B.G. - Order 20 Keys Lyrics

Fuck all that asshole and papers on my mind
Trying to come up I need every single dime
5, 9, 6, 51, 09
Look out for me, give me something properly, 100g
Drop it on Ivana street to protect it
I'm up by 2:23 and some ozzies
I got a gang of B.G. to work the shit for me
A team with a little Terrance and a little g
Alfred, Onry and Billy
Crazy phat, and my nigga Tyree
So when my nigga come home I can put him on his feet
Cuz I'm straight till the one put the drop on me
Run it through the one and only staller
It's a young G, nuthin else than a young baller
4 and a half, for you, 4 and a half for you
And an ounce for you, I got coc for the whole crew
I'mma roll and show the rest of my niggas
Everybody I pay got the finger on the trigger
I just busted B on his 200 g's
He called DC and order 20 more keys
I got K-C and Sam running on his brother
In pewee running in the U.P.T.
3 showed up, and the roofed came down on BFD
We got it all, so show us the 17
The B.G. is on top of Shacollars
Dream came true by becoming a young baller

Baby order 20 keys, hand em over to me
I'm B.G., and I'ma put em in the U.P.T.

Shits getting fleded, I got mine
A niggas trying to take it
It's must ya heard, spilling blood on the curb
It's the dumbest shit, I'mma take it bust your shit
Now some rookies trying to show me up
Ain't that a shame now I gotta bring out the beast in me
I'm a jack so I gotta bring out the kid in me
Act to flack of the 3 OD
Clowns should've done what they did to me
Bust hollow tips slugs
And they nasty ass
Digging dirty from behind my stash and cash
100 g's, wit ease, nigga please
What I do for my years, and what I'ma do for my cheese
I learned from the best, had to pass the test
Ain't nuttin but a left hole in the left side of my chest
Fuck wit me and you gonna learn
And you gonna get snuck, motherfucker what's up
Ballers walk me out all night
And kibblers dogs with silly ass falls
I'm slippin, how you figure nigga
It takes street smarts to be a young baller


Now I'm bout my grip, gotta get my cheese
Gotta bout be my skrees, bustin niggas to they knees
I'm coming through your house with the glocs
Do whatcha got, I got a chopper
I gotta trunk full of funk for the haters
I'm always in the paper, me and my niggas are cappers
I'm hustler, bitch bustla, body disgusta
I'm the nigga you can't trust, I'm a fuck ya
Seein niggas comin down from Cali
They say "yay" it's 4:00 friday
They come and serve some people a couple of keys
I gotta hits it, I don't know, they gotta leave
Fix the sleeve, meet me in the medigree
At the tele, they gonna get buried
I already got it, straight down flat
Run in and out, click clack of packs
4 niggas 4 keys, 4 tryin to play
I gotta correct it, split it 4 ways
I'm about having things, thats all I've been hoping
It's open, so lets bust the town open
B.G. turns to stand taller
Picture all there is, is teenage ballers


[B.G. ad libs]

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B.G. Order 20 Keys Comments
  1. Martin Ruff

    I remember bumping this cd every time i play john Madden video games

  2. NOLA Boyy

    2019 ✊🏾💯🔥🔥 BG A FUCKIN GOAT 🐐 ❗️❗️

  3. Nola Property Buyer

    Bruh. Just listen to that beat. Fresh is in the conversation when discussing GOAT producers.

    Paul Evans

    DJ Paul and Mannie are top 2 in beat making throughout rap history.

  4. Seek Light Not Darkness

    One of the realist niggas ever off top NO CAP!

  5. Della Johnson

    Free B.G New Orleans love Mac town blessed by tha best Rodrico 🙏 ☝️👏 💸

  6. Darran Pitts

    Man I'm 47yrs young i remember bumper thisback in tba day i miss tha 90's so bad

  7. Larry Johnson

    2019 order 20 more keys

    Brice Hydleberg

    Rite now 12:25 am July 30 2019

    cee gwola

    Bro tell me why BG sound better back then at 16 than all the young niggas today tho. Nthn like the 90s, forever the golden era of hip hop. 💯

  8. Aaron Strickland

    He sounded so serious on this!

