B.G. - My World "I Want It" Lyrics

What's happenin main?
This B. Gizzle
Your number one original hot boy...ya heard
and I got Collipark Music...They got me bouncin' wit dis one here.....
You could bounce wit it....you could buck wit it
and you could roll wit it...ya heard me..
my dawg smurf I'm tellin' you did this here
This that life after cash money world and I'm gonna bring 'em in my world

I want it, you got it, don't make me have to go in your pocket
I want it, you got it, don't make me have to go in your pocket
This is for my hot boys and my hot girls, ride wit me, I'ma bring you up in my world
This is for my hot boys and my hot girls, ride wit me, I'ma bring you up in my world

My ghetto pass go state to state
I could go in any hood 'cuz I ain't fake
I'll bob my head, I'll stomp my feet
For Soulja Slim, won't you do that Nolia Clap with me
Say Hot Girl, don't play with me
Like Ying Yang, Let me see you salt shake for me
I'm on the move, No stoppin' this
Cash Money move over I gots this
I'm 'bout to fuck the game up, just watch this
When it's over I bet I see a profit
I'm a CEO, I'm a artist too
I'm a hustler, I can get work from Florida too
Don't fuck with me, I'll stump you
If you score the right amount, I'll front you
I talk this shit 'cuz I'm bout this shit
Ain't no way I could run a way out this shit


I got 4-0 dawgs that's goin' to jail
I'm takin Keddy baby momma that ain't got no bail
I keeps it real, if you real you know
I'm in the game, so I gotta play the game how it go
See where I'm from they got hoes that grind
On the block all day gotta respect they mind
They'll cut you up, they'll mace you too
and they got a baby nine they'll spray at you
It's eye-for-eye I go pound-for-pound
I'm New Orleans, only hopin' I'ma hold it down
Either roll with me, when I'm rolling through
Or I guarantee I'ma roll over you
I'm a fool wit it
Give me that work, I show you what to do wit it
My cousin in seventh grade sittin' in the school wit it
By seventh period, he through wit it......It's Chopper City


I represent my dawg Soulja
That's why you can catch me in that Nolia
I'm a gangsta, the streets backin' me
I ain't goin' back to Baby, stop askin' me
It's C-H-O double P-E-R...C-I-T-Y
Nigga, till the day I die
I'm from the hood, I'm down to earth
When I'm in the streets I be out there head first
I'm on the creep, with no sleep
I ain't trynna rest till the enemy six feet
It's game time, and I'm ready to play
Gimme my remote and my remote is my K
I spray with it, I'm from uptown
I gotta stay wit it
When we murder, we know how to get away wit it
We do our slick, one shot to the head is how we slank a bitch


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B.G. My World "I Want It" Comments
  1. Edwin Melendez


  2. Kartier Debonaire

    Free BG! Riding this in 2020 fosho💪🏿

  3. MissKushwood O

    Free B.G. 🔥🔥 2020

  4. Sikario40

    Better than any one of Tha Carters


    2019 going into 2020 with this slap 🤗🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. idle hands1988

    It sad he n lil wayne got rise by birdman

  7. Dustin Jones

    B.G. as real as it gets.

  8. jambriand

    I want it you got

  9. Demetrius Gaines

    Nolia clap

  10. Adrian Briscoe

    2019 ya heard #Free B.G

  11. Diandre Carter

    Free b.g

  12. Tamoz Dudley

    Its 2019 im still here

  13. john quincy addinmachine

    2019 still🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. P D

    For Soulja slim wont ya do the NOLA Clap 4 me....Damn now I gotta listen to Juveniles NOLA Clap.

  15. Bam Relli

    2019 still riding fuck 2018

  16. Malik Austin

    BG Top Five dead or alive in my opinion and Souljah Slim top 10

  17. Gangstarprophet


  18. Paul Bliss

    2019!!#!$$$ free B.G.

  19. Tameia McNeil


  20. King 1985 legend


  21. BD GIBBS 618

    The best out the camp then come juvenile

    Lorenzo Wright

    Stop It 5 None Of Them Fucking With Wayne Now Street Wise You're Wright

  22. Shaneasha Gibbs

    I first heard this song in 2004 when I moved down south I like this song and thats coming from a chick from NYC that grew up in the 90's hip hop era

  23. Mone' E Floyd

    He KILT this shit!!

