best album...


    U everywhere

    Inferno ❶

    Amaze where else have u seen me?

  59. Staytru 2uboo

    Please add Staytru2uboo trying to get his attention

  60. michelle bieber


  61. Scarlett Lawson

    if only he releases song like this ever again

    Inferno ❶

    Scarlett Lawson ikr 😔

    jomar greenley

    Yummy is litt


    Its not gonna be the same. That was for Selena. That childhood love that went through the best and the worst. Now he is married. I am not sure if he has a lot to say about that🤷

  62. dvss alex


  63. Simeon Bozmov

    That outro man .. teriffic

  64. Zeynep Mert

    This song breaks my heart. Wow he really loved selena so much. It is sad that now he is in love with someone else

  65. Vanessa


  66. Nilay Nishchhal

    Bieber killed it at 3:07 😶😶

  67. farahisnøtøkay

    I miss this album

  68. Camriana Stan

    Best songs from this album:
    - Heartbreaker
    - All that matters
    - Confident
    - All bad
    - Bad day
    - Flatline
    - Memphis
    - Alone
    - Born for this
    - Hold tight
    - PYD
    - One life
    - What's Hatnin
    - Hold tight

    Lota’s Place

    @Camriana Stan ahhh oki! :D



    Camriana Stan

    @bizzle not a big fan of those songs

    Gracie Williams

    Wheres Recoveryyy

    Omar Bautista

    @Gracie Williams sameeee question lol

  69. Daviid Moento

    2020 and my heart is still breaks

  70. Soy Yo

    2020 ❤️

  71. Edith Noah

    2020 💙🇧🇷

  72. sall.

    can you even compare this holy music to yummy and the shit he's doing right now??

    Tiller Derkim

    He only yummy and you saying shit he's doing now?I'm sure the next single will be better

  73. berrin k

    Yummy coming out make me emotional so i’m here

  74. CL is ur girl's lesbian crush

    Hi it's 2020 and journals is still Justin's best album

    Inferno ❶

    CL is ur girl's lesbian crush yes

  75. Karine Franca


  76. de lo

    Quien escuchando en 2020😋

  77. Leticia Ledger

    not that “yummy” thing 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Tiller Derkim

    Yummy is nice but the only problem is the lyrical composition

    Leticia Ledger

    Tiller Derkim what turns the music in a trash(?)

    Tiller Derkim

    @Leticia Ledger Don't get you

  78. Ms. ParkLee

    2020 😭

  79. Daniel Narea.v

    2020 :)

  80. lDoxology

    I don't eve listen to this dude and I know this is his best work 💯

  81. rachelheartsmakeup07

    Who’s listening in 2020? Love this album ❤️

  82. hola gente este es mi primer video de YouTube

    Justin es gei gente

  83. Elon Malone

    Who's here after Yummy

    J Y

    this is so much better

    Inferno ❶

    Elon Malone Justin’s songs used to be so meaningful and emotional. The words, his voice. Everything 😔

    Susie Méndez

    The best!!!!

    jomar greenley

    Love yummy

    Hailee Simpson

    Elon Malone nope been here since a kid🙂👋🏽

  84. carolina herrera

    Alguien después de escuchar yummy?

  85. Miguel Filmes G

    Cadê o clipe dessa música ????

  86. Nicole Oliveira

    I love you. Thanks for that

  87. Dadousha im

    Here after yummy :/
    Hope the rest is better

  88. SSF ki vines

    2020 Anyone ?

  89. Kyla Wang


    Army Stay Blink

    Kyla Wang yaaaas same

  90. Zain A

    Whos here after yummy?

  91. Mich Daikazoku

    2020 después de yummy?

  92. Jade Castillo

    I want more songs like this

  93. Andrea Espinoza Ortiz

    Who else is waiting for #yummi , I love this album❤ who els