Bieber, Justin - Dr. Bieber Lyrics

[Justin Bieber:]
Cure the Bieber fever
Dr. Bieber
Dr. Bieber
Doc Doc Doc Dr. Bieber (Bieber fever is spreading across the country...)
Dr. Bieber (wait world no universe...)
Dr. Bieber (Bieber fever is spreading rapidly and it is uncurable I repeat uncurable)
Bieber fever
Dr. Bieber
Doc Doc Doc Dr. Bieber
Dr. Bieber
Doc Doc Doc Dr. Bieber
Cure the fever
Cur cur cure the fever
Cur cure the fever
Cure the bieber fever
Dr. Bieber
Doc Doc Doc Dr. Bieber
Dr. Bieber
Doc Doc Doc Dr. Bieber
Cure the fever
Cur cur cure the fever
Cur cure the fever
Cure the Bieber fever (yeah, yeah)

Yeah, I got a PHD
I don't need a fake ID
Yeah you females know of me
I'm so sick with no IV
J to the U to the S to the T
Bieber fever's in the street
Time to realize
I'm a beast, I'm a beast, I'm a Beast
Say it 3 times cause they know it's right
Catch this virus in the night
I know it's uncurable
It's durable
But it's alright
Bein' this bad across the globe
Been every single home
Every city
Every country
Every girl is on the phone
(Oh my gosh I love him. Isn't he perfect?)
You can be my queen, yeah
I'll show u how I work it
How I work it
How I how I work it
How I work it
How I how I (work)

This is not a cold,
Not a flu
Not a sickness
Baby this is good
And it doesn't hurt to get this
You were never cured
And you never will regret this
Yeah, my swag's up
Riding with Kenny
In the Lexis

[Kenny Hamilton:]
Oh My God
It's bieber fever
It's everywhere
It's taking over the water
It's taking over the air streams
You can not run from it
You can not hide from it
That's why we call it

[Justin Bieber:]
Dr. Bieber
Doc Doc Doc Dr. Bieber
Dr. Bieber
Doc Doc Doc Dr. Bieber
Cure the fever
Cur cur cure the fever
Cur cure the fever
Cure the bieber fever
Dr. Bieber
Doc Doc Doc Dr. Bieber
Dr. Bieber
Doc Doc Doc Dr. Bieber
Cure the fever
Cur cur cure the fever
Cur cure the fever
Cure the bieber fever
We Know the
We got DJ Tay James right here
We also got Sean Kingston

[Sean Kingston:]
What a'gwaan
You know what it is Bieber fever man!
[Cough cough] Shawty mane, [cough cough] shawty mane
I caught Bieber fever too

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Bieber, Justin Dr. Bieber Comments
  1. Liqna Ivanova


  2. Giovanni Bivona

    Is there a vaccine?

  3. ɐpuɐuɹǝɟᴉuuǝɾ


  4. Sonal Upadhyay

    Still affected by Bieber Fever after a whole decade lmaoo

  5. xoxo carterr

    2020!!! Still got the Bieber fever !!! Lol

  6. Alexa Cdr


  7. Annisa Intan Nadhia

    I was listening to this song the whole time in 2009 bc you know, the bieber fever

  8. Renee Camryn

    Bruh its 2020 and yet here I am.

  9. Emel Keteci


  10. tsering palden

    thank you!!

  11. Monse Román

    Omgggggg, ya no me acordaba de ésta canción uwu

  12. Dulce Hernández

    2020 and I still love it

  13. reemm338

    Better than yummy. PERIOD

  14. Natalie Acosta

    Still someone listening? ❣️✨

  15. Kammy_G

    A moment !

  16. Ho Yan Lam


  17. Midajah Rodriguez

    Wow I've haven't listen to this song since 2011 and yet I still remember the lyrics

  18. Saray Juarez

    2020? 😍

  19. agent p

    whos here in 2020 lmaooo

    toyosi !

    agent p moi

  20. a-wanderingcloud 0-0

    I miss those times soooo much ♥️

  21. büşra çevik

    2020 peopleee are you heree 😄

  22. büşra çevik

    For a moment it came to my mind and i felt old. 8 yearss whatt....

  23. Jazmine Rodriguez

    I feel old... 8 years ago? But I know all the words though 😭

  24. Marwa tareq

    2020 anyone???

  25. kiaya Mcallister

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    Who's here in 2020 🙋🏻‍♀️

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    2020 anyone??

  28. Destiny Faye

    This is how my last day of 2019 is! Still wishing he was my husband since day 1!

  29. Nerd 101

    Only real ones know

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  31. Mery Rangel

    #Bieber2020 ❤️

  32. DarkSlayer XS

    I forgot that i liked this vid

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    Everyone’s like “tik tok “ “tik tok users” LIKE NAH B IM HERE CUZ OF VINE.

  34. Sky Dishmane

    You know....... I think this is the second Justin Bieber song I like

  35. Leah Radic

    My favorite line of this song is “oh my gosh I love him isn’t he perfect”

  36. maryam nur

    sigh the good ol days

  37. Daniela Lara


  38. Fresh Culture

    Musically used it first

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    This make want to twerk 😂😂😂😭

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    Bieber Fever 2019 ❤️

  41. Marija Mikulic

    December 2019 where my real beliebers at

  42. Brooklynn Lackey

    8 years later and still rapping to it!

  43. Ren

    Dude I can't believe this man was my longest celebrity crush. He went from living to Stratford, ON to US then back to ON BUUUT a city that's only 30 mins away! He lives by my boyfriend's sister's house. Just a few miles down. 😂😂 It blows my mind. I live in Ontario as well so.

  44. ZakkAttakk

    who else came here only looking for @1:08

  45. Dafni Bertoli

    You can be my queen yeah, i show you how i work it <3 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BRAZIL 2019

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    Show you how to work it is my favorite part of the song!

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    Love justin true love

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    People using this sound on tiktok and don’t even know it’s Justins lol

  51. M&M Lover


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    who listening in 2k19? ❤️❤️

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    I gotta give cred where credit is due... thank you tik tok for reminding me of this fond memory

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    1:09 tik tok trend

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  56. Emre Adıyaman

    19.10.2019 Hala burada olan orospu evlatları?

    Berkay Yıldız

    Emre Adıyaman ben buradayım amınısiktiğim

  57. Preksha Nirala

    THIS IS SOME OG SHIt right hErE im screaming w all the flashbacks in my head rn

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    This song was a trend mann who remembers

  59. world inhabitant

    People who remember this qualify for veterans discount

  60. nasir prince

    Awesome Justin bieber

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    this song will always be the best ❤️❤️

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    Azrael says Justin Bieber is Gay.

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    Watching this in 2019

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    I have that virus 😅 who else love this part when say: Oh my gosh! Isn’t he perfect?!❤️ and when say: you can be my queen, I show you how I work it ❤️

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    Only the real fans remeber this 😭💓

  73. Margarita Stocking-Guzmán


    little did he know it's *un-cure-able* , NOSTALGIA CAN'T BE CURED FOOLS

    ( i know "un-cure-able" isn't a word )

  74. Makayla Mckenrick

    I remember listening to this in 7th grade during library and now I'm almost 22 with 2 kids wow where has time gone

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    I fucking miss my fandom

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    OH MY GOD I USED TO BE SO OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG! my brother heard me listening to this one time and he never stopped making fun of me.

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    i still have bieber fever

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