  24. Keeno L. Townsend


  25. Quinterias Smith

    Free B. Gizzle... 2019 checking in

  26. Big Dog

    2019 dis shit dnt get old💯💯👌

  27. Ice10 Vintage

    2019 #KaBitch

  28. puppy gamer

    This is the shit....

  29. Johnny Dangerous



    Free Lil Doogie 💯💯

  31. Ayo' Savage

    “18 🤟🏽💯

  32. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    04-18 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

  33. Wolf J


  34. Matthew Martinez

    2018 who else is bumping this

  35. Robert Brown

    bangin' in 2018 he should've
    sign'd with rocafella

    Matthew Martinez

    Robert Brown no murda Inc

    DeeTheMusiqFiend718 Jr

    Matthew Martinez Nah Gizzle to real for this Fu fu shit


    Robert Brown they wanted him?

  36. Soldier

    My nigga BG went hard.

  37. Odin Rossin

    After hearing this, I'm convinced baby set him up.

  38. Antario Pittman


  39. Yeagerx2012

    I talk this ish, cuz I’m bout this ish, ain’t no way out this ish!!!!!!

  40. Yeagerx2012

    This still my Ish #YaHeardMe

  41. Robert Brown

    b.g should've sign'd with eminem and shady records!
    who agree?

    Lorenzo Wright

    Fuck No

    Shang Tsung

    He was doing alright on his own

    Trevor Brock

    He did the right thang making moves with T.I Choppa City/ Cut Throat Cummity world wad ready for this shit

  42. Antario Pittman

    This still going hard in 2018

    Michael Johnson

    #BIGFACTS 2019

    Craig Schreckenghaust

    yeah bihh 19 4ever i will bump BG this real rap right here

  43. celticsdude

    Up until recently, I didn't even know BG was in prison, & for 14 years. Damn.

    DeeTheMusiqFiend718 Jr

    celticsdude He been in for a minute..He'll be home soon though


    He was messing with those guns man.


    @celticsdude yeah fucking wit dem Hanktons gottem caught up

  44. Tj Roberts

    You came back with it and you can bang with it and you can roll with it who still banging this in 2018 get your roll on with it

  45. Singing Jennifer

    That's a cool song good lyrics

  46. Dustin Jones

    Free B.G.

  47. Terrance Hickman

    Free BG

  48. Robert Brown

    who bangin' dis 2018

  49. 353 TV


  50. devin valair



    devin valair Waaaaan! 3rd mlk and S.Claiborne

  51. kwaza kendricks


  52. Keaks Bukowski

    FREE B.G.

  53. Ya Neighborhood Shooter

    don't fuck wit' me i'll stomp u, if you score the right amount i'll front u

  54. Tazmanian Devil

    fresh....beats...bg.Wayne.juvie.turk lyrics...hot boys

  55. James Moore

    slept on track right here.


    Who the fuck is the 41 people that disliked this

  57. Vonzelle Collins

    free. bg Mac. cmurder Mac prison

  58. Vonzelle Collins

    bg hard Verse

  59. Ponell Johnson

    my ghetto pass go state 2 state,I can go in any hood cuz I aint fake. I bop my head, I stomp my feet. Factamundo.

  60. Neda Dillard

    Banging in 2017


    king da legend yt 2k18 Free lil Dookie 504 to the Meat Sho

    Antario Pittman

    king da legend yt yea

    Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    Neda Dillard 2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥💩💩💩 Shit

    Clem Breeze


  61. Ed Joyce

    This is back when Cash Money and the South had dope beats! Then the BS "Trap" beats took over! SMH

    Jazzmine Shakur

    trap came from ATL. don't blame us down in n.o. lol

    Lorenzo Wright

    Verity And Jazzmine Shakur Learn How To Read He Never Said Any Of The Shits You Mentioned

    idle hands1988

    @Jazzmine Shakur it was ti

  62. Original H

    this was the jam

    Craig Schreckenghaust

    still is and free lil doogie

  63. Speak1st Think Next

    this still slaps


    Free B.G.


    Up until recently, I didn't even know he was in prison.

  65. Des Olson

    when we murder we know how to get away with it this is why I'm always getting pulled over

  66. Jessica Ross

    🔥🔥🔥 still

  67. Gerron Bailey

    2016 BG still go hard I'm a Triple D

    Ed Joyce

    This song YES!

  68. Geno B