  9. Donkey Kong

    If you here you a real nigga...been on dis shit since 2002.. 12 years ol outchea💯

  10. Kelvin Jackson

    Free doggie

  11. moneybag shawty

    You gotta be from New Orleans to feel this shit & I mean when the bricks was still up

    Aaron Strickland

    moneybag shawty I bet!

    Big Ben CH

    Lies I'm from Dc and been on it... Know it word for word for sure 💯💯💪

  12. Porshay Hagler

    Love you BG..."ALL DAY"

  13. Jules Paddio

    Campbell Donald

  14. JB 225

    I Never Knew That # He Ssid At The Beginning Was Baby # 🤔

    Aaron Strickland

    BatonRouge 225 What he say?

  15. Pennies on a Dollar

    2pac would have loved BG


    yea i feel like so too

  16. clean Cain

    da gangsta way


    Baby gangsta..

  18. oliverrando

    mannie fresh was a monster on those beats

    Lions Hunt

    oliverrando don’t forget about Wolf

  19. Glitchiano Mr.WatchDaBoard

    he murked the 2nd verse

  20. Money Flow

    Best hot boy ever ♨♨♨♨♨♨

    Drewski Drew

    BIG FACTS 💯💯

  21. DownForMyScratch CHAVIS


  22. Morris Williams

    free my muthafuckin brotha

  23. business mind state

    Free b.g

  24. King General


  25. Terry Alexis

    Bust uptown open and still open up and running

    Moe P

    Terry Alexis Nothing but teenage balling

  26. Mr.18 Round Da Drama King

    All I can say is, 1996 when I heard my lil brother bumpin this............. I had to debo him for this cassette, this album explained everything that was happening in my city Charleston,SC at the time!!!! My second all time Favorite artist after Soulja Slim💪💯💪💯💪💯

    Quinton Neals

    I feel u on that that how we live down here still

  27. oliverrando

    mannie fresh beats were the best

  28. Gregg Man

    Free the original "Baby Gangster"

  29. Big Dog

    2017 & ima still rocking

  30. moneybag shawty

    Shit getting flake I got mine & niggas trying to take? They must ain't heard I'm spilling blood on the curve. One of doogie rawest line 🤐💯

  31. derrice hill

    Free B.G

  32. Kevin Omar-Rozier Harper

    #still knockin 2017

  33. Investor Relations

    Mannie Fresh Beats...Enuff Said!!!

  34. Kyomi Bellamy

    2017 bgs get ya hustle on fuk that

  35. LH Mike 6

    B.G was like 14 talkin that shit

    Gregg Man

    Baby Gangster

  36. Keyrhon King

    This is on repeat everyday.gangsta shit.love from Cali.

  37. LoCC 235

    6a6y Gangsta

  38. ZOE 666

    Free b.g

  39. New-Warleans_shotta

    Valence street that wild 13th

  40. Pth Htp Sekhet Htp

    Free lil doogie

  41. Samm Sneed


  42. nomibe2911

    Ain't nothing messing with the left side of my chest.


    aint nothing hoe on the left side of my chest

  43. 78TeflonDon

    These young niggaz don't know shit about this. Free B.G. we need a hot boys reunion. We was waiting on Turk, he comes out and B.G. goes in, dammmmnnnnnn!!!!!

  44. Levi Jackson

    Free B.G.

  45. Monquail Pratt

    Pure original hot boy shit

  46. kiata thornton

    fresh was a beast on the beat my nigga Doogie was flowing on this one

    DA ANTagonizer_18

    Klc was better tho


    +EaglesSet20 i agree with you pimp fresh shit tight but klc that nigga was a fool with them beats

    Mike Powell

    kiata thornton frfr oweeeeee Free B.G.👌💯

  47. FWomack09

    Odell did them pizzicatos in the back he also did them junts on that "Drag Em n The River"

  48. FWomack09

    that nigga Wolf still doin fire azz tracks!

  49. jeremy williams

    96 nigga

  50. sanjuanpapi

    2 dislikes.... Musta been cops

  51. UG Ona Track


  52. Danmicsan

    I remember going cop this shit SOON AS IT DROPPED on tape.

  53. Stephen Linen

    That upt !!! Yes

  54. MagnoliaStZay theboyofftheblock

    yup only cats that read the inside of cash money and no limit's cd covers would know that cant 4get about wolf i think he was on the piano he fucked wit cash money

    Moe P

    MagnoliaStZay theboyofftheblock Wolf was a bad boy with those instruments.

    Marion Cade

    Bearwolf on da keys

  55. TheRealest033

    I used to beat down the BLOCK to this.... It would have my 4 12's shaking all the windows in the hood!

    Moe P

    TheRealest033 me to!

  56. Tony Ninthward

    fresh gets no respect

    hot boy

    U a bitvh stfu

  57. nomibe2911

    Wow I forgot Odell from Beats By The Pound did some work on this track. At the end you hear B.G. say Odell who was in-house with Cash Money before he joined No Limit.

  58. beingmyself000

    i was 15 when this came out in 96....cashmoney got a 20 year history ''UNLV' the sad shit is when big money and contracts come into the picture you dont get music like this anymore, people lose touch with whats real...baby been about his money talk when he started spit'n he created that shit but every nigga on that label was raw...even underground your never getting anything like this again.....from 91-97,98 classic never duplicated, new orleans was tattood on every verse and every beat

    Moe P

    beingmyself000 facts.

    Ayatollah Khomeini

    beingmyself000 NO DOUBTT

  59. Caffin9galveZ

    Lil Doogie nicccaaaaaaaaa

  60. beazymuzik

    @slimredd1 lol I did I ain't gonna lie....

  61. P.Mckenzie Films


  62. Coach Jason Akers

    @StanleySweet14 That's the same thing I just said.

  63. Kevin Thruelsen

    @latjay24 I never said he did you stupid fuck. I said "Both out the N.O. but claimed Richmond CA and their beats reflected that"...look at my comment a second ago.

  64. Coach Jason Akers

    @StanleySweet14 Ok and now you can take ur head out of ur ass the south has always been original when Master released his first stuff tf was West coast he didnt mention anything 'bout he N.O.

  65. Kevin Thruelsen

    @atl2maryland totally! Think of all of Master P's old albums or Silk The Shockers first album. Both out the N.O. but claimed Richmond CA and their beats reflected that. How bout fellow Georgian Jermaine Dupri's first acts Kris Kross from ATL or Da Brat from Chi-Town? Both of their debut albums where g-funk bangers all day. Same with UGK's beginning albums. It was a good while before the south discovered their own form of southern fried hip hop.

  66. Kevin Thruelsen

    This is like a mix of westcoast funk and new orleans bounce rap. Makes sense. In 95-96 g funk was still huge but you can totally hear Mannies distinctive style in this production.

  67. rabaza117


  68. daboi550


  69. NewWorldOrderTV

    got damn this is a fucking classic i swear to god people thikn im crazy whenever this shit come on cuz all i do is rap this bitch from front to back with my eyes closed cuz this shit is so real. this the type of song that niggas dont wanna be bothered when listenin to it.

  70. Thad Norton

    baby order 20 keys turn 10 over to me lil bg ima put in that upt

  71. MagnoliaStZay theboyofftheblock

    i ain't sayin geezy wack cuz once a fan always a fan his delivery was alot better then and he was a story teller like this song for instance

  72. MagnoliaStZay theboyofftheblock

    i aint gone lie when BG was on herion that nigga went suppa hard ive been a bg fan since he was featured on unlv album and true story

    azariah israel

    MagnoliaStZay theboyofftheblock True true

    Mike Powell

    MagnoliaStZay theboyofftheblock frfr Free B.G & Mac Shell shock & C murder Bruh

    Dashawn Robinson

    MagnoliaStZay theboyofftheblock lil doogie been savage

    Moe P

    MagnoliaStZay theboyofftheblock good point. That furl will have you on another level of creativity.

  73. vonmises6

    with all this fake rap coming out now a days god bless these classics they never